Saturday, October 1, 2011

Well this is gettting interesting now isnt it...?


  1. ! much better than NYC. they are MARCHING to brooklyn bridge park FOOD PROVIDED!

    they got pranked pretty well.......

    Radiohead will NOT be playing
    Posted Sept. 30, 2011, 4:30 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

    #occupywallstreet would like to apologize to the members of the press and public who came out today to see Radiohead and left disappointed. We would also like to apologize to the band directly, and appreciate their kind words of support in the face of this confusion. They had nothing to do with what happened today.

    Over the last twenty-four hours #occupywallstreet received several emails purportedly from Radiohead's manager detailing a show for Friday, September 30th at four in the afternoon. Due to miscommunication within our rapidly expanding and adjusting group, we were unable to determine that this was a hoax in time; it can be difficult to seperate rumor from fact in an open source movement.

  2. More peaceful protests eh...? Right. Smoke and mirrors. CEO's will pretend to lower their bonus pay, and people will forget about it as the new football season kicks in, and black friday thanksgiving sales approach.

    Good luck America. Keep being peaceful. That will get your jobs and houses back in no time flat.

  3. That video is San Francisco where I live.

    Strange that they somehow think Charles Schwab is involved in whatever they are protesting.

    BTW, these same folks protest a new cause every few weeks (you recognize them after a while). Last week they were protesting a subway shooting by trying to disrupt commuter transit.

  4. mission - any financial institution is an appropriate target. there was a chase sign in the video by the speech. at least they can find a bank branch to protest. getting maced in front of a sushi joint protesting corruption and whatever is somewhat silly when your HQ is a few blocks from Goldman and the Fed Reserve.

    1185 Park Ave, New York, NY, US

    is not that difficult to get to.

  5. I will probably get trashed for these comments but here goes...As much as I hate JPM and the Big Banks I find it rather comical that these people are protesting against the Banks taking their homes. Lets boil this down to the simplest issue...default. The only way you lose your property to a bank is if you don't uphold the obligation to service the debt you committed to. Sure there are certain instances where banks foreclose on the wrong asset and that's unfortunate but the bulk of the people complaining about losing their homes are losing their property because they defaulted! If you bought a property with a low interest, adjustable rate mortgage because you wanted to live like a fucking bigshot in a house you really could not afford then shame on you. I assure you that the slimebag mortgage guy that told you to counterfeit documents didnt use a gun to coerce you. You were a typical greedy bastard who wanted a big screen TV, a trip to the Caribbean and a $500,000 house and figured you'd buy now and pay later like ever douchebag in America.

    Do I think the Banks are pieces of shit? Of course I do but I resent the "poor old me" attitude of these fucktards that fall into arrears on their 26 monthly payments and then blame the Banks for their hardship. Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your actions. Realize that you were just as much as the schmuck that helped you mortgage your future

    90% of the people on this planet are idiots and I think I'm being kind. 10% do the work, pay the taxes and don't live off a government handout. You know who you are. Are you a 90 or a 10? If you refute my position I can easily classify you.

  6. I was out and about this morning, and went by a couple coin shops.. They are Out of Silver Bullion and Eagles.. One had six Eagles and some various bullion.. Not no More ! Four hundred dollars wiped them clean.. He also gave me a very good deal.. $400.00 for thirteen ounces and six were 30.77 an ounce.. I have turned my favorite coin shop, into Harvey Organ Junkies.. And they were Shocked over the COT report this morning..

  7. bflowers1: Hopefully the Morgue is stupid/desperate enough to drive the price down further into the 20s next week. I for one am hoping the price crashes as low as possible to accelerate the depletion of physical supplies. That's our best hope of a parabolic move to the upside IMO.

  8. yea these people are idiots.

  9. "My enemy's enemy is my friend" is faulty logic, and I think that applies here. Yes, these folks are angry with Wall Street, but it's because they're socialist hippies. I'm sure they'd be just fine with taking everything from investment banks and giving it to the GOVERNMENT to be distributed equitably, rather than entering into a truly free market. I don't know if they'd be Ron Paul supporters, because he's against big government/handouts. Be wary of these jokers.

  10. I find it amusing that the majority of posters here bitch up a storm about the corrupt banking system but when someone actually gets off their ass to protest it you jump their shit.

  11. Ingots Master...I agree with you wholeheartedly in your post. Even though I had to short sale my home I don't blame the banks or anyone for what happened, it was me.

  12. @Zombie Logic I can only advise to be weary of the trolls. Some of these people are doing it on purpose.

    It's called divide and conquer my friend.

    The patterns are becoming quite obvious now.

    1. Sow the seeds of doubt
    2. Play on the differences
    3. Get the peasants disagreeing with each other
    4. Exert a little control on each side
    5. Rule the herd

    They're going to get worse, however, they will stand out as incongruous figures in the scene.

    The only thing to note is that if the monetary system does not collapse or dramatically change after these protests then nothing of any significance will have been achieved.

    The mission should be to totally collapse the current monetary system and ensure all those involved in it never have anything to do with the affairs of man ever again. Period.

  13. has a bunch of grizzlies they just added this weekend. $5.50 over spot. Just a heads up for any of you that might be interested.

  14. Here is what I get out of all this:


    ...but I did see one sign that said: End Corporate Personhood". That's good. How about end "Personhood" all together?

    Did you know that as a "Person" you are a corporation? That's why if you are self-employed you have to register your corporation (your "Person") with a tax payer ID number. Also, your "Person Corporation" must withhold 6.5% payroll tax, and you (your human flesh) must also pay 6.5% payroll tax. That is because your flesh and blood are not the same as your Person.

    Persons are free to be traded on the stock exchange and are liable for the super corporation that they belong to (the government). That is what a BOND is. It is a claim on the legal entity of the "Person.

    END PERSONHOOD! should be a good mantra.

  15. One more thought: As a "Person" you are collateral of the government - because your "Person" is the asset of the government.

    Now you can stop wondering why they use the war-time term "Collateral damage" when referring to killing humans. War does not kill human flesh and blood, it kills "Personhoods" - and that is all that matters, the biological cells are not even a factor of consideration.

  16. @Reefman: gotta love "Human Resources" as well. Talk about in your face

  17. Lebder,

    My wife has a degree from Penn State in "Human Resource Management". LOL! Thank God she is not practising that now. She is a Zumba instructor these days. :). But yeah, you are right.

    Bursting Bubbles Of Government Deception by Robert Menard is a good starting point, especially for Canadians.


  18. Holy crap, Reefman, love that Zumba instructor tonight ;)

  19. The blue & white program. About 95 minutes north of me. 16-10 with a "W" for Joe Pa. I don't watch, but it is always nice to see a "W".

  20. silvergoldsilver said...
    More peaceful protests eh...? Right. Smoke and mirrors. CEO's will pretend to lower their bonus pay, and people will forget about it as the new football season kicks in, and black friday thanksgiving sales approach.

    Good luck America. Keep being peaceful. That will get your jobs and houses back in no time flat.
    October 1, 2011 1:10 PM

    We got local police with army grade weaponry..WTF are we supposed to do? I die right now fighting back, do you give a fuck? IT IS ALL PLANNED!! Fuck sake, I think we'll need the army to fight off the police at some point.

  21. I haven't looked up the stats lately because I don't care. But the last time I read, Canada's "army" is smaller the the NYC police department in numbers. Maybe that is why people don't understand. In the "united states" (never thought in my life I'd use small letters typing my country)we are being soft killed due to the 2nd Amendment. The NWO is scared of people like me, so they make laws so fucking unreal, that a soccer mom could be put in jail. It is just most people don't know it (yet). They want to bring the crown jewel down (The United States of America), they do that, they win. For anyone that reads this and doesn't understand that, I feel sorry. You lose America, you lose the world. But, you'll get a free NWO door mat when you order something for $6.66

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  23. Absolutely amazing - I'm impressed! I love to see this in Canada and the protest grow to hundreds of thousands and millions. Let the police do crowd control on 1 million pissed people. Yeah baby - bring it on! Dolton and Harper suck your wannabie Rothchild bellies in because da people are waking up - bitchez!

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  25. The largest tree in the forest once started from a small seed. To be honest I am surprised they have lasted as long as they have! More power to them! I went to a tea party rally back in 2009, I was unemployeed, had the time, and was still pissed about being laid off. I felt better when leaving. I was the only one there with a real pitch fork!