Saturday, October 1, 2011

J. Dimon Addresses

Anyone feel like sending Jimbo some flowers please do start with these lofty penthouses please:

270 Park Avenue, New York, NY, US
1185 Park Ave, Apt 11l, New York, NY, US
398 Greenwich St, New York, NY, US
211 E 70th St, Apt 10h, New York, NY, US
388 Greenwich St, New York, NY, US
1185 Park Ave, Unit 17l, New York, NY, US


  1. Now we know where to find their physical ... Let’s organize a posse!

    Seriously, I wonder where should we keep our physical gold & silver?? I do not trust a bank safety deposit box – which would be inaccessible during the bank “holiday” anyway.

    I heard on the news of someone who had $1-mil of silver stolen from their house. No recourse. I am almost afraid when leaving the house unattended. Please do not tell me the solution is to load up on guns & ammo because this is Canada so doing that will land get you into prison.

    Thanks again for this site and for your help folks.

  2. Frugal guy.
    Trying to get more flowers by having so many addresses...

  3. buy a really nice/expensive gun safe and bolt it to your floor?

  4. can i get a confirmation that commercial position COT reporting requirements have been suspended and that the harvey organ report this weekend means nothing???? please help me out here, its imperative I find where I read that, and the details

  5. The best place to hide phyzz, will require power tools and handyman work.

  6. Schiff Report 10/01/2011

  7. yousif what is the significance of that press release

  8. Question to anyone that can answer this
    I am selling some Silver Wolfs on Ebay. I am in the USA and a guy from Canada said I am not allowed to mail silver across the border. Is that true? Apmex sells to Canada

  9. Mailing stuff into Canada will have to clear customs. If they do not steal it, customs will assess, at a minimum, a customs clearance fee and sales tax, which must be paid by the buyer in order to get delivery. Anything made in US or Mexico is not subject to duty (per nafta).

  10. what if it is made in Canada?

  11. Insider Buying, Ownership, JP Morgan and Sara Lee

    Who is James Crown? He’s a director at SLE, but he’s also a director at General Dynamics (NYSE:GD) and a director at JPM. James Dimon, CEO at JPM has about +$150 million at JPM. As a comparison, James Crown has about +$340 million at JPM. (data courtesy of FactSet)

    But, who gave the overweight $22 recommendation on SLE? JP Morgan.

  12. Jamie Dimon's Not-So-Secret Meeting with Mitt Romney

    JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon raised money for Barack Obama in 2008 and was reportedly in the mix for the treasury secretary job that went to Timothy Geithner. So what was he doing having a "discreet one-on-one conversation" with Mitt Romney before a Tuesday morning fundraiser at Brasserie 8¹/2 on Tuesday morning. According to a JP Morgan source, Dimon hasn't given money to Democratic candidates this election cycle, and has "met privately with many of the Republican presidential candidates" for 2012. Dimon can't endorse a candidate because he's on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which one JP Morgan insider speculates he'll use to "continue to look bipartisan, then work behind the scenes to get a Republican elected.” [Page Six]

  13. Jamie only has 6 mistresses?

    A man at his level should have more..

  14. "buy a really nice/expensive gun safe and bolt it to your floor?"

    "The best place to hide phyzz, will require power tools and handyman work."

    I am a girl and I don't do tools or guns, lol

    Aren't you guys afraid of an armed robber or someone who knows of your stash putting a gun to your head?? That is why I would not hire someone to install a secure safe. Also, when you buy from a dealer or anyone, you take care to be sure they do not know who you are, see your license plate or anything else that could ID you??

    I have just a modest amount of gold here (because gold is much smaller than silver) with a safety deposit box and a bit hidden at home.

    Maybe instead of relying on safes or hiding, I should just keep averaging into the sprott physical trusts instead like I have been doing for the past couple of years?

    But I am also worried about counter party risks, even with the Sprott Physicals and GoldMoney, having large sums there. Crazy?

    Securing your stash is a highly important issue, maybe worth having its own thread in the new forum.

  15. get creative ... hide some in a few bags of rice .. carve the inside of an old dictionary .. makes small holes in the cushions of your couch .. buy a tub of icecream and bury it in the middle of cookies n cream goodness ... have potted plants? if thieves come in your house, they usually act quick and fast and take the highest value items requiring the least effort .. they're not going to spend hours turning your house over for those few ounces.. just get creative if you aren't tool handy or don't feel like shoveling.

  16. Like reading this:

    silverstacker said...
    This past week has been an eye opener for some of the sheep I work with. About half a dozen sheepishly told me that they heard about the silver price dropping to $30 and they all went out and bout their first few ounces of silver.

  17. @J: Have it in your possession. Trust no 2nd party to hold.

  18. u dont have to have guns to own a gun safe....they are just good because they are heavy. If its bolted to the floor its not going anywhere. Thats the safest way. And if someone puts a gun to your head to open the safe, if they shoot you then at least they wont get in it lol.

  19. Ledbedder said...
    I haven't looked up the stats lately because I don't care. But the last time I read, Canada's "army" is smaller the the NYC police department in numbers. Maybe that is why people don't understand. In the "united states" (never thought in my life I'd use small letters typing my country)we are being soft killed due to the 2nd Amendment. The NWO is scared of people like me, so they make laws so fucking unreal, that a soccer mom could be put in jail. It is just most people don't know it (yet). They want to bring the crown jewel down (The United States of America), they do that, they win. For anyone that reads this and doesn't understand that, I feel sorry. You lose America, you lose the world. But, you'll get a free NWO door mat when you order something for $6.66
    October 1, 2011 6:17 PM

  20. Off topic but I recommend reading Ambrose Evans latest piece on the EU bail out and German vote this week. Seems the German vote was for the money pledged two months ago and not that 2 trillion you keep reading about on MSNBC, LOL. He says it's DEAD...........

  21. @Ledbedder,

    Well said!

    If you look, the war of drugs, 3 strikes laws, the prison complex, the disassociation of peoples rights, you can see the plan! I love that fact (sarc) for the last 30 or so years they have pitted Americans against Americans, but many Americans have been to occupied to see it really is US vs Them. This is going to end badly!


    Thanks, that really clarifies the issue!

  22. Of to a F#$king wedding, I mean funeral LOL poor guy!


  24. sorry, I forgot to add my comment....Great Deal: Silver Eagle at silver spot

  25. @Malcolm: I fear it will end badly. Secondly, I hope you bitch slap the groom!

  26. Hi J,
    Try to find a place in your house that would throw off crooks w/ metal detectors. You could hide it in a sack inside a used paint can w/ lid on hidden deep inside an old cabinet. Or inside an old pot. Or taped on top of your silverware draw. All these are normal locations the metal detector would hit, but crooks would "know" there's nothing of value in them. Be creative and make a game out of it. I've seen videos where easily a crook can compromise a safe, even if its bolted down. You could also look into buying or making some fake gold coins and bars and keeping them in a small safe. when a bad guy finds the safe and coins in it, he'll just take it and move on. Also, store your real stuff in various locations,so in the unlikely event one of them is found, they probably move on quickly.
    Hope this helps!

  27. The application I'm developing which parses CFTC reports is beginning to take shape, here's a little sneak peek at what it can produce:

    The above is a line chart which shows the Commercial Long and Short positions in Silver since 1995 (based on the legacy COT reports).

    Let me know if there's any statistical stuff you'd be interested in.

    I can now produce graphs about any commodity in all the cftc reports at any date range I want.

    I have to read *a lot* more about finance and trading, but I'm thinking of using the R statistical computing package on the data from the COT reports, maybe something interesting is lurking in there.

    I would love to hear any ideas.

  28. @Yousif: Keep up the great work. I appreciate your effort