Friday, September 30, 2011

Here is what Bear Stears CEO said 2 days before they went to ZERO.

And the 'People' want Dick Bove to come out and talk? LOL.

Well done Alan Schwartz. Well done.

I also found this today.

Be careful if you are long the MS ticker.


  1. @Mike S.: TRUE disinformation unit. Congrats

  2. Did the VIX just poke its head out of that descending triangle formation with the triple tested bottom? ........or is it just me.....

  3. truth: needs to test 47.5 before anything to get exited about. Then break to 53, then come back and test the 47.5 again. Hold, then if goes higher I'm a buyer. I like the MACD though, cant lie about that.

  4. So when is the CEO of BAC scheduled for his next appearance, cheerleading TV?

  5. Ledbedder,

    Whats going on with MikeS?

  6. LOL. Must be him hyping the fuck out of corn and then boning out the scene.


    "Corn prices tumbled to their lowest level since December on Friday after the U.S. Department of Agriculture surprised the market by saying stockpiles were nearly a quarter higher than it had estimated less than three weeks ago."

    MikeS was cock riding ears of corn, saying they were gonna double, quadruple, and even more due to an inside source.

  8. I see. I'm not one to read much into the USDA reports though!

    Personally, I think all this manipulated deflation is in preparation for QE3, in 3 to 4 weeks.

    Is that a haiku?

  9. For those that still have not got their 1 oz Silver Eagle at spot...

    or gold for that matter...

  10. In separate lawsuits filed yesterday in New York state court, JPMorgan Chase and Barclays Capital Inc. were also sued by investors, accused of misrepresenting the quality of the loans underlying their securities

  11. (CNET) Hackers have posted personal information about the chief executive of J.P. Morgan Chase in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests.

    The document released on Pastebin by "CabinCr3w" includes information about CEO James Dimon's addresses, family, business connections, political contributions and legal information. A spokeswoman for J.P. Morgan Chase said the company is declining to comment.

    The same hackers posted personal data of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and of New York Police Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna earlier this week after Bologna was seen in videos pepper-spraying peaceful demonstrators in the face last weekend. Bologna, who also is accused of unprovoked pepper-spraying of others in other incidents during the demonstrations, is under investigation for those actions.

  12. Interesting comment from Harvey to his own blog entry:

    "on first day notice in gold, the number of notices filed in gold: 2781 or 278100 oz of gold (8.65 tonnes)

    in silver: (surprisingly high) 450

    or 2,250,000 oz)"

  13. @Mike S: did what you asked, but where are you?

    MikeS said...
    Gartman is a Donkey, always has been always will be. Anyone that follows him has lost their ass.

    @Led, in the event you didnt see it, I am scaling a balls deep long in March Corn. We can debate levels for the next few months but let me tell you that I have more confidence in this trade than any other I have put on in years. If I'm correct this will be a out of the park, lost the fucking ball n the parking lot home run, or in one of three rivers in your case. Let your conscience be your guide. Book mark this post.
    September 6, 2011 6:56 PM

  14. @Tom H: I think this is a "make or break" week for my black & gold. We're going into Texas

  15. Led, I am still reeling from the loss to Buffalo. It just goes to prove that in the NFL, it is awfully hard to beat the same team 29 times in a row.

  16. I want to put double stick tape on Ben's hands. You'd think his wife would be jacking him off now & he wouldn't need to have lotion still on his hands at game time!!

  17. It is better than Brady's wife making him wear the gay hair.

    By the way, I would rather see you balls deep in corn than balls deep in sheep. I'm just sayin....

  18. Stops, my friend, stops. I took a small nibble on his recommendation and took a small loss, because I truly felt he was wrong (tight stop). No big deal, but he did say: Book mark this post..which I did. Corn was very high, if you look at historic levels. I made some fiat before early July, he supposedly made fiat on the move up to early Sept. Guess it all works out in the end.

  19. @Tom H: At Oakland..hhhmmmm, could be a good game as well.

  20. James Dimon

    ------------------Known Addresses

    270 Park Avenue, New York, NY, US
    1185 Park Ave, Apt 11l, New York, NY, US
    398 Greenwich St, New York, NY, US
    211 E 70th St, Apt 10h, New York, NY, US
    388 Greenwich St, New York, NY, US
    1185 Park Ave, Unit 17l, New York, NY, US
    25 E Banks St, Chicago, IL, US
    201 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ, US
    Brooklyn, NY, US
    100 East Broad Street 1, Columbus, OH, US
    270 Park Avenue, New York, GA, US
    Scottsdale, AZ, US
    Baltimore, MD, US
    Philadelphia, PA, US

  21. Is it just my paranoia kicking in or does anyone else have a sense that some bad shit is going to go down this weekend? Not sure what is making me feel this way, maybe I'm just ready to get this party started and over with. Anyone else feeling it?

  22. LOL!!

    Ol'FordTrk said...
    Suki can " love me long time" whenever she is ready. I'm still stacking the devil's metal. Not only is it more useful than gold, but supply will dry up once Dr. Copper completely slows down. Fuck the short term downside, I'm not cashing in for 20 years from now. Buy low, sell high, besides Suki will be cheaper in 20 years!

  23. @OFT: not me. But, "they" do like to start stuff on the weekend so "the markets" can prepare.

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  25. A nice little package of shiny just arrived at my house including 2 wolf coins and 10 blind, retarded cougars. The Cougar coin is actually not that bad in person. But I am kind of dum.

  26. This past week has been an eye opener for some of the sheep I work with. About half a dozen sheepishly told me that they heard about the silver price dropping to $30 and they all went out and bout their first few ounces of silver. Now that they got their hands on some shiny money, they wont be able to stop. The more physical taken off the market, the better.

  27. @silverstacker...

    "For those that still have not got their 1 oz Silver Eagle at spot..."

    I for one don't trust uscoins. I placed and paid my order since the 1st week of September and it's been recorded in my bank account but I'm still waiting for my silver coin. I contacted them 2 weeks ago to inquire and they promised to it will be out last week but I'm still waiting. I know it's only one coin and it shouldn't matter I just don't like being made a fool.