Sunday, March 20, 2011

North Carolina wants to issue their own gold/silver backed currency...and you thought the bears 4 video was full of shit?

RALEIGH -- Cautioning that the federal dollars in your wallet could soon be little more than green paper backed by broken promises, state Rep. Glen Bradley wants North Carolina to issue its own legal tender backed by silver and gold.

The Republican from Youngsville has introduced a bill that would establish a legislative commission to study his plan for a state currency. He is also drafting a second bill that would require state government to accept gold and silver coins as payment for taxes and fees.

If the state treasurer starts accepting precious metals as payment, Bradley said that could prod the private sector to follow suit - potentially allowing residents to trade gold for groceries.

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  1. Utah House stamps gold, silver as legal tender

    By Lee Davidson

    The Salt Lake Tribune

    First published Mar 04 2011 12:14PM
    Updated Mar 5, 2011 12:04AM

    It may not fold as conveniently as dollar bills, but the Utah House took a first step Friday to recognize gold and silver as legal tender.

    It voted 47-26 to pass HB317 by Rep. Brad Galvez, R-West Haven, and sent it to the Senate. The measure would recognize as legal tender gold and silver coins issued by the federal government — not just their face value, but also their value in gold and silver or to a collector.

    It also would order the state to study whether Utah should establish an alternative form of legal tender, such as one backed by silver and gold.

    I don't know if anyone has heard of this news...but it looks like Utah has beat all the other states to the punch.

  2. First sovereign state to get legal tender of US MINT bullion coins will have a greater opportunity for citizens to hoard the real money!! Utah leading the way and yes I've been accumulating silver bullion US MINT eagle coins for just the occasion!!

    Plus my state, Utah doing so says I may carry these bullion coins and not have the dead head fed goons confiscate them from us citizens as financial terrorists!! States just need circulate federally US Mint bullion coins as legal tender and the feds can't say squat!! It just our way of telling the feds to f off and quit infringing upon the rights of citizens to carry honest money gold/silver!

    14kg or 493.835 ounces silver used in each cruise missile wiring/hardware!! dead head fed goons will strategically halt all silver delivery from the crimex for the war effort!! Saw it comin right off before the cftc even has a chance to announce commodity position limits 3/28; Monday!

  3. Anyone know what is the going rate for PM's in Japan? Wouldn't this tell us if our coins will be useful in a disaster?
    I'm going to send silver/cash/supplies to my friend in Japan. He is a doctor and they cannot do surgery without electricity, and they are without money for food and supplies. He is asking for help:

  4. Bears 4 rocks. Fuck the trolls.

  5. afrum....don't forget, Utah won't charge captial gains on your gold or silver either. Hell, they figure can't blame us for BEN BERNANKE monetary printing.

  6. Guys, I live in NC

    Good luck doing anything that weakens BAC or WF. The state want BAC to stay in Charlotte and for WF to keep a large present here.
    It would be nice, but you'll be abel to blow me over with a feather if it happens.

  7. There's even more news out of North Carolina in addition to that news. I'm interested in investigating why the FED is so interested in everyone else's gold and silver here in the U.S.A. You watch if anyone has "generic rounds" you may be a "domestic terrorist". .

    And Farrahkan has an agenda. And so does Obama and "the brothers". It's to take down America by targeting some alleged group they have just manufactured called the "White Militia".

    Check my blog: The News UNIT

  8. how does silvers price look for this week?

  9. Bears 4 was only called on the "Release of the BIS $72T to reset world debt. That was the only thing people called BS on. That was originally touted by contact #2 on the NEERSA call. I still think you are genuine enough to add to the daily read. Also then you had anon comments, which is troll fodder. I believe everything else on that "contact #2 call". Made a lot of sense if you listen to it.