Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silver Raid Coming, She's out of Options, March is like Next week


-Huge surge in volume today (anything over 200K contracts is considered unnatural and an indication that unbacked paper was in play today)
-1,132,100 left standing in Feb.
-GLD drops 4.86 tonnes of gold (LOL, I'm literally on the floor here with this stat)

-OI front month still increasing (metal needed)
-166K volume today is very high (unbacked shorts again)
-2,535,000 oz left standing (gained 95K more)
-March month still standing tall, no one budging for cash (bullish)
-SLV sheds 5.6 million oz, YES thats a 5 followed by a dot and a six, then a million! Holy moly...London needs physical dont they...

FROM HERE ON OUT, if inventory is added, we assume its just paper and not physical, here lies a massive transfer of wealth under the guise of a warehouse

Not much commentary today. Not sure I have to say anything anymore tonight. I will say this. Looks like Blythe is now shorting the juniors as they are not really participating in this rally.

I will say this. They are going to crush silver tonight or at least attempt to. I would be shocked to see silver continue its ascent. Not too many after hours sessions left before March 1st. Good luck Blythe, my stink bids are in at $31.99, give it to me baby!


Bank of England has no physical, Israel calls puppy dog USA to come stop Iranian ships at the expense of the US TAXPAYER, US debt hits 122 % GDP, HP gets decimated after hours-most likely blames the snow, Ghadaffi says fuck you USA, leprosy contagion now in Bahrain escalates, stocks to go bidless as no shorts to cover since even my grandmother is long, POMO does nothing-Dow red first time in 5 months, WTI catches Brent spread another $10 to go after 8% runup.


  1. SGS. I buy what little silver I can when I can. Should I be getting into gold too?

  2. Thanks for the information about Junior Miners on Friday, can you give me some information on AAA-V: Allana Potash? I have been following it for a while now, saw a nice spike to about 2.43 but its come off quite a bit. Wondering what your thoughts on it would be.

  3. What are they saying on the inside? Do you really have contact with her traders or was that BS?

  4. I'm actually a bit grateful to Blythe; without her help I would not have been able to get nearly as much silver.

  5. On yahoo message board, someone is saying JPM attacking SLW and some silver mining companies. We see unusual volume on those stocks. Instead of advancing like silver, it actually register lost.
    I wonder what is the plan for those guys. Could they be trying to overtaking some mining companies ? Or they know people are ganging up on the silver companies stock so they naked shorting those companies.

  6. Just curious about what will happen after March option expires ?

    JPM may still be standing, will they short it again ?

    I wonder what it will be like after March.

  7. I would guess the COMEX vaults are empty and they are now in the process of emptying SLV and GLD.

    Mother fuckers are near dead.

  8. SilverGoldSilver. Have you ever read 'Dying of Money' by J. Parsson?

  9. I had guessed that JPM would deplete SLV silver. That is why I stay away from it. However, I am surprised to see there is no such reporting on the news line.

  10. SGS, does this mean you put no stock in Wynter & gang? I thought at one point you thought they might be legit. I guess this week will tell.

  11. Yeah SGS should reconsider the wynter benton group, bec they've been very accurate. his last word on them, that they're frauds and its all bullshit, can't be true.

  12. EVA: AAA is in Ethiopia, no roads. Id rather be in Saskatchewan, with roads (EPO).

    "Just curious about what will happen after March option expires ?" Million dollar question...its very surreal to me right now...either way its bullish, if after March deliveries come due, we arnt making new highs, I will have a fuckin conniption, and literally stab a mother fucker.

    Art: no never read it

    Flaunt: Remind us of their prediction again...

  13. Ted, yes you should be in gold! In my opinion, you can't afford not to be. Silver is interesting right now, and we'll maybe see some spectacular things, but what's coming for gold we will never forget. You'll be very happy you got as much as possible while you still could.

    Each to their own, but I'm with FOFOA all the way.

    PS. I'd gladly trade my silver for gold, and I will be very soon;) Keep a few for shits and giggles:)


  14. Looks like a nose dive. But seriously, what bank would ever short with this kind of pent up demand? I just can't imagine that JPM doesn't have a bigger backer behind it - so if Blythe leaves, won't somebody else just step in?

    I think that even if the comex goes into crisis, there will be some type of rescue. I'm definitely long AG, but I think there's a bigger hand behind the scene...

  15. SGS - Assuming you weren't being sarcastic which may be a dangerous assumption, this week is the week they're supposedly doing most of their buying. If it's true, then I would expect strong performance this week. Whether it's true or not, something has changed. The volume has been unrelenting even in the overnight hours.


    Love the tat on her back.

    Tell me the truth SGS, you find her strangely attractive too right?


  17. Flaunt: If people think a person or people named Wynter Benton can move the silver market from a Yahoo board especially, then so be it. But know this: if Wynter Benton doesn't have a $5 billion Hedge Fund, then they are pawns in this game. JP's derivative exposure is 70 trillion in all markets...do you know what kind of firepower you need to fight a GOD like that when they are short the worlds 5000 yr proven metal to exposing the greatest ponzi ever? Lets see what happens (please list in point form what they say will happen) thanks.

    NT: Yes, and nothing strange about it, lol

    Zep: No, No one else has this kind of firepower. 70 trill in derivatives alone. Nuff said.

  18. Here's a blog post that summarizes what was said:


    They claim that they will be buying up March contracts and standing for delivery. So the open interest numbers should stay pretty high. Of course they also they're expecting to settle for a premium rather than actually take delivery, so if that happens I don't know how anyone would know. I find it suspicious that they hedged so much in their explanations. Like the part about how the Comex "might" report false OI numbers to make things not look so bad. Basically there's no way to verify anything they're saying other than by the price action. So I'm saying if we don't see some more upside this week then they're full of crap.

    Why are you expecting fireworks during the delivery month of March?

  19. SGS. I think you would like it. Out of print. $1000 on Amazon. Can send you the pdf if you want.

  20. artemis: Can I have the pdf too?

  21. Timon... you sure can. Send a message to dyingofmoney@gmail.com and you'll get it.