Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why Israel may lead us to the land of Silver bartering and the transfer of wealth we are all Awaiting

In a recent interview with Bix Wier, by the youtube channel admin, SGTBull07’s (, Bix makes several notable points about the end game, collapse, silver, gold, but one struck me as DEAD WRONG, and why his opinion on the ‘bring home the troops’ especially with what info I have received from a man that just came back from the middle east should be considered as a dynamic complexity moving forward.
Bix remarks that the entire system is going to crash and both the good guys and the bad guys want it to crash, and the system has been set up this way because they all wanted it to crash and after it does we ‘will bring home the troops.’ LOL, sorry if I summarized like this, but it’s a bit too much for me to handle right now, as it sounds absolutely ridiculous, just my opinion.
Well, I have some news for you Bix. As long as the USA is completely controlled by the Israeli lobby, there will be no withdrawal of troops. In fact, now with escalating tensions in the middle east, in particular MOST Arab and Muslim countries surrounding Israel, the USA, as it always does, shall churn USA media (owned by Zionists) into the propaganda machine it is, to support Israel-NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Why do you think the police are using more and more lethal force by straight up shooting citizens now in Bahrain, Libya? I’ll tell you why. Because the closer the riots and protests get to Saudi Arabia, the more paranoid Israel and the US will get and the line has been drawn now. The US has called down to their puppet governments and they have issued a critical GREEN light go ahead, in which to quell protest with lethal force in hopes that people won’t protest because everyone around them is getting shot.
Now, this brings us to that little peaceful state called Israel. If you do your proper homework, and I’m not about to write up a 20 pager on the history of this tyrannical, insane, and highly, if not the BIGGEST terrorist state on Earth, you will realize this country does what they want, when they want, with weapons they choose, and no body’s stopping them, and no media will scrutinize them because they own the media-all of it (holy run on batman). Amnesty International can’t even stop them. The USA has been hijacked by Zionists from Congress to the House to all components of Obama’s cabinet, Supreme Court etc. If you would like to refute this fact, I am up for long debates on this, you will not win. AIPAC and most prominent Zionist run lobby’s own the USA now. Plain and simple. Moving on.
So going back to Bix’s comments, that they will bring troops home, I believe the opposite. Israel will need MORE troops sent to the middle east to help them when the shit hits the fan, NOT less. And yes, this will be passed by the administration, for if he does not comply with them, he will be turned into another BJ Lewinski president.
Israel, my loyal readers, in the last 7 days, has stumbled onto a MASSIVE problem with Egypt removed as their close ally, and like usual, the USA taxpayers will have to pay for ISREALS interest FIRST, not the USA’s. American foreign policy is not American anymore, its 100% planned and orchestrated by Israel, whether you agree or not, that’s the way it is. DO NOT underestimate the enormity of the Israel Problem now, because those who run the USA will do ANYTHING to save the promise land, at ANY expense necessary. This is all bullish for silver and gold by the way, now that I’m off topic, but relevant nonetheless. As we move forward and more protests get closer to the Saudi’s, watch for the escalated and blatant police state murders that will serve as a warning – DO NOT STIR THE SAUDI POT!

NOTE: I am NOT ‘anti-Semitic’ . I am definitely ‘anti-Zionist’. So before some fuckwad tries to unload his spew about some fuckin racist bullshit, don’t bring the ‘you hate jews’ comments, fuck off in advance, I have NOTHING against anybody. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, Justin Bieber’s CSI video already has 5 million hits in 24 hrs, nuff said.
Let’s open this motherfucker up for comments, you know how to thank me.


  1. I have a sneaking suspicion that this revolution/war will be heading down the religious path- "In the name of God....." (insert psalm reference here.)

    As a side point (and i apologies in advance for hijacking your post) but found it relevant to contribute to the bullish silver and gold cause via the declining US Dollar index.

    Delete as you see fit.

  2. You are 100% CORRECT SGS. Any questions about 100% Israeli control of Congress please review this short video It lays bare the truth. SGS has it right as usual.

  3. You are a cock sucker. And are no better than the people u condemn. Stick to the silver douche bag.

  4. holy crap SGS - im not ever gonna fuck with you haha. ill get owned! I really enjoy when people speak up to the truth particularly when its relevant regardless of how 'nasty' the human response is (usually unwarranted). Things are getting interesting now watching the middle east unwind and devolve into havok =/

  5. Think Blythe will raid Monday morning? I was thinking of waking up early to buy the dip and put the final percentages of my fiat savings into physical.

    The rest will be from any future fiat earnings. I will continue to buy it even through the 100s. All unnecessary fiat to physical.

    Great thoughts but I still think Bix's theory is very very well thought out. Why is it so hard to believe their are extremely rich and altruistic people in this world who are just POSING as the bad guys so they don't get shot like JFK and many many others...they have to pretend you see...

    It's all so confusing that all I care about is becoming self sufficient and doing what I can for ME. Waking people up is important yes, but so many won't wake up no matter what, until it is too late for them. The future is more unknown than ever so it is more important than ever to prepare.

    Learn how to grow your own food, stock up on food, water, batteries, weapons and other supplies.

  6. Good job SGS......dead accurate, forget the detractors, facts are facts, and i agree that Isreal has been (and will be) a problem for us as long as "our govt" supports them. We should drop isreal like an old girlfriend and concentrate on our own country...but that might "offend" someone you say? Ask me if i care. I have my own American family to worry about as i'm sure you do. By the way, if it were Ireland or Italy or any other country putting U.S. in harms way.....i'd dump them too. This is my first post here, i felt obligated to support your ACCURATE view. Keep it up baby! The truth shall set us free, right?

  7. Love the anonymous coward who calls you names. Speaks volumes. FWIW, there are zionists of various stripes, not just Jewish Zionists. I know plenty of Christian Zionists and they are so delusional and they vote.

  8. I am not a Zionist. It is interesting that no dissenting views are allowed. Can you say "control freak.". Or maybe paranoid schizophrenic.

  9. It's funny- they don't allow dissenting opinions in many of the dictatorships now being overthrown. Certainly you all are better than them no???

  10. @Dr.Jerome said:
    "Did ZH say a few days ago that he Fed buys 70% of the auction now? But if the Fed is already the main buyer, then can there be an auction fail?"

    Actually, that's a bit of a misunderstanding of how sovereign bond auctions work. We might actually imagine that they are held like the antique auctions we see on TV, but it's actually mostly pre-arranged. Even government economists of banana republics know that you have to make a few calls to potential buyers BEFORE the auction to try to identify how much they would be willing to buy at what price. Once that information is obtained, then they offer a smaller fraction of the total sovereign bonds that the potential buyers may purchase and at some average price that they hinted they were willing to buy at. While this sounds rigged, its viewed as a necessary process precisely to prevent a sovereign debt default (collapse of said country's economy). So yes, China, Japan and the UK are reducing their US bond purchases and simultaneously, what they are buying are the shorter term bonds (1,2, 5 year, instead of 30 year) so that they can exit faster when required. Ultimately you are correct though, how can a sovereign bond auction fail, if the Federal Reserve is the primary buyer, and eventually the ultimate buyer? Well it can't fail, but what will fail is the international confidence in the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Is this going to happen in 2011? Unlikely. The US is probably going to be the last domino to fall, and if it does, it will take the world with it. Hence, it is in the interest of foreign nations to prop up the US dollar via sovereign bond purchases to buy time to transition to a new world reserve currency. This is the discussion that took place recently at G20 going on amongst top government officials and central banks at the moment. The contenders thus far are the IMF's "SDR", and all kinds of variations of baskets of other currencies PLUS comodities like gold and even proven oil reserves. The problem with SDR's is two-fold: It's new fiat paper backed by fiat of many other countries, most of which are experiencing severe economic problems. It would require that all nations participating in the SDR (i.e. G20) would allow their national currencies to float freely in the foreign exchange markets. Good luck convincing China to unpeg the Yuan!

    @Dr.Jerome - " would love for someone to point me to a good explanation of POMO, Fed auctions, T-bills so I can understand how Ben is creating all this money and how it is pumping the markets. "

    Watch this layman's video on Quantitative Easing Explained".
    And this one on POMO (Permanent Open Market Orders).

  11. I posted earlier but it did not show.

    You speak like Amahnijahad. These are your politics? In the dark corners of the internet one can broadcast a neo Nazi/Islamist point of view and portray these leanings as courageous?
    Hitler was right ; the vast majority of the population do not think and as result thier thoughts are easily corrupted. In this case, by evil.

    Stick to the metals and leave the Islamo fascism out. There is no place in a free thinking forum for hate speech like this.

  12. So far 2 Anon's post up, adding NO rebuttal to my article other than "cut the Islamic talk out, and you suck dick"
    I await an educated, well thought out attack backed by something of substance instead of the normalized, brainwashed FOX news American sentiment towards Zion. BRING IT, I CHALLENGE YOU. And if you do, post a name for fuck sakes you pussy's.
    The WORST part is THIS article HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH METALS YOU SHEEP! OPEN YOUR EYES! SILVER OVER $33 right now...wake the fuck up!

  13. anyone think there is anything at this point that the witch can do to bring it down a dollar or so and do you think she might try it this morning???

    was going to put another portion into physical tomorrow anyways.

  14. Love the guilt by association... This fuckwad in Iran says "X," you say something similar to "X," therefore you are also a fuckwad.

    Like I hear Hitler was pretty fond of consuming vegetables. I like veggies too, so I must be a megalomaniac fuckwit who also wants to murder millions. That this passes for logic explains why we're all so screwed.


    You rule, dude!! Been a fan since PART 1!! Your profile used to say you were an 18 yr.old kid from Canada doing the cartoon vids!(btw)

    I'm in 100% agreement that Zionism is the core-root of the problem, as in their multi-tiered "plank" written/outlined by their "ELDERS" last century. You may want to do some research into The SANHENDRIN jews, the ones whom Jesus outta the temple, which is why HE got crucified. This group was run outta England in the 1500's, and later Spain mainly because they were worshippers of SATAN with ritual sacrifice the whole SICK psychophantic 9-yards! THAT's whose behind all this shit hitting the fan, and the corresponding (now) responses to all that EVIL.

    DESTROY EVIL, me sez... ;-)

  16. Was wondering what I should do. I'm not rich but my small amount of bullion is increasing in value. Should I sell half or hang onto all of it? Thanks for the bear videos because I go the message and got in at least within the last year. I'm in the U.S. and I do think this nation is about to fall apart. After studying all this about the Federal Reserve and so forth it's hard not to like our government here anymore. Is Canada any better?

  17. Oh yeah- it was Israel that put the gun to Nixon's head to completely leave the gold standard. Israel (and jews in general) have been blamed for most of the world's problems for an eternity. Please- Israel is a land of 5 million. How many jews are in the world- 15 million? Can you imagine if Israel were a country of 1 billion people and arabs made up one country of 5 million people- that they would use that tiny arab country as a scape goat for all of their problems? Please. Let's face it- the arab countries need to deal with their corruption that is quite independent of Israel. I realize that as a nation- Israel has made many mistakes. But can you imagine if Israel had all of the oil wealth that has been generated? Arab nations will always be third world- and that has nothing to do with Israel. Sure- I will post my name and address for all of the whack jobs on the internet......

  18. I just posted as "Anonymous" but I screwed up there and hit it without fixing a few things. It's hard to like the government here is what I meant to say---obviously. I hope silver goes to $75 before they wipe out the dollar value. Probably should keep some eventually for survival if it gets that bad.

  19. Are you kidding me- nobody scrutinizes Israel? You are clearly out of your mind. They are more heavily scrutinized than any country in the world. They are one of the only country in the world that is criticized for defending itself. The biggest terrorist nation in the world? Really?

  20. SGS,
    the only thing I disagree with you on is the troops may have to come home. If the dollar is dead how are they going to be able to keep the military spread out thru the entire world? Other wise I agree 100%..

  21. Its funny- when an Israeli leader dies- I don't see civil war breaking out.....I don't see Israeli's killing Israelis......I don't see Israeli leaders heading out of town with all of their gold bullion in tow.....

  22. Oh- was John Maynard Keynes a Zionist jew as well?

  23. Hey look at gold! It's about to cross $1400 here. I think if that happens we might have some solid support with gold ad silver above $1400 and $33---nice!

    I just want to comment on the Israel things here a bit. I don't know much about politics but I am a Christian who believes the Holy Bible. All I know is that nation is both under God's judgment and also has some covenant promises of future deliverance. In the meantime there are many problems there and God even blasts them and calls them children of Sodom and Gomorrah.

    I don't get cozy with Israel and run over there and look for the warm fuzzies to feel close to the Lord. I don't need that at all because I simply believe on him. But I know there's trouble coming to that nation and even those (I guess "Zionists") money grubbing ones who run the banks, media, etc. God will judge them don't worry.

    In the meantime let's get out of this mess they so cleverly created by their greed for us and ride this silver spike. I hope it works a little bit for my financial needs. I'm not looking to get rich but just to increase my distance from getting further robbed.


  25. I'm beginning to think all these Anon posts are from one, really confused child. They cant provide evidences to back anything up here. But I will. YOU want to bring up the jews, okay I can play that game too for I am educated in this field beyond your comprehension. What is the population of the USA? What is the population of Jewish people int he USA? 2-4%?
    Okay here we go, I love stats, I masturbate over stats.
    What is the % of Jews in Congress?
    What is the % of Jews in the House?
    Supreme Court?
    Cabinet? Would you like me to continue Anon?
    I will bet my entire stack of silver that its not 2% in each of those categories. Eat shit. Bring the fire if you are going to play with the big boys here and stop wasting my fucking time, I would rather be looking at pictures of paint drying than talk about this shit.

    Siera: They will be able to stay oversees b/c they have the firepower and bombs. They will have no choice, Israel says stay, they stay. Like a fucking trained dog.

    "Arab nations will always be third world- and that has nothing to do with Israel."

    It has EVERYTHING to do with Israel. Thats why revolution (Egypt) and others is BAD BAD news for them...there paid off corrupt friends all surrounding them are dropping like flies...when Egypt fell, the Green light was issued or else they are about to be swarmed in a complete bootfuck circle.

  26. So how is sierra_hpbt better than anonymous?? You are just jealous that your amount of silver is a rounding error for me...

  27. Jews naturally conspire to help each other out. If every other ethnic group was as coordinated as the Jews they would be much better off. I have nothing against jews, actually I do alot of my business with them. That being said: Israel has no right to exist. Its a FAKE country, just like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, etc... They were all carved out by the British. They are now all toppling. Israel is a fascist police state 1,000 times worse than Egypt. The Egyptian army doesnt shoot "hellfire" rockets into civilian areas (GAZA)equipped with depleted uranium!!! WAKE UP!!! AIPAC AJC control Americas politicians via "campaign contributions". Follow the money. Jews have all the money. They are less than 2% of Americas population, yet who runs Wall st., Hollywood, court system, medical system, politics? Go to any fundraiser for political purposes in America and I guarantee it is being funded by Jewish Americans. They know how to get their agenda moved along. They learned from the best, the Rockefellers.

  28. Wow- SGS- you just blew me away with all of your just sizzled my neurons.....

  29. We borrow 3 billion from China to give to Israel every. single. year. Then we waste billions more appeasing all the Arab states so they don't get pissed at us for being under Israel's thumb. The Iraq war (hundreds of billions) was to keep Israel safe. I planned on going on, teach people about the USS Liberty, the Mossad tracking Atta but not telling us (9-11 didn't exactly hurt their interetss), the Lavon Affair, but whatever, life is too short. Look it up yourself if you care.

  30. Wow- 66 followers......I have more people than that on my cell phone......

  31. hats off to you for listening to the interview. I think you are correct in your assumption in that the closer the riots get to the kindom of saud, the more force will be used.

    It is also true that more not less troups will be needed in the middle east, but on one condition...and that is if the us dollar fiat system does not disintegrate.

    Very few realize the fragility of the system.

    I think we got 3-6 monthsn and all hell breaks lose.

  32. All of the sudden some want to pick fights with SGS here. I wouldn't be afraid to dig in here at because I'm not a puss. I don't know enough about the subject and usually those who want to pick fights against your first post don't either.

    I will say this though: This topic is going to bring out plenty of idiots who can only hide with mouse in hand. It kind of sucks but mountains of these morons will want to fight. They really don't want to have a forum.

    Why don't you lunatics who want to fight with SGS just go get lost. Because you think your tough that's all. You are really a bunch of wimps!!!!

  33. ROCCO,
    I agree.. hoping tho that it will start a year from now and not 3 to 6 months.. oh well I am as prepared as anyone can be.

  34. Honestly, you are scary. This little country, Israel (about the size of NJ) has more UN against them then any other country. Surrounded by 1 billion Arabs, many committed to its destruction is something you will never understand. The hate being spewed here is over the top. You and the anon Feb 20 that thinks it s a fake country should visit there and see what it is about - the only place a jew can call home.

  35. No reason to pick on Israel alone... No country ought to exist. Countries are imaginary borders where a small group claims to have authority to tell others what to do.

    I love Doug Casey on this issue:

  36. Is Mel Gibson disguised as SGS?

  37. So how is sierra_hpbt better than anonymous?? You are just jealous that your amount of silver is a rounding error for me...

    I will tell you why.. because I agree with EVERYTHING SGS SAID. The difference being is that if the dollar totally collapses how is the US gonaa pay the soldiers? Buy the food etc.? If there is a dollar collapse I sure as hell would not do what some idiot in the pentagon or the oval office tells me to I would be back with my family watching them. No matter where your military is, if your unit of money does not buy anything then your government ceases to exist. I could be totally wrong and SGS may be totally right on this. I listen to Ron Paul on this issue because he says they will be forced to shut down the military and bring the kids home.
    knowing many former frogman, This conversation came up many times and there were lots of collegues saying they were going to go over the fence to watch out for thier loved ones. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds in the next 6 to 18 months.

  38. Anonymous said...
    Honestly, you are scary. This little country, Israel (about the size of NJ) has more UN against them then any other country. Surrounded by 1 billion Arabs, many committed to its destruction is something you will never understand. The hate being spewed here is over the top. You and the anon Feb 20 that thinks it s a fake country should visit there and see what it is about - the only place a jew can call home.

    February 20, 2011 10:47 PM

    WRONG.. the elite Jews are the ones wanting a one world government also. they are buddy buddy with the UN. don't beleive every piece of info you get off Fox news or the CNN the communist news network.

  39. Sierra- hopefully the next generation in your family will stop in-breeding

  40. I just don't get it...have I missed out on something? This site seems to have turned into an anti-Jew blog seemingly out of nowhere. What the hell happened all of a sudden??? These "opinions" and anti-Jewish BS are as short-sited as someone saying global cooling is caused by global warming and global warming is caused by global cooling!
    WTF is going on here people? Why are we fighting each other? This is what these global assholes have been wanting us to do for hundreds of years. They pit classes and races of people against each other just so they can gather more power and control over all of us!
    What the hell is going on?!
    How did this website turn into this SGS???? Man, what's up????

    Need a better explanantion...

  41. It happened because SGS is a bigot and a douche bag. If you did not have good silver info- you wouldn't be worth the paper I wipe my ass with.....

  42. "How did this website turn into this SGS???? Man, what's up????"

    Remember when you found out about the precious metals, the paper aristocracy, the creature from jekyll island, etc, and how obvious it all seemed, how treacherous? Same with learning about Jewish influence in the 20th century, and what it's done to America. The difference is, that's taboo. The taboo of taboos. The reason being the control that Jews have over everything. So it's good to see SGS is fearless in that regard -- and it makes sense too, since his silver views are equally balls out and reprobate.

    My $.02

  43. sure- i can see that- insider knowledge about silver equals all knowing......Please SGS- tell every one how to split the atom.......Let's face- most people in life- need someone like SGS to follow.......I guess the jews orchestrated the Holocaust as well?????

  44. Oh yeah- they orchestrated the Holocaust to cultivate the sympathy of the U.S. The six million lives lost was just collateral damage. I have a feeling the highest degree of education for most of you is a G.E.D.

  45. SGS,

    I have really enjoyed your blog. You have done a terrific job.
    This last post was very disturbing. Whether true or not and opinions are like assholes, we all have one, it would be nice to stay as much as possible focused on silver without getting too political.

  46. Nothing like getting the creative juices flowing. I see passion and probably a bit of ignorance coming across this comment section.

    Some of you are behaving like a hanging mob without understanding all the subtle facts.

    Regardless, just holding silver while living in a highrise condo in a major city doesn't give you much protection when the wind turbine hits the cow excrement.

  47. Anonymous said...
    Sierra- hopefully the next generation in your family will stop in-breeding

    ANON.. you are a once a month bleeding homo. post under a real name and not ANON cheesedick.

  48. You should be shot for searching Justin Bieber. The rest of the article is fine.

    I wonder if the "elite," illuminati, are Israeli or a seperate ruling body?

  49. Pfff ... I was just wondering how long it would take until someone would play the Holocaust card.

    Gotta back SGS on this one! Israel is always off limits and just that fact has to ring all alarm bells.

  50. sierra_hpbt is your real name?

  51. Keep it coming Anon, you havent provided one peice of factual evidence to discredit my argument. I would advise you to come back in 2 weeks and see where the middle east is headed. That being said, keep posting, its actually comical, we need this relief once in a while, only so much Blythe can take off this board without haveing a rest. Keep it coming, I'm not deleting anything you write, lets see how far you are willing to go.
    My apologies to other posters, this discussion and article should not have been sidetracked from the main thesis: B/c of Israel, silver and gold will go higher. Anon, you must have been pissed at my Justin Bieber dig?

  52. Sierra- you hate jews and homosexuals....any other group you would like to add to the list????

  53. Thats why you need to keep politics out. Instead of discussing silver we are talking about Israel.
    That is not what you wanted.

  54. wow....I'm totally amazed how the intelligence of this site has devolved into this Jewish issue tonight. Granted...the power structure of the world has been all about the evil central banksters who have no loyalty to any nationality or country...I know that, and well should you all. So given that fact, how in the hell has this site after WWII and Hitler turned into this freaking nightmare of anti-Jewish sentiment???

    What the hell??? We're all supposedly intelligent, well spoken, well read, and hopefully logical people who read and comment on this site about PM's. What am or have I been missing?????????????????? What does this have to do with Isreal????????????????????

    Lets get back to giving each other good information the best we can about PM's or the economy in general so that we can save our lives, ok???!!!

    We're supposed to be on these places together as Americans who help each other.

    That my own 2 cents worth and personal opinion.

    Can we all agree on this please???????!!!!

  55. and from your last comment you are now turning this into an ego thing. I am sure you have more rednecks and skinheads reading your posts now...
    JP Morgue should be our only enemy...not each other. We need to leave our egos at the door.

  56. Anonymous said...
    Sierra- you hate jews and homosexuals....any other group you would like to add to the list????

    Communists, the illuminati, one world government pushers, and ballless , dickless morons who post under Anonymous.

    And I do not hate Jews. only the zionist Jews who have Fucked this world up. I don't hate the person who practices Homosexuality I hate the sin of Homosexuality.. so what are you? A homo zionist Jew? or is it just that time of the month?

  57. I love you SGS. Paranoid schizophrenia or not.....

  58. i am a black homosexual jew.

  59. I am a half mexican, half black transvestite, half catholic and half jew. Please dont hate me....

  60. Keep it coming, I need this relief, its proving my point..

    Ian: What are you confused about? Israel in the next 2 weeks will need help. the USA will provide this help. The middle East protesting is getting out of control and its surrounding Israel (bad). Israel has a 50 year history of getting uptight about its neighbours hating them. this equates to war. War=gold silver to the moon. Add in Saudi's, and you have an all out CLUSTERFUCK waiting to implode that bodes well for us PM holders. Clear enough? lol...and you guys wonder why I ban Anon postings a while back...fuck me.

  61. WTF? what a bummer...didn't think this site was going to degenerate into an anti-Jewish website. What's going on here??????????

  62. SGS- maybe it is you that put the sinister jews up to it- just so silver and gold would go is this proving your point? Getting a bunch of intellectual cream puffs on your side to gang up on people is not proving any point......

  63. SGS- can you come clean and admit to which psycho-tropic medications you are taking to keep you from going over the deep end......

  64. I am SO PLEASED I discovered SGS! Finally, a host who chimes in clearly with Rand Paul and others who realize the obvious. We should've cut the Jewish State off the American nipple years ago! Of course, that's why Fulbright, a fellow anti-Zionist met his Waterloo at the hands of Dale Bumpers. Zionist supported and entrenched for decades. Ironically, the chutzpah must stop now or there will be no America for anybody, not even the Zionists who live here.

  65. Deleting this post would be a smart thing to do.

    I have a feeling that is not going to happen though...

  66. Ok- who has the most silver here??? I bet it is a fellow jew........kiss our asses......

  67. It is interesting to see Ian bitching about this thread on Turd's blog instead of trying to defend his position here

  68. Great post SGS.

    Keep it coming.

    What is true the truth

  69. Ian..Thanks for posting on Turds'

    Came to read this wonderful article by SGS.

    Now you can continue your rant here.

  70. Ian, I'm beginning to think you are the author of all the anonymous posts...its getting suspiciously correlating to say the least...

    well im calling it a night, I'm sure anon will have 25 additional posts about nothing. IGNORE. Silver over $33 still, nuff said. Blythe getting ready for battle. Good night Anon, realize you have provided us some heavy laughs tonight. Dont think for a second my message wasnt clear. Now go back to your laptop and realize how insignificant your life is.

  71. What exactly did he say that what "anti-Jewish"? He mentioned nothing of the religion, only the state of Israel. Labeling it "anti-Jewish" isn't much of an argument. The US and Israel are the greatest purveyors of violence in the world. It's not a secret. Calling any opposition to it "anti-semetic" makes you either a sheep or a shill.

  72. first post here...long time reader... a quick note to Ian [What's going on here??? guy] I don't get your point...If you are seeking the truth you will have to get over yourself first--watch this:'s about the israeli lobby in america...don't be afraid of the truth out there-it's called reality-and thank god we have people like SGS who are willing to speak about it.I don't think you will be getting a rebuttal anytime soon from anon btw...

  73. SGS- As I side job- I am an oncology surgeon- I assure you my life is not insignificant.....

  74. LOL - Ian comes off as such a homosexual ... what's goin on???????

    It's impossible that a group in pursuing its own interests can make a nation worse off. Impossible!!!

  75. I am not Ian as I am very new here.

    I understand why SGS said what he did. I don't care how many pro-Zionists it pisses off because he stated the unadulterated truth, and I'm in his camp, a non-violent anti-Zionist myself. I don't hate Jews either, just the pro-Zionist ones. God Bless the Jews who realize the Truth and support the downtrodden, the true victims of their government's harebrained policies. I've seen a few in alternative media and they deserve my prayers and good thoughts.

    SGS makes a logical conclusion of a bullish case for the PM's in regard to continued unfiltered and unjustified support to the Jewish State. It gives me a stronger hand to hold on to my PM's going forward and I dearly thank him for sharing his insights, even if they chase away some who disagree with his opinion in this matter. I for one understand the truths. If you do too and keep a clear head, you will profit in an incredible manner.

    There is no reason to bash this anonymous poster with "You'll profit now but lose your soul" nonsense since I already see the Truth, and of course the Truth shall set you free!

    If those supporting Zionism whose cages have been rattled by SGS's truths would realize how stupid they look, but I always keep in mind many of these Zionists are among the most violent and racist on the planet, and the media they own nevers reflect it, until the SHTF or related calamity where the event can't be ignored, then a cheap diversion is executed. Seen it done over and over. The Jewish State by itself is proof of the pudding and Gaza suffers every day. The only items the Gazans can receive, other than through the tunnels, are those placed through an Israeli lens, and of course the Israelis receive profits from these purchases.

    May the Egyptian border open up wide soon.

    The PM's will explode soon enough in dollar terms. SGS, you're appreciated for your stand!

  76. SGS...not at all. In all honesty, I have just seen a post on here that said from "Ian" that was not mine! I tried to track it down, but could not. Then I just saw your post about the anonymous people.

    I'm totally not way, not at all. I just looked at my profile on here and on Turd's site to make sure it was totally open for all to see.

    And just for clarification, I have 2 profiles which are "gmail" depending on which gmail ID I'm logged in as. If you go on Turd Ferguson's site you'll see them too.

    I have a regular email address that is: that shows as "Ian"

    But if I'm logged into my twitter/gmail account you might see me on there as "save_america1st

    I have no problem w/ anyone knowing who I am.

    I have my other blogspot gmail address that is:

    That blogspot site is:

    My Twitter profile is:

    Hope everyone joins me :)

    Nothing to hide here. And my posts or questions tonight about the subject are not only NOT anonymous, but I believe credible, and curious...that's all. I like that kinda confersation...would invite anyone to talk more about it too. I'm cool w/ it.

    I've now given both my email addresses, and say this: Would totally welcome anyone, especially SGS to write me to discuss things like this. I'm totally cool about it. I like to hear every kind of input and opinion on these things.

    SGS: Even separately from that...I'm totally open about myself not only as a newcomer to your site which I read every day as much as possible, but also ZH and Turd's site. I love the information and share it with everyone else I know! I learn more and more great information about PM's, the economy, and the government, from everyone more and more everyday for sure!
    Geez, it's almost 1am EST and I'm still on here reading and posting, so you gotta know I'm addicted! LOL

    These 3 sites are my favs, so don't get me wrong about anything. And believe me...I'm real and not anonymous ever.

    My posts tonight were most definitely from me...and whatever anonymous posts there are were not mine for sure.

    Hell, like I said, anyone can send an email to the adresses I gave you. I'll reply for sure man!

  77. No, fuck you, and stop begging for donations you loser.

  78. SGS:

    How does one pm you?

    I started a blog at:

    It was THANKS to YOU, dude, that I started it...

  79. i'm not interested in geopolitics, so i can;t really judge to what extent your criticisms of israel are right or wrong.

    what i can say, though, is that even if you were 100% justified to criticize israel, the same anon trolling this site would be popping off in exactly the same way.

    could he be jewish by any chance? and be putting his tribal interests ahead of true/false right/wrong ---- just playing the lawyer?

    yeah, i think that's it.

  80. I know it's one of your favorite tactics to blur the line between "Jew", "Hebrew", and "Zionist" but it won't work here guys i'm sorry, go try the foxnews or yahoo boards. I'm a Jew and i will tell you that Zionists are absolutely the most dangerous people on Earth.

    The Zionist war machine is spending billions trying to scare the ever living shit out of everyone about Iran and it's "nuclear program" when there already exists a racist religious extremist regime with nuclear weapons. It's called Israel.

    Stop sending them money, but more importantly, stop allowing our sons to be used as cannon fodder for these bloodthirsty war mongers.

  81. The US supports Israel ONLY because the US needs a client state in the Middle East. No part of US foreign policy has ever been motivated by the needs of Jewish people. That is why the US stopped Jewish immigration in 1929 and trapped my grandma's sister into her terrifying young death. So many of you hate Jews, admit it. The world loves scapegoats. I do not support the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Wrong, wrong place for a Jewish state. Cruel to Palestinians and, in the long run, dangerous for Jewish people. I'd like to see a Jewish state carved out of a prime chunk of Germany. Germany owes the Jewish people. Took my great aunts, uncles, and cousins; tore the gold out of their teeth; gave me nightmares listening to my grandma scream in her dreams. But you Jew-haters are jealous, you need some one to blame. You are scary. You need scapegoats to feel powerful.

  82. No one denies we've been through hell. I have family that never left Auschwitz. The antisemitism problem will never go away until we admit that the notion of a "chosen people" is a crock of bullshit used to control people's minds. All people are God's children and deserve to live with dignity.

  83. ALL the zionists should be going to jail(from my yahoo-group):

    Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?
    By Matt Taibbi
    February 16, 2011 9:00 AM ET
    Over drinks at a bar on a dreary, snowy night in Washington this past month, a former Senate investigator laughed as he polished off his beer.
    "Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail," he said. "That's your whole story right there. Hell, you don't even have to write the rest of it. Just write that."
    I put down my notebook. "Just that?"
    "That's right," he said, signaling to the waitress for the check. "Everything's fucked up, and nobody goes to jail. You can end the piece right there."
    Nobody goes to jail.

    This article appears in the March 3, 2011 issue of Rolling Stone. The issue is available now on newsstands and will appear in the online archive February 18.

    The rest of them, all of them, got off. Not a single executive who ran the companies that cooked up and cashed in on the phony financial boom an industrywide scam that involved the mass sale of mismarked, fraudulent mortgage-backed securities has ever been convicted. Their names by now are familiar to even the most casual Middle American news consumer: companies like AIG, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley. Most of these firms were directly involved in elaborate fraud and theft. Lehman Brothers hid billions in loans from its investors. Bank of America lied about billions in bonuses. Goldman Sachs failed to tell clients how it put together the born-to-lose toxic mortgage deals it was selling. What's more, many of these companies had corporate chieftains whose actions cost investors billions from AIG derivatives chief Joe Cassano, who assured investors they would not lose even "one dollar" just months before his unit imploded, to the $263 million in compensation that former Lehman chief Dick "The Gorilla" Fuld conveniently failed to disclose. Yet not one of them has faced time behind bars.

    Invasion of the Home Snatchers

    Instead, federal regulators and prosecutors have let the banks and finance companies that tried to burn the world economy to the ground get off with carefully orchestrated settlements

    (continued at my yahoo-group.SilverBull88)

  84. Weird, Save_America1st claims to be Ian on Turds blog and sort of says he didn't mean what he said, then Save_America1st tries to disown the Ian on this blog.

    I like a beer or two myself, and it's usually best to hit the delete button when you're said something you didn't mean.

  85. FUCK all you wanna-be satanist suck-ups looking for points by taking shots at my man, SGS!!

    You are ALL transparent & doomed to eternal torment for your mis-guided alliance to the BEAST.

    Fucking bunch of losers....


  86. I agree with you with 100% Sgs Bix Weir is way off base and Anonymous watch this video and tell me who owes who what .........

    Zionist OWNS US ALL

  87. Direct link to article I posted a part of(too big to post here):

  88. Geez...I think I've been more than cool about all this and I even gave both my ID's just to make thing MORE THAN ABUNDANDLY CLEAR than my posts are not "anonymous" or anything else of the sorts.


    I don't "claim" to be Ian...I freakin' am Ian! LOL Otherwise, I wouldn't have said so.

    I don't "sort of say" I didn't mean what I said. I said that certain others on there who understand my posts better interpreted what I said better than you did.

    In the same respect it could be said that you interpreted what I read on here better than I did.

    Given that, I totally tried to be cool and admit that on TF's site.

    Do you think I'm trying to be obtuse about any of this on either site given what I have posted since then???

    What else do you need, my SS#? LOL Shit...I would say that what I posted anywhwere is definitely less questionable than any comments about Israel or Jews. Agree???

  89. please excuse the f'd up grammar from the previous post! LOL

  90. Save_America1st & Ian stop digging and keep your eye on the silver price.



  91. oh hell yeah...definitely got the eyes on the silver prize! lol.

    But I can still go on bustin' you up all night, lol! haha :)

  92. Ian you're a good kid ... chill out dude :P

    decent support at 33.3 already . . . is this thing gonna go straight to 35??? Would suck if they knock it down at 8:25 am tuesday, b4 markets open, so i cant take any profits.

  93. I think the point Bix is making that lobbies like AIPAC work by funding politicians with worthless fiat moneys. When the fiat system crashes, then their power crashes with it. I think Bix is right when he says that all power systems will collapse when the fiat money system collapses. There will be one structure left standing, the US constitution.

  94. Israel just defending itself?
    Come on, dude:

  95. You gutless wonder. You took off my post for pointing out the fact that the Israelis have only fought defensive wars since the inception of the state and that the vast majority of Israeli land was BOUGHT with cash, not given them by some "artificial" construct. By those standards the whole ME is an artificial construct. Jewish claims to the land go back for thousands of years as there has been a continual presence in the land for that long. Also, the real reason Israel is such a "problem" is that its very existence is a slap in the face to Islam and its "prophet." Muhammed stated that all conquered lands were part of the eternal Ummah and will never revert to the hands of "infidels." That means that Israel's very existence makes him a false prophet and cannot be. So, the destruction of the Little Satan will confirm Islam's supremacy and veracity. Wake up and smell the hummis....The Great Satan is next. If Israel controlled US foreign policy, the state dept would be pro Israel not virulently anti Israel as it has been since 1948. By your standards, the Egyptian lobby must be just as bad as they have received the same aide as Israel for years. US is in ME for oil...period. Israel just gets in the way of "peace" according to US foreign policy today. Get a grip and have the balls to post this.

  96. I am sipping a fermented yoghurt drink and watching silver pop to upside! I love all the people in this world!

  97. Wow 33.50 already! And gold made it to 1400 too. Look at palladium! I think palladium is better than gold almost but of course a little of each is ok.

    Can't believe how these threads became a mile long here overnight about Israel!

    Well, I'm a newb here so I'm not going to post much because I haven't got this figured out on how to create a user name and I certainly don't want to be an "Anon".

    I hope silver hurries up and gets above $50.00 where it should be and then a nice steady growth from there would be just fine. We just might see that very soon. At this rate 40.00 is just a breath away.

    I have a question for SGS about the "Tar Sands Region" in Canada (and any of you Canadians). I live in Wisconsin and was wondering what's going on up there for oil? Are there any good prospects there? Thanks.

  98. SGS and SRS - I believe you should watch this video: Sheikh Imran Hosein

    Remember it was made in 2003. Some of the "coincidences" are quite impressive.

    Will they be able to finish their plans ? I believe not. But this a different discussion... :)

  99. FLavian poster: That Sheikh Imran Hosein VIDEO IS FAKE! You can watch the guys lips (which are slightly out of sync with the English audio) and you will see this video is an act for whatever reason. This guy is no Muslim Sheikh at all. Beware of You Tube!

  100. Interesting news on the RCM mint:

    Also a RUMOR floating around about American Silver Eagles is this: (THIS IS NOT MINE I CUT AND PASTE THIS BELOW FROM SOMEONE ELSE):
    "Report of American Silver Eagles to be in limited supply due to shortage of U.S.A. minted silver. I have been hearing it like this:
    In 2008 congress in one of their "pre-election let's show the voters some patriotism" acts did something that is now going to sting. They passed a law that from that day forward all one ounce silver eagles HAD to be made from silver from mines in the United States. Well, there is now a problem. You may remember I've predicted the U.S. mint would stop minting silver coins but it was because I added up the world's output of silver, the rapid
    increase in popularity of the coin and simple math showed "this isn’t going to fly much longer". I was not aware of the 2008 law. This cinches it! Even at a spot price (spot being raw silver after being separated from other rocks but not yet smelted into a coin or anything else) of around $30 there are currently only two U.S. silver mines operating at a profit! A number of them have shut down after running out of silver. I read a rumor the U.S.
    government was subsidizing some mines to remain open that would otherwise operate at a loss. Just a rumor. "


  101. Watchman - I really don't care who he is, but he's been telling this stuff for a long time. They pretend it's been recorded in 2003.

    The oldest video I could find was posted on youtube more than 2 years ago, long before egypt-libya-tunis-aljazeera story.

    That's an enough old prediction for me, part 5 is the interesting one: 9/11 and What the future holds

  102. Flavian the main thing is just be aware of those "throat cutters" and deal with them as necessary. Here's how they treat their own daughters even here in the U.S.A....

  103. Watchman - again, it's the prediction I was interested in, not the man that made it in 2003 or posted it in 2009.

    And regarding the prediction, I already said I do not believe Israel to actually succeed with their plans to "take over the world".

  104. That damn Sheikh is speaking in English there on that video! The video is a fake! You don't need to translate English to English.

  105. Flavian, great video! I never thought falling middle east regimes will actually help Israel. Now I can see whats all planned! Thanks for eye opening link.

  106. I mostly agree with this, the only thing I would change is the title, to:
    "Why ZIONISTS may lead us to the land of Silver bartering and the transfer of wealth we are all Awaiting"



  108. "I mostly agree with this, the only thing I would change is the title, to:
    "Why ZIONISTS may lead us to the land of Silver bartering and the transfer of wealth we are all Awaiting""

    I'll disagree completely with that. Israel, like the US and Canada have democratically elected Prime Ministers. If you do your research, you will notice the overwhelmingly Zionist elected PM.
    Thus, if the state of Israel, as elected by the citizens, elect Zionists to lead their state (not country) then its safe to say the Title of my article is true: its an Israel problem now, not a Zionist problem. They are all in this together, THEY elect these people.

  109. Watchman - dude, you lost me. What's fake ? That guy clearly speaks english, subtitles or not. And the video is all over youtube in all kind of posts in the last 2 years. So what's fake ? The entire youtube website ? Come on...