Friday, March 18, 2011

Got Chimu? Why Tinka TK.V / TKRFF may be sitting on the motherlode

Note* Read disclaimer first, always to your own due diligence and speak with a qualified financial broker or advisor before making any investments decisions.

First off I would like to define what the word Tinka is: simply put, it’s the name of the national lottery in Peru. So are we literally sitting on little lottery tickets ready to cash in? Time will tell. But something tells me that time is fast approaching.

Tinka has now acquired a drill and is ready to start churning out results as soon as May. They are drilling a zone called Ayawilca, and have targeted 8 holes in a zone that shows similar geophysical anomalies as the main zone, and its 3 times bigger. This has a HUGE potential to be the motherlode that springs Tinka into the 100 million oz resource.
President Carter is also drilling 50 holes north of the main zone in which we will see if the resource estimate continues to the north.
They will also be drilling 18 holes in their Tibillos project, that is historically a copper play.
I have been perusing some old research on Tinka, and a few things have caught my eye.

“Mr. John Nebocat also says in his report, "At Colquipucro, high grade silver mineralization was mined from a series of parallel fault structures during early colonial Spanish time, but more extensive underground workings were located on these zones in the 19th and 20th centuries. Underground and surface sampling done by Tinka demonstrated that the fractured sandstone between adjacent fault zones also contained lower grade silver mineralization, indicating that a potential bulk tonnage silver deposit may exist. The Chimu Formation is known to host bulk tonnage gold deposits elsewhere in Peru, but this appears to be the only documented case of the Chimu hosting a bulk tonnage silver deposit.”

When investing in junior mining companies I often look at access to the land. After all, you cant efficiently get drills to the potential motherlodes without a road.

“As far as Tinka is aware, there are no environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, socio-economic, marketing, political or other issues, other than what is commonly known and practiced in Peru, that could have a material affect on the mineral resources described in the report. Peru has an established mining history, and mining is generally supported in most parts of the country. This property has road access right to it, and the power line that supplies the Antamina mine, about 40km to the northwest, passes through the middle of the property and within 1km of the resource. As such, there are no perceivable impediments caused by mining, metallurgical and infrastructure problems that could have a detrimental affect to the resources described in the report.”

I won’t bore you with mineralizations and technical drilling terms that I’m not even confident in explaining on past drill results, but I can assure you that we have something big here.
I do not have permission to post the Midas Report link, but I have summarized a few points on it.
I hope as the spring comes closer, you will see why I have been buying everything from .20-.45 in my sight, as this may be a grand slam. I expect it to consolidate in between .40-.50 until the MA catches up with it and it bounces off and takes out new highs, so you may have a very small window of opportunity here to keep accumulating. I suspect .75 within May, if the world doesn’t end by then or we have some other quake or some crazy event that liquidates markets. Price of silver is strong, and I project $50 soon. Again, here is my simple share price calculation below. Which in today’s POS, it remains grossly undervalued still, which gives my peeps a chance to get in, while the market just starts to realize this bonanza find in time.

20 mill ounces x $20/ounce = approx $.66/share
20 mill ounces x $30/ounce = approx. $ 1.00/share
20 mill ounces x $35/ounce=approx. $1.15/share
20 mill ounces x $50/ounce=approx. $1.66/share
20 mill ounces x $65/ounce=approx. $2.00/share
20 mill ounces x $75/ounce=approx. $2.5/share

You can imagine the share price when the resource calculations get bigger as the drills start to bring in the good shiny stuff! The above chart is only based on the inferred estimate. It would be a grand slam if we had 50 million ounces. Midas letter projects it should have 120 million. And bingo was his name-o.
And like I’ve said many many times even before the Midas Letter even published a Tinka update, $1.50 is my target, I’m confident it will be acquired at those levels or it will go to $5 after all these holes start pouring in mid-end of summer. Good luck. And always read my disclaimer at the bottom before making some insane debt/margin 500,000 trade on this. It could still go to ZERO. Winner winner chicken dinner. Be patient. Hitting grand slams does not happen overnight. It happens in about one hour of trading. Be patient till the days come where you can turn all of this fiat into physical, hopefully be able to find some at that point.

As always you know how to thank me ;)


  1. Good write up on a personal favorite. Tinka finally got a bit of love today which was good to see.


  2. SGS,
    My last comment disappeared. Either you deleted it or it's a google blogspot glitch that happens every now and then.

    Anyway, couple of questions does flow through shares for tax purposes only work for miners within Canada or does it apply to all TSX listed stuff.

    Secondly, Any heavy hitters interested in this one?

  3. First the Midas article, then your write up, and then the Snoop "silver porn" vid... I'm gonna need a minute here

  4. looking forward to those drill results :) big props to both you and bob b over at thefundamentalview blog for your open DD notes on your finds. theyre quite valuable. i find myelf picking up more tkrff all the time! unfortunate that i passed on EPO though. my hope is to trade any paper profits for land and supplies though. us gen y'ers need 2 salaries to pick up even modest real estate these days.

  5. Tinka looks extremely promising. I am going to start nibbling on it if I see a good entry point. I will add this to my core holdings like Clifton Mining Company.

    Now I will Go Thank you :)

  6. Any thoughts on Cream Minerals (CMA on TSX) from what I have been reading they are sitting on a crap ton of silver as well in Mexico and just got a second drill on site. A write up on cream would be greatly appreciated.

    (I currently have a position in both Tinka and Cream)

  7. Wow. That is a very strong looking chart just like tinka is. I think you may have something here. Thanks for the post.

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