Friday, March 18, 2011

I cant stop laughing at this video...Happy Friday!


  1. weird, sounds like the last snoop joint. the only problem i have with owning any currency from the commonwealth nations is that there is a picture of "her" on it. sorry, but i can't go there.

  2. "80 degrees when I tell that bitch 'please, raise up off these N-U-T-S cause you gets none of these, at ease'"

    He musta been talking to Blythe. FUBM!!

  3. Another classic:


  4. One of the funniest things I've seen in a looong time!

  5. I hate todays rap, but someone needs to get Lil Wayne to start sportin' silver in his videos and tell all of his fans to buy silver chains instead of gold and go get some bars and coins while their at it. Gold is so fucking 90's.

  6. That video was hilarious.. thanks for the laughs.

  7. Scroll down on this link and read number 28 on this list here and read just one example of the amount of SILVER used in industry. Amazing!

    50 Facts About U.S. Nuclear Weapons

    Silver is going to $500 easy! With all the upcoming solar, battery, other electronic, and nuclear needs the sky is the limit.

    I am convinced we will see $100 this year now. $65 by summertime is easy.
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    Mr. SGS: Do you have the next bear video coming soon?


    I realize there are fools, gadflies and nitwits out in the world, but Ned is my favorite whipping boy. SGS got a good laugh from the video….I got a good laugh from reading NED SCHMIDT. He wrote another GOLD THOUGHTS article on 3/15/11 and this was the jest of it:

    GOLD THOUGHTS 3/15/11

    Silver is quite clearly in a speculative bubble. Bubbles are manias that become financed with debt. As most of the trading in Silver is of the paper variety in the form of derivatives, it qualifies as a bubble.

    Fantasies can indeed be created and imaginary conspiracies can be concocted, but the test of reality can not be permanently denied. If it walks like a duck, quacks line a duck, and looks like a duck, then odds favor it being a duck.

    Parabolic moves, such as in Silver above, are dangerous formations as they defy financial gravity.

    I am not going to link his articles, if you want to get a good laugh all you need to do is google Financial Sense…and then look him up in the editorials page. He has a complete list of worthless GOLD THOUGHT articles to make one laugh for hours.

    As silver and gold moved up nicely since the summer of last year, here is a sample of some of his thoughts on gold and silver:

    GOLD THOUGHTS 12/16/10:

    When market conditions are negative for the value of $Gold and the media is filled with fantasy forecasts, watching rather than buying is the prudent course of action. Those forecasting unrealistic prices for $Gold and $100 Silver will not cover your losses.

    GOLD THOUGHTS 11/15/10

    Silver will experience a growing, and near unstoppable, abundance of supply over demand during the next two years that may keep prices low for some time.

    GOLD THOUGHTS 10/29/10

    When the dollar rally begins, not if, $Gold will join in the move. Downside risk is to US$675. Dollar denominated investors should not be buying Gold at this time.

    Silver is perhaps far more risky given the $Gold situation. Silver investing has evolved from investing in an undervalued asset to a near religious experience. Fantasies over Silver must somehow come to deal with the rising surplus of Silver production.

    GOLD THOUGHTS 9/11/10

    Extreme level of speculation in Silver and small Gold mining shares suggests that investors give more attention to valuation than is normally the case. Level of risk in MVGDXJ is at an unstable high level.

    GOLD THOUGHTS 6/7/10 (at the time of this article Gold was $1200, Silver $17.50)

    In short, the price currently being placed on $Gold should not persist……That high reading suggests that now is neither the time to be buying $Gold nor the time to be buying small Gold stocks.

    Yes….I realize this was a long blog post, but it is just completely amazing the amount of ANAL-ISTS out there making sure their subscribers lose more than their subscription fee.