Saturday, March 5, 2011

The simple case for $175 Silver


  1. It's getting hard to find 100 oz. bars and get them shipped. Unless you buy bullion and you know what you're talking about don't even bother to answer me. I know what I'm talking about. I have 3 rather large orders at 3 different places and it's getting difficult to obtain delivery.

    This is going to be another repeat of the Hunt Brother's spike but MUCH LARGER!!! This time there's actually other factors that make it more real. This could really get UNREAL REAL SOON!

  2. Proof of Blythe in action... check out this vid. Incredible!

  3. I spoke to a silver dealer the other day and he is only selling a maximum of 3kg per person these days.
    Scary thought to think that dealers are starting to ration their sales.

  4. tulving had 50 monster boxes of silver Maples yeaterday which will not ship for another 2 weeks. Overnight they are sold out. They raised the premium from 1.99 to 2.29 beforehand.
    They also raised their premium on 1 kg koola by 20 cents per ounce.
    also they use to always have 500,000 oz silver, now it is 300,000 oz.
    this is fast becoming last call

  5. Great video! I'm going to forward this on. Thanks SGS.


  6. ---It's getting hard to find 100 oz. bars----

    Once they go Silver will in Stage 3, extreme shortage, where prices quickly go to unreal (moonshot) levels.

  7. (Tulving is a crabby guy and is other guy that works there got mouthy with me and has pissed me off. They better never meet me in real life and act that way.)


    Yeah....I know, Christian is a Nimwit. I listened to the SILVER ROUND TABLE on FSN this weekend today. It had David Morgan, Jeff Christian, Mike Malony (from Rich Dad Poor Dad), and Franklin Sanders with Jim Puplava.

    Puplava asks everyone where silver is heading. Of course Morgan says we got a correction coming then sideways for a while. Christian then explains the MOVE IN SILVER is probably over. He sees by Q2-Q3 silver dropping to $22 then a sideways move for several years. After that and a few more decades (my added sarcasm), silver should then head higher. Why? Because Christian states he is BULLISH in silver.

    That guy is a complete JERKOFF. Jon Nadler and Jeff Christian get the BROWN THUMB AWARD. Let's not forget Dennis Gartman who was on CNBC last week stating that he was in gold "RELENTLESSLY". The host asked him again...and GARTMAN says..."Well, what is going on today with the FED, I am in gold...RELENTLESSLY"

    GARTMAN gets the BROWN HAND AWARD....if you get my drift.

    Not only do I think CPM GROUP, run by JEFF the HOMEBOY CHRISTIAN is a FARCE....I am startig to believe GFMS is full of it as well.

    Something FISHY is going on about SILVER PRODUCTION this year. Mineweb came out with an article in JAN this year stating the PERU's silver production fell 11 million ounces or 7% from last year. A few weeks ago, Mineweb put out another article from the same author stating that PERU increased its production 9 million ounces over 2009 and increased their reserves 53 million ounces.

    I wrote to the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF of now reply for 10 days now. I wrote Oilver Heathman, GFMS analyst about the two contradictory articles to see what his sources from Peru were say.....ZILCH. Haven't heard from that fella either.

    We got MEXICAN SILVER PRODUCTION falling in Q4, we got US production down condsiderably in NOV. and KGHM POLSKA MIEDZ down nearly 2 million in 2010.

    Furthermore, I have been doing research on that FUTURE BOONDOGGLE called the ALASKA PEBBLE PROJECT that is supposed to take place of KENNECOTT COPPER (UTAH) which produced the most COPPER in the world. According to RIO TINTO, who owns Kennecott, says copper, gold and silver declined in 2010 due to FALLING ORE GRADES.

    Ole Oiver from GFMS told me that 2010 silver production would increase from CHINA, MEXICO, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, and the UNITED STATES.

    If we get a COLLAPSE of GLOBAL MARKETS this year due to the revolutions stemming from North Africa and the Middle East, you can bet your bottom dollar PEAK SILVER will have taken place in 2010.

  9. Oh...I forgot to saY;


  10. I really don't understand David Morgan and Mark Maloney and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" crowd. I had a poor dad and would never wanted a rich dad myself. My real dad was just fine for me.

    Quite honestly I'm not against anyone who is rich and I'm not abhorring anyone who is poor. I would like to see those who need to make a financial comeback do so with the aid of gold and silver. And hopefully the criminal bankers jump out of windows soon as they lose.


    Whether anyone cares or not, I did some more research and have found updates for MEXICO and PERU silver production 2010.

    According to this article as of NOV 2010,

    MEXICO produced 3640.7 tonnes or 117 million ounces

    PERU produced 3637.7 tonnes or 116.9 million ounces

    Here is part of that article from MINEWEB on JAN 28, 2011:

    Peru's Ministry of Energy and Mines reported an 11.19% decline in annual gold production from 5,916,000 million ounces in 2009 to 5,254,000 ounces in 2010.

    The reduction in gold production is attributed to lower production at several Peruvian gold mines including a 29% decline in Minera Yanacocha, a 22% drop at Barrick Misquichilca, a 23% decline at Arutani's Arasi and a 21.56% drop in production at Hochschild's Ares.

    The ministry reported silver production declined 7.27% last year from 128,368,543 ounces mined in 2009 to 116,945,511 ounces reported in 2010. The decline was attributed to lower production from El Brocal with a 34% drop, a 29% decline at Ares, and a 26% drop at Pan American Silver's Mina Quiruvilca.

    We got one article saying PERU's production was 116.9 million ounces by end of NOV, and we got another article above stating that YEAR END is 116.9. Either we have a complete SCREW UP by the PERU MINISTRY of MINES or DOROTHY KOSICH (author) gets the BROWN THUMB AWARD.

    We do know that MEXICO has ramped up production considerably. Don't forget, 71% of WORLD SILVER PRODUCTION comes from BY-PRODUCT mines. Most of the increase of Mexico's silver is coming from PRIMARY MINES.

    When the WIND TURBINE HITS THE COW EXCREMENT and the global economy collapses, falling BASE METAL MINING will kill Silver Production.

  12. WB u sly devil.

  13. SRSrocco: That's interesting stuff to me. And it compounds the worldwide silver shortage issue.

    I'm thinking Carlos Slim is behind the increase in Mexico. So he eats a lot of that silver.

  14. The WB saga is a floater, ie. a turd that won't flush and there are some real dumbasses on the Yahoo JPM board too...


  15. What would be the best way for one to obtain $10 million in physical?


  16. 270,000 ounces of silver? On-line dealer.


  17. @nyse, check out

    I see an ad for commercial pricing for orders over $100k.

  18. man that video is porn to us silver guys....the money shot was i need a smoke

  19. EBAY POWER SELLERS are busy selling silver like mad. 1 roll of American Silver Eagles is going for about $825 each. Last year this massive selling spree went on through the summertime while the price was in a general consolidation. If this is a repeat scenario from last year's behavior then the spot silver price may range about $35-$40 through the summer here and take off in September probably pushing $80. Once we hit $80 then $100 is probably easily made.

    I don't think this interest in silver has even started yet. It's just in an early phase here. I won't be at all surprised if we hit $100 now this year.

    The world unrest and economic turmoil going on could obviously accelerate this price much sooner.

    Just think the buyers on EBAY are paying over $20,000 for a monster box of American Silver Eagles. Take a look at the Canadian Maples are going like mad also and are even more pricey. I find that people are liking these more and more now due to their 9999 purity. Also the Canadian RCM bars are 9999 pure unlike any other.

    The Canadian mint right now is fixing machinery and is in the process of securing more silver. There is a delay there right now but I am told it is going to start up again with a vengeance.

    I think a major buying spree is just getting started. I know I'm buying. Are you?

  20. Additional Comment to previous post above:

    Regarding my EBAY observation. I think people like EBAY because of the "buyer protection" there. It's very good service actually. I videotape all my packages while opening and if something is not right I have proof for my buyer protection. I do the same for dealers just in case. I recommend everyone else do this as the price rises.

    I think if we see the silver spot price rise above $40 this week people will come in like mad.

    Well, the charts will start painting again later today. So we will see what Monday brings. Any dip here will be welcome as we are nearing $40 now this is starting to really get some attention.

    I'm going to start a YOU TUBE video channel eventually (already have it) and get some video news going. Also have plans for a website and will be linking my favorite places such as Mr. SGS's blog. It's going to get busy! It's actually rather exciting to get involved here!

    I wish everyone well in this. I don't think you will be disappointed.

  21. A little about GOLD:

    GOLD won't go down!

  22. Jack, Neverness,
    Thanks for your reply.