Sunday, March 6, 2011

Has JPM infiltrated the WB PR posts ...?

Hearing some credibles tell me that JPM trolls are infiltrating AMBERS posts to discredit the WB group...which is all starting to make sense! Keep posted...

Oh, and JPM added 6000 shorts in February. 6000. Let me do some math. 30,000,000 ounces. Get your ball caps on, we are starting the 2nd inning folks!


  1. you found my blog yet SGS? Updated constantly


  2. @premetal yes nicely done.

    Thx SGS for a great blog.

  3. those shorts were added in feruary and silver still climbed? Somebody is in trouble. From the Butlers weekly wrap yesterday, I thought they were added last week. And with them adding them in Feb. Why havn't all the other 7 banks joined in?

  4. Thanks chaps, Like yourselves I'm a trader glued to the screens (14 hours day) while at the same time constantly checking news feeds and sites. I thought I'd put my ocd to use to benefit the commumity. hope it's useful(i don't miss much!)


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  6. preciousmetalsnews: I added your site to my RSS feed after just a glance ;-)

    averagejoe: just an attempt to be witty near bottom of previous thread, almost posted an addendum to that effect; i.e. no offense intended

  7. silver up about 25¢, gold up about $8

  8. SGS I hope I am one of the credibles your referring to. After all I posted on Friday that Blight was involved with this WB fiasco. We need to pay no attention to the WB. If they are sincere about their cause, I don't see why they would be compelled to blog about it. They need to take some advice from Nike; Just do it!

  9. Well that's interesting. So now you are a believer?

  10.'re saying 6000 contracts are a lot now? In the previous post you implied it wasn't and you wouldn't have been surprised by 30k

    I'm confused, which is it?

  11. Hey SGS! First post but have been lurking for a awhile. Big thanks for your info and love the bears from a fellow Canadian, keep it up! 8^)

  12. sgs, your posts have got me rotflol.
    wb may have been real, just like rumors to manipulate markets are real, but who cares anymore about those silly posts.
    i write daily to the SEC and am working on a foia letter to cftc about cash settlements, who got 'em, etc., because apparently they have to disclose that stuff if it was done over the table. but really, the cftc is useless.
    Jerry Markham wrote a great article about commodities market manipulation while at the CFTC, including manipulation by rumors, alas, his advice to strengthen the cftc was not heeded. you can download the whole thing here:
    he also wrote a whole book about economic history including info on jpmorgan, for all you economic history buffs out there.

  13. SGS - can you cite your source for the "JPM added 6000 shorts in February"

    thanks in advance.

  14. this is why I have info before many...