Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Special: I keep the best for last, especially for my Sweetie pie

As many of my readers know I have a history with this sweetpie. Some say it a sick case for the cougar, other say its a contorted history of you said this and that. Fuck it. For all its worth, I present to you the entire collection of Blythe's Blogs, facebook, twitter, etc.

Click here to see BM facebook...

Click here to see BM twitter...

Click here to see BM LinkedIN profile...

And last but not least, her blogspot, in which you can leave kinda heart felt messages for her in her quest to rule the middle class:

Click here to see BM blogspot...

Shes such a humanitarian though isn't she!


  1. Wonderful post! I would like to do a sexual number on her as well...hahaha

  2. Facebook>Friend Activity>No friend activity found.

  3. Blythe Masters Article: JP Morgan set to take on commodity giants with Sempra buyout
    slightly below the top of page..4 billion to get into 4 TRILLION derivatives market with GSux and MStanly ..

  4. what fucking Irony. How humanitarian cure for cancer. Financial death for all. Give me a fucking break!

  5. Post a link when she´s being BDSMd. I´ll pay good silver to see it.

  6. Led, Sorry man. What can I say, your O-line sucks! Big Ben is lucky he is still in one piece.

  7. According to Facebook, one of Blythe's personal interests is philanthropy, so make sure to say "thank you" when she crashes the price of silver! ;-)

  8. Don;t tell me A Rod is now doing Blythe...