Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dissecting the last Wynter Benton Message, and Why I think WB et al is full of shit

Okay I'm about to put an end to MY theory on Wynter Benton. I'm sure people have their theories on me too, but I don't write shit like this (below). Here is the last message, and why I think its fucking ridiculous.

"We would like to thank everyone that gave us a chance to help them with their silver investment but we have decided that this is the right time to bid farewell. After all what better time than when silver is at an all time high. No one who followed our advice can possibly be down. It was exactly three weeks ago today when we hit the low in silver. No one could have imagined that in 3 weeks, we would now be hitting new highs. But this is exactly how we said it would unfold during the first week of January.

There are many reasons for us to conclude our "broadcast" this time, chief of which is that there is a far better forum (in Turd Ferguson's blog) by which to communicate our basic message. Compared to Turd's blod, our method of communication is woefully short. Another reason is that there is no longer any real value to what we can add between now and March, or May, or September.... You should all know our game plan by now.

But finally, the most important reason why we have to cease our communication now is that our traders interest may not necessarily align with the retail investors from here on out. In the run up to $37 or $40 or whatever, we may at times be massively short contracts to shake out the average investors. Yes indeed, we may be taking on Blythe's role from time to time. Nothing serious, of course. Our shorts will be quick to see if we can take out some stops. From here on out, it will be very volatile and we may be in a position to take out your stops before we go long again so please be careful when setting stops. Everyone must be at their all time highs so please think of an exit strategy.

We will always be long the physical silver until at least $80 before we even consider selling a small amount, so our interest will always align with yours if you are long the physical. Also please remember that the bulk of our buying will occur next week even if Comex won't properly disclose it.

We may be back if something extraordinary occurs but that is doubtful. For a few people who have been our ardent supporters, we remain open to continuing communications through email.

Once again, we wish you all the best from here on out."

Firstly, I would like to comment on how vague and utterly obvious these statements are. For example:

a."After all what better time than when silver is at an all time high"- right b/c now is the time they actually have nothing to chart with and have no fucking clue what is about to happen.

b."No one could have imagined that in 3 weeks, we would now be hitting new highs"
Actually, I did. Called the bottoms. Twice. Once with 2 fuckin bears talking in January-probably after you watched my video you posted that shit (I haven't checked the date on that post), and once at $26.50. There were a few others that stuck there necks out like I did, and I'm calling bullshit and you just posted some shit on a yahoo board without having to loose credibility.

c. "Another reason is that there is no longer any real value to what we can add between now and March, or May, or September.... You should all know our game plan by now."

Are you fuckin nuts? This is exactly when we need info are you kidding me? I know people on the inside that have far more info than they even give me, and trust me, I dont even know what MY game plan yet with silver. I call BS again. You know why? B/c blogs like mine, and turds and others cant predict that we are going to $100 by Tuesday. From $25-$35 its fuckin easy trust me, I have been sitting here doing it all day fucking long. But after $35 is where the problems start, and I'm glad 'Wynter' has the smarts to call it quits here before they embarrass themselves.

d."We may be back if something extraordinary occurs but that is doubtful"

Extraordinary? Like what. COMEX default? or is $50 not extraordinary enough? What does that even mean? I call bullshit. You'll be back. AFTER it occurs spewing some shit like you knew it was going to happen and you bought "x" at "Y" blah blah blah

e."In the run up to $37 or $40 or whatever, we may at times be massively short contracts to shake out the average investors"

Okay this is the line that seals the deal for me. The word "whatever." And the word "massively" First off, I see no trader lingo in this message. NONE. To shake out the average investors? OH MY GOD is this a spoof being played on me right now or something? Am I on T.V.? Is Aston Kutcher going to pop out somewhere, am I being punked?

f. "We will always be long the physical silver until at least $80 before we even consider selling a small amount"

But you just finished saying you we getting short at $37 or $40 or 'whatever'...LOL HOLY FUCK how did I miss this message board all this time, I would have been calling them out since day one.

I know I shouldn't be hating right now, but holy fuck, there is something NOT right here. Not one ounce of trader talk in those sentences. If you've been around desks as long as I have, you start speaking a different language, and when you talk and stare at 8 monitors all day long, it follows you home. All traders have this. If you are a trader, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You can see it in your walk, talk, writing, eating, everything!

So if WB helped you. Good. I'm glad. I bet you wish they could stick around, and call the rest of the fireworks show right? Shit, we are 6 innings away from the finale...good luck Wytner, I'm sure we'll see you again. Am I the only one starring at this last message they gave seeing how transparently ridiculous it is? Maybe I'm way off. fuck it, already crossed the line. SGS out.


  1. Keep in mind, the person writing the posts on Yahoo was NOT one of the actual traders on their team, and they said as much more than once. The writer was the "P.R. person" if you will, just relaying the information. So it's not surprising that the writer wouldn't use the correct lingo.

    I'm not 100% convinced either way, but I lean towards it being legit. We should know for sure real soon.

  2. Okay...so whats their end game call for March? Whats WB predictions? That people 'might' stand? Comex 'might' fall?
    "P R" person? LOL, bunch of shit. Needed to put that in b/c traders like me would see right through it. I've taken a look at all the threads. I dont see any insight there. Fine. Why dissapear now? Doesn't make sense...is there a thread that they called the top over $34 just as the middle east broke out? Nope dissapeared before the unpredictable-predictable happend. Yup I just oxymoroned the fuck out of that.

  3. i sure hope 32.70 doesn't brake

  4. lol damn SGS. I don't know how you missed it either since it's been talked about for weeks, but you're right to be skeptical. There are no hard predictions that you can point to and say "look they were right," other than calling for a raid on gold in Jan before it happened and then a run up in silver at the end of Feb (which remains to be seen if it happens).

    The backwardation doesn't lie though. Supply has to be constrained. Why do you think 35 is a dead lock while anything above that is a big question mark?

  5. I think your right SGS. I think Wynter is nothing but someone's prank. There was a link posted that someone thought that Wynter may be Bill Winters who was fired a few years ago from JPM. Not sure myself, but find that also hard to believe. However, Wynter ceased "broadcast" literally a day or so after he was accused of being Bill Winters.

    Do u know Bill Winters?

  6. Its bullshit. Silver buying sprees have been flooding the web the past few months,and there is no way these assholes can keep up with how much physical is not available anymore. As far as I know, the numbers match up with actual quantities available, and there aint much left. The physical market of Silver is depleating, and fast. The US mint has been receiving blank rounds from the Perth Mint recently, because they dont have shit to stamp right now. There are maybe two or three full fledged silver mines currently running in the US and one thing the US has said is that their coins CANNOT be minted with foreign metals. All of their Eagles have been supposedly minted with US Silver. Bullshit. This is just a way to stir up the semi-believers of silver. They think propaganda like this will cause us to sell off our stockpiles we have diligently acquired within the past 6 months to a year, or even longer. Shit, if you bought silver 10 years ago, and still have it, you've made a profit, now sell it back for fiat??? Fuck that. Im keeping my silver. I have just about as much faith in the Dollar as I do in God. NONE. I dont know what god is, but I know what he isnt, and he isnt a fucking Dollar. Me? I worship the SILVERBUG because its what I relate to. A solid state of physical being. This letter is garbage. Its a play on the sheeple to see if they are as stupid as I know they are. I just hope im wrong about how stupid they seem, because if there is one thing I do know, its that every person has a brain, but its up to them to utilize it properly. If you sell now, I will buy it. If you hold out, you have my respect. Lets toast to never letting go of reality and realize, silver WILL be going up undoubtedly. Cheers to $70.00 Silver by years end!

  7. dude they were guaranteeing february 8th month in advance....big day.
    they were guaranteeing by friday february 18 another big day.

    hard to get days right....they arent just calling trends.

  8. it broke last night who you kidding? i bought at 32.50

    SGS, you the truth man, fuck Wynter...keep debunking that phony

  9. i guess it would be this morning..2am for me but i bought the bottom of the dip because i knew it was coming. thanks to SGS

  10. wynter nailed the Feb. 8 move almost to the minute.

    Again, I'm not 100% convinced, the jury is still out, we should have our answer soon.

  11. Winter is maybe Blythe? Does this make sense? I bet it's the one we all love. Thanks for participating girl. WE love it when you give us good dips to buy. Good luck on your next job with the IMF.

  12. Like all other silver information, its information that CANNOT be verified. So you either accept things as consistent with the charts/data or you reject it. I think Dan and Harvey have both said they feel someone could be on the flip side of the smack downs..Meanwhile, someone should tell China gold is over priced and silver is "just an over-priced bubble thats going to pop".

    After 1 March, HOW LONG UNTIL THE COMEX HAS TO ADMIT THEY CAN'T DELIVER? Is there a time limit or can they just have all those notices sit in someones in tray until the last day of the month.

  13. I'll be up all night again. How about a bear video SGS? I'm pissed off again at all of this shit going on with the shorts and so forth. Here we go for another stint below 30.00 probably! I'm a sheep at times here.

  14. That's why we are watching the Open Interest for March, which is still 50,000 contracts with about 5 days to go.

    I think if 100 million ounces (20,000 contracts) stand for delivery, COMEX is in default by default because they don't have the silver in inventory.

    Maybe 10,000 contracts and maybe only 8,000 will break COMEX since they have only "40 million ounces" of registered inventory. Probably really it's close to zero because they use an admitted fractional reserve banking scheme.

    Wynters also predicted huge new interest would appear at the last minute to stand for delivery. That's the key to me. If that happens...then we have proof they are for real.

  15. Is there a place you can purchase physical on a website without calling a broker and locking in prices just hitting a buy button?

  16. There's only two places you can buy 24/7 just clicking on the internet and send your payment in via wire transfer or pay pal. They are:

    Wait and see if it hits 31.50 or at least approaches it. I'm going to buy as close to that as I can. Probably going to get 500 oz. of silver in case it dips even further.

    I keep thinking I'm going to crash JPM but they are still there. :-( But at least I keep trying.

  17. Anyone trade U.S. stocks here? Any ideas for today? BIDU, CSCO, F, UCO, NOK, JPM, PAL? Can't just focus on silver all the time right?

  18. sgs,

    whithout judging WB's authenticity - regarding the shorting, they are talking about the *paper* position. For being long up to 80, they talk explicitly about the physical.

    In an earlier post on Yahoo by robbie_berger, he talks about Billionaires accumulating silver and then squeezing the shorts on the COMEX. For the shorts to deliver, they will need physical, which WB & others won't sell to them unless the price hits. That's where the 80 comes into play I guess.

    Sounds unbelievable? Indeed. Only time will tell. Nonetheless, WB was right with a couple of predictions, although only qualitatively so far (though *pretty* well), not quantitatively. One cannot deny that.

    But noone needs to bet on it since we all know the path silver will go anyway, which is to the MOON.

  19. To Anonymous: You can also buy from kitco.com or apmex.com, which locks in the price for up to 10 min. while proceeding to checkout with your purchse. Shipping is a little high on apmex.com, but its insured, and signature confirmed delivery.
    Also, ebay is a great way to buy as long as its a reputable seller, you can bid what you WANT to pay, and if you win, they take a 9% seller fee based on final price, but they are in dire need of fiat currency so dont feel bad if they owe almost $30 on a $300 dollar order.

    I sure hope silver dips to below $30 in the next few days, I got some H.P.P.B.P. (Hewlett-Packard Printed Bernanke Paper) that I wanna give back to him.

  20. Missed another dip here :-(. Oh well it will happen when I'm sleeping as usual. The dollar graph just dropped off on the fish-finder there. Wow!

  21. When the dollar collapses, an ounce of gold will get you a house, an ounce of silver will get you a car, a pound of copper will get you food for a week, and ton of wool will get you clothing for a year.

    Unfortunatly, $65 Trillion Dollars will only last one day in the Bernanke's enormous fireplace. Once that burns out, the only thing warmer than his heart would be outer space.

  22. I agree with another poster here, need my fixings of a new bears video!

  23. The WB could just be yet another manifestation of a massive, turd-shaped ego in yet another episode of blog-whoring. WB doesn't even mention ZeroHedge!

    BTW, the third bears video, where you predicted the Ag dip with extreme accuracy, is by far my favorite. Sometimes you just gotta use the bears to get a point across!

  24. sgs,
    i tried to post this yesterday but just couldn't get it to work...i will try again...i was suggesting that the most powerful tool they had left to kill demand would be to spread romours about fake bars , rounds,..etc..nothing will make your knees week than not knowing its authenticity.....any thoughts?

    thanks mike

  25. I'm not sure I get this entire post.

    I have read all of the WB posts and I add this to all the other information I have read about the silver market. Most of what she wrote is in-line with my thoughts on the market.

    For example, I read SGS, not because he has ALL the answers, but he has a very good perspective on the market and gives reasons for his position. That works for me! At the end of the day it boils down to my decision...no one else.

    If WB speaks for a group of hedge funds, or FOAM (friends of Andrew McGuire), or just wants to see her words in print, the information I tend to agree with the idea that a default is on the doorstep. And if it comes to pass and the Chinese are the REAL reason...the point to me is that it STILL happened.

    And if SGS is correct and WB resurfaces, I will evaluate what she says then.

    I listen to posters in relationship to the facts.
    FACTS: hard to find silver, backwardation, inflation, QE2,3,4,5,..., ME turmoils, commodity prices and debt.

    These are my thoughts....

  26. This post got me really confused. What's happening to the silver futures markets if the Comex fails to deliver? And why is the 1:st of march so paramount?
    Pardon if this is really basic stuff, but there's so much goin' on right now. :)

  27. SGS,
    Not sure if you have seen all the Wynter benton posts or not so here ya go.

    I thought about matching the posts with silver prices at the time but with only a few days before D-Day on the Comex we shall see soon enough whether there is a group willing to roll the dice and stand for delivery.

    Relatively speaking it wouldn't be a lot of money
    for a group to stand and deliver and extract a healthy premium.

    Your post about the fake coins - pretty scary.

    Look forward to your analysis based on facts and figures as always.