Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 28th CTFC position Limits, Israeli lies, Silver shorts covering..?

I would like to first immediately talk about Israel and the alleged Hamas mortar firing. I called this bullshit pre-emptive strike a month ago, and everyone laughed at me and said I was just being "anti-semitic' and had nothing to do with Silver. You can read my report here on Feb 20 no longer than a month ago Click here

You can view Tylers Article below.

Click here for entire Zerohedge Article

The contagion is now in full effect. I hope you bought the dips and continue to buy the dips. This is the news I have been waiting for, as Israel will now utilize the attention of the Japan Quake/Libya as a cover up to perform illegal operations as usual.

I quote, "Three days ago an Israeli air strike killed two of its members." Did ANYONE hear of an Israeli air strike 3 days ago? Of course not. The tipping point is near as France just declared a full out operation Oil take from Libya as well. Things are not getting better. And Japan is about to melt down. Dont be fooled by the green markets on Friday. I will now get into the metals as I will assume people will barage me with more prejudice and racist comments that they cannot bind me with as I provide proof, and they provide name calling. Fuck you, in advance. I win.



-a grand total of ZERO oz of silver notices were sent down yesterday in this delivery month. I repeat, ZERO. Nuff said.
-straight from Harvey, "Yesterday we had 9,510,000 oz so we most definitely lost 155,000 oz to cash settlements and probably a huge profit to boot. Nobody in the right mind would pluck 100% of the total cash waiting for delivery and then roll to the next month. Because the next delivery month is equal to the current month in cost to the investor due to lack of contango it makes no sense to roll unless you receive your handsome reward."
-4,445,000 needed for March delivery-Yes, the crimex could still be finished soon. This month will surely break their backs, if not finish them.

And Harvey GLD update is priceless:
"we gained a huge 9.1 tonnes of gold "inventory" yesterday. The Bank of England must have been busy moving the gold from one hole to the other. To newbies, the GLD gold is gold that has been swapped with the B. of E whereby the Bank gets cash and the GLD folk get gold. This swap can be unwound at the B. of E's discretion
at any time. Actually, the gold at the B of E is not theirs as well. It has been put on deposit there by individuals like Arab citizens or Qaddafi or Mubarak. It is like you putting money into a bank, the bankers could do anything they like with your money but it is a liability of theirs. Can you imagine when the game of musical chairs ends. As Jim Sinclair states; the bang with the default at the GLD will be much bigger than the default at the gold and silver comex as many shareholders will probably storm the bastille against these bankers when they find that they have been defrauded on the investment in these precious metals."

COT report:

-Gold commercials shorts covered a MASSIVE 11,883 contracts
-Silver commercials (JPBlythe) COVER another huge 1560 contracts, WOW, this is a change for once.

WHERE THE FUCK IS THE CTFC? Oh right, Gensler is a former Goldman sacks slave. YOU GETTING THE PICTURE YET? I guess we will see March 28 for the water shed announcement of position limits. Right.

Keep an eye on the Libya France invasion, and when Hezbollah allegedly fires rockets into Israel, the Middle East situation will have reached its tipping point. I called it a month ago, remember that.

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  1. Dont be fooled by the green markets

    So true!

    No matter what disaster happens, everything must be fine because the markets are green. There should be a Saturday Night Live skit over this.

    Harvey also pointed out that Toyko has only 3 hours a day of electricity. The city and surrounding area have 35-36 million people. I don't know what the plan is to fix the power problem but until that happens, the Japanese economy has been turned off. Holy chit.


    We have to remember, Japan had a 200% debt to GDP before this terrible natural and made made disaster hit. Japan will never rebuild as it does not have the CAPTIAL to do so. Sure, they may have some lousy US TREASURIES.

    Japan will never see 100% electricity again. This will be horrible for their economy. Now that they have used salt water to try and cool the radioactive core material....the Nuclear Plants are now destroyed. To rebuild them, if they had the means, would take upwards of 10 years.

    If they try to build either coal or natural gas fired electric plant, that would take at least 3-5 years.

    The situation with the MELT DOWN is much worse than what is being reported. Large areas of Japan may be uninhabitable for years.

    Hope for the best....prepare for the worst.

  3. So we're officially at war with Libya now? That should help the budget deficit. Good work government fucking retards! Is Gitmo closed yet? Did you plug the hole yet Daddy? Owebama is an unmitigated fucking disaster! We're fucked, buy silver!

  4. "We're fucked, buy silver!"


    That about sums it up.

  5. @SGS:

    U.S. Tomahawk Cruise Missiles Hit Targets in Libya


    I would classify that as war, wouldn't you?

  6. SGS, 112 of our cruise missiles did.

  7. @SGS

    Arabic Al-Jazeera is reporting that the US has bombed targets in Tripoli and the coastal City of Misurata.


    There's also a breaking news header on their Arabic site stating that a military base in Mitiga has been bombed by International Coalition air craft.

    I can't see these on their English site so I thought you may be interested.

    The ramifications of these actions are likely to be severe with regard to commodity prices.

  8. Well I hope someone or something takes Muammar out of the seat of power. We all know how well that Iraqi no-fly zone worked....FOR 12 YEARS.

    SRSrocco: Yes, Japan looks screwed. Of course, no one will officially say that.

  9. The news coming out of Libya is mostly crap. I'm trying to find some stuff out. I'm at the mercy of all the crap too!
    The only thing you can do sometimes is scan YOU TUBE. YOU TUBE is hard to sift through but once in a while you can find a gem there.

    I'm not sure how this is going to go this week for gold and silver yet. We have to watch the charts Sunday night and the news developments.

    TheNewsUNIT Blogspot

    One thing is sure and that is the RCM is back in production so load up on RCM bars and get some Grizzly Bears.
    Also load up on Maple Leaves in case that goes crazy again. Try the STINK BID at Suisse Gold Corporation.

    Suisse Gold Corp

  10. From US State Dept. Employee: 1.6 trillion

    to rebuild Japan-omg!

  11. Wow. US and UK join in to help pillage. Must be nice.

  12. Just read, USA, France, UK, Canada, Italy allied up for Operation Odyssey Dawn, and while i'm typing this I also hear Turkey just signed up.

    110 Tomahawks cruise missiles fired
    French also carried out 4 air strikes.

  13. So let me get this right;

    - Saudi in Bahrain.
    - Israle screwing over Palestine (not news)
    - Japan in Meltdown, without power and people can't eat their own food without standing in front of an X-Ray machine. Refusing to release thermal images.
    - Lybia being destroyed, media used as human shield.
    - Comex has no silver, can't deliver.
    - US Debt ceiling has arrived.

    Silver and Gold???

  14. .....and
    Food is on the verge of un-affordable.
    China dumping US Dollars as if they are worthless pieces of paper.

  15. Mr. SGS did you ever get my emails?

  16. Here is a clear and easy to understand explanation of how the tomahawk missile system works in case you guys are interested:

  17. Technically, the US is not at war with anyone as the Congress has not declared war. These days, a war declaration is not PC.

    Libya is enforcement of a UN Resolution...but it sure sounds and looks like a war.

  18. Libya is a resource grab for oil. Sure, the UN made some bogus resolution that they had no business making...but Libya didn't violate it. They invaded anyway. As usual, the people of Libya will suffer the most, and their oil will wind up in some other country.

  19. We're gonna free the shit out of them Libyans. Just like we did them Iraqis.

  20. 112 cruise missiles = 112 million dollars..
    were fucked, BUY SILVER.

  21. lol @ Flaunt.. couldn't be more right.

  22. Good to see isra-hell and bibi-netan-nuke-ya are up to their old tricks again.

  23. Blythe should be busy the next 9 days...we'll see if she can perfect alchemy in time...

  24. You are now considered a domestic terrorist if you use silver as currency

  25. Silver is getting a boost from the Libyan war

    "Note each cruise missile contains approx. 15kg of silver in wiring, contacts, solder and batteries."

  26. Major Oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico.
    This month has been f*cking crazy.

    Here's the link:

  27. @David, I have a liberty dollar, does that mean I am a terrorist? If we Americans had any balls, we would strom the facility they are holding this guy in and demand his release. The guy is going to rot in jail for making coins? At least he only got jail time, Kennedy got his fucking head blown apart!

  28. The CFTC continues to scheme how to rescue it's banker overlords like JPMorgan from a short squeeze. Mises says a country's currency laws are as important as it's constitution. Without fair currency your politics degenerates into slogans like 'hope' and 'change'.
    When someone chronicles the end of the once-great nation of America, I hope people like Allan Greenspan get their share of the blame.
    CFTC Commisioner Sommers-Banker Sellout, Traitor.
    CFTC Commisioner O'Malia-Banker Sellout, Traitor
    CFTC Commisioner Dunn-Banker Sellout, Traitor
    CFTC Chairman Gensler-Banker Sellout, Traitor
    CFTC Commisioner Chilton-Patriot, Honorable public servant to the Republic

  29. Obama is the best friend silver ever had. Nice to have government corruption and academic stupidity working in our favor. Instead of bitching about the shenanigans of Obama and the banker cabal that pulls his strings, you buy silver, and shrug your shoulders.

  30. Yeah bro - illegal Israeli activities like... self defense? Stick to PMs.

  31. wow, i've read in several places that creating a competing currency was not illegal. Why did this guy get in trouble? I also remember reading online about several competing currencies that are floating around,Is it just gold and silver currency that were not aloud to create or what?

  32. Yeah Bro - self defense, stick to wolf blitzer and CNN.

  33. Sheeet. Question. Why do you associate defending Israel with left wingedness? I am a conservative and a supporter of Israel. I'm curious why you would assume I'm a lefty.

  34. Is it because you think I'd be jewish if I support Israel? The Jews do like to support their lefties. But no, I'm not a Jew.

  35. I've never grasped the anti-Isreal lefty stance myself. The Islamic countries that surround Isreal are fascistic, anti-democratic, Islamist theocratic, and cruel to women. This should contradict the left slogans they so gleefully prosletize, though in reality, it would be hard to find more fascistic and fundamentalistically minded folks that lefties.
    I think it must be the concept of self-defense itself that irks them; same with guns. They would rather have the benevolent, omniscent state (or UN supra-state) judicating all conflict. That way they can push the idiotic relativistic academic ideology they so happily were indoctrinated with.