Sunday, October 2, 2011

S&P set up

This is the only chart you will need for the next little while. Took from the comments section of Turds site. Priceless.


  1. Distribution dome: Smart money buys at the beginnning of dome, pumps the index up with unconstitional laws, (easy money, forced loans to minorities) and distributes (dumps) at the top.

    As dividends disappeared over the decades, this is the only way left for people to make money, keep the market moving. Also, don't doubt that CEO's are shorting their own companies through UBS.

  2. Hey SGS, I was in your neck of the woods today. Ate at Moxies Classic Grill (Richmond & Queens). I did drive by a few coin shops in the area.

  3. More like this whole market is pre-programmed digital super-algorithms... There is no human trade influencing this stuff.... maybe at times but the way the market moves when news comes out (all the algorithms go crazy and the new price is set within asap)... are we really suppose to believe that the market is not totally controlled?

    When the managers are the creators of fiat... such thing seems more probably... especially since the market is in New Jersey, and all of the leeching banks fight for proximity so they can have their algorithms "execute orders .0001" seconds ahead of one slightly physically farther away.

    God grief what a sitcom.

    Gold, Silver, Miners, Dollar, Treasuries -- UP

    Important Commodities - Stock Market -- Down

    Both setting up the stage for QEIII.

    Are we there yet?

  4. Yea, perfect set up to scorch the shorts. Just watch as it bounces off 1100 and runs up to a new intermediate high. The dollar needs a rest and the market is too beaten. Whipsaw reversal on no news, I'm betting dollars to donuts on it.