Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wynter Benton Amber asking a lot of amatuer questions now....

I love being right. Amber or the WB group has no clue as to where this is going after $34 like I said two weeks ago and can be verified here Click here for previous WB post and notice in particular when I say, "Extraordinary? Like what. COMEX default? or is $50 not extraordinary enough? What does that even mean? I call bullshit. You'll be back. AFTER it occurs spewing some shit like you knew it was going to happen and you bought "x" at "Y" blah blah blah" in regards to the statement, "We may be back if something extraordinary occurs but that is doubtful"

So what extraordinary event happened, that Alexandra, or "amber' is now back and informing us of the 'new' million dollar updates? Read below from newest post.

"Why is The Morgue shorting 6000 contracts now?
As reported by Ted Butler, The Morgue recently shorted 6000 contracts which is opposite of the retreat it has been on these past few months covering to the tune of about 11000 contracts.
Without these 6000 contracts, TB estimates that the price of silver would be at $50 let alone $40. We will be most interested in the price action of silver this week.

Why is The Morgue making a stand right here and right now? We are not sure. Any thoughts real or imagined? What is spooking The Morgue to make such a move now?"

Wow. The title to your post should be "Why is a multimillion dollar-comex breaking fund apparently run by genius' not have a fucking clue as to move forward with this trade?" Every post from Amber is a reach out attempt, because after reading this, is seems they have no insider info, and quite frankly NO clue as how to trade price action. Seriously it doesn't take a genius to figure this out. I'm highly questioning this groups intelligence, and will continue to speak against this group until they contact me directly through my email at or post on my blog please. You are starting to embarrass yourselves by posting non sense like this.
If I was apart of a highly funded trading group like this, I would not be posting Yahoo board messages out with questions a month old trader could answer. So lets get to it. Amber and WB group here are your answers.

1. They have to keep shorting...its their mandate to keep the price of silver and gold down.
2. They will NEVER take losses on these shorts as they are TBTF and have offset these in other derivatives and copper etc.
3. Shorting for 20 years is like an heroin addict going cold turkey-they just can stop all at once.
4. Technically speaking, they are shorting into a middle round number in which usually will have weakness or sellers and options to sell, especially after a run like that.
5. Look at a chart. The RSI and MACD are trending into a reversal soon. You think Silver will straight to $75 in a straight line? Are you nuts?
6. Wasnt it you who said you would be going short at times moving forward when the "price hits $37 or $40 or whatever?" (direct quote)

I can go on and on, even less skilled and home based traders can tell you this. 6000? Big deal, I'm surprised its not 30,000.

Seriously WB group, either your PR person "alexandra/amber" is semi retarded, or she is not properly phrasing her second language (english) together to pass on 'your message.' I would highly consider using someone like myself, Harvey, and quite frankly anyone BUT this fucktwit posting on a Yahoo board with questions like that. And call me captain fuckin obvious Amber, but I guess I too will be "most interested in the price action of silver this week." Wow.
So here it is. I am offering you a dynamic, systematic, and cohesive way to 'get your message out' on my board here. I await your update emails. Why do I have a feeling I wont receive one?


  1. Good post, SGS.

    If WB is legit (and I doubt after reading you), then by all means let them post and contact you here...if the Morgue is to be defeated we are all allies right?

  2. I ignore all that nonsense.

    I actually think I have some good "behind the scenes" information. My sources I cannot disclose however I talk to people and get out there. I do the best I can calling people talking to various dealers and sometimes even land a few conversations with some wealthy 'in the know' type of people. It's not difficult and I would encourage anyone to try it if you are the social type.

    It's amazing but there is some valuable information that is usually just a phone call away with the right source.

    This is going to be an exciting year for both gold and silver. This is going to be:

    "The Gold and Silver Rush of 2011"

    This is one of the last ways to absolutely be able to crush the manipulation of electronic trading and the entire FED, COMEX, and Wall Street cartel. What is that you ask?

    Simply: Buying and accumulating gold and silver bullion!

  3. lmao. Alexandra/Amber do yourself a favor and lay off the fluoride tap water and Colgate. What a RETARD

  4. Who cares! I believe this group is a fraud and I do not care what they say. Frankly, I hope silver mellows out here for a month or so. I enjoy JPM keeping the price low for now as I am a buyer, I love silver.

    With that said, buy silver because you know the fundamentals. I know we all want silver to go to da moon now and all, but as I have said time and again it will for sure over the long-term.

    I have a friend in Australia who works with the miners. I have put out a request for info on the short term supply of silver. If/when he replies I will forward the info to SGS if he wants to post it great, if not great. While this info is for Australia only and it is not inside info on any specific miner it will tell us that if AUS has short supplies it is probably a worldwide problem, not that this is news or anything but maybe he can give me the scope of the situation.

  5. Demsco: I have all the mining info I need trust me. I am in contact with all the Canadian mines, most of which SPrott uses too. But feel free to forward info if its looks interesting.

  6. SGS,

    I would like to know where Sprott procured his Silver, and if he is planning to tender an offer in the near future. Thanks

    Joe M.

  7. Any idea's on silver's opening?

    Would greatly be appreciated

  8. Averagejoe: Can you read? Your answers are right here. If you need more prognosticators go to YAHOO.

    Sorry SGS I'm pissed off today. Just delete me if you want to I don't care anymore. Just in a bad mood!

    This is a good board and people should use their heads. Fucking retards!

  9. Joe, he has his own mines he gets it from. Mines are dry now....

    average joe: who cares ;)

  10. newsunit:

    What part of averagejoe don't you understand?