Sunday, October 2, 2011

This always sooths me....


  1. News to expect in the coming days and weeks:
    •Greece defaults
    •Germany protects German banks but other countries cannot do the same thus quickly provoking multiple sovereign defaults and or bank failures, all of which may easily lead to a payments crisis in the global banking system. Derivatives are particularly at risk in terms of operation and execution.
    •The Euro falls in value especially against the US dollar
    •The Germans announce they are re-introducing the Deutschmark. They have already ordered the new currency and asked that the printers hurry up.
    •The Euro falls even more on any news that Germany is withdrawing from the Euro.
    • Legal wrangling begins as to the legality of Germany’s decision. Resolution takes years.
    •Germany insists that the Euro continues to exist even they do not use it any longer. They emphasize that European unification will continue and suggest new legal instruments to strengthen European Unification including new EU Treaties.

    Please note his specific language: "Roesler told the Monday edition of Germany's Welt daily there should be "no limits to thinking" of possible scenarios of how to end the euro crisis."[iii]

    The Germans have already concluded that if they are going to write any further checks then they are going to write them to their domestic institutions and protect their domestic investors. Necessarily, this means that many Eurozone countries will default on their debt. It now seems this will happen within a matter of days.

  2. yeah kinda reminds me of the racist rant on "Do the Right Thing"

  3. "For the first time in history, silver coin, of the leading nations of Europe sold at a higher price than gold coin. This of course does not mean that silver is more valuable than gold, merely a silver dollar or shilling is worth more than a gold dollar or shilling."
    Silver the World Sensation in 1919-1920
    January 24th, 1920

  4. good video sgs. I wonder if there is a level for the hang seng at which Chinese gold and silver buying decelerates, and leveraged investments start resume spiral selling in China. 14500?

  5. keeping an eye on copper to see if we can drop below 3.05 resistance zone

  6. Grabbed a tube of 2010 Eagles on eBay just before open for $700 flat. Its gonna be a great week. Keep stacking, the price seperation is already taking place, none of this will be the same a year from today. It will be our game then. Until then, enjoy playing theirs while it lasts.

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  8. No DM for germany... they would be unable to sell any shit to anyone soon.

    But watch the JPY over the next few years. The Japs will be able to sell the Lexus for less than a Kia, which will really piss-off the Koreans.

    Will you rather have a reliable Lexus for cheap JPY or else a German car costing 10X as much due to the DM? I thought so. Thus Germany is staying with the Euro, they will print 3 trillion of them and take EUR down to parity with the dollar or even less.

  9. If its true the Germans are printing D-Marks then then the Euro is essentially already dead.

    Anyone know when the next Greek debt payment is? That's likely the day everything goes to sh*t.