Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ron Paul on Auditing the Fed

Am I in Disney Land?




  2. Ron Paul has been working on this for a while now, he just won't give up. If he repeats it enough times, who knows, it just might happen...planting that little seed in lots of heads...

  3. Occupy Wall Street Protestor on Federal Reserve !

    This Kid is Great !


  4. MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan on The Federal Reserve, Media Censorship, Bilderberg @ #occupywallstreet


  5. The video of the protests are nice, and the facts being spoken are sound also.

    But that blond whore in her skimpy outfit with stripper dollar bills stapled onto her tits. Are you fucking serious? Is this Halloween?

    I'm w/ SGS on this one. Ain't no fucking difference going to happen until violence sparks and the tear gas gets to blowin'.

  6. PaidInGold We are talking about NY! But I also believe there will be one hell of a lot of Blood Shed ! But it is nice to hear someone with a brain is trying to bring understanding to that Mad House..

    The blood baths will be in more heavily populated, Dem, States.. Those states that receive more Federal Monies than they send in..

  7. Well, if the transactions are what we think they are, I believe those in charge won't be happy with a fed audit.

  8. Occupy Wall Street - Brooklyn Bridge Protesters being loaded into buses


    Next it will be the trains to the FEMA camps.... hmm.... just like the Nazi's.

  9. The only way all of this can be fixed is if half of the worlds population is wiped out. No amount of "policies" and "bipartisanship" can undo what has been done. The world needs a HUGE disaster to occur in order for it to move forward, while at the same time, taking notes from the past, and making sure the shit we see today doesnt happen again. But, as we are all aware, the govt's of the world have already prepared for this. Underground bases sprawl the entire USA and all are connected by underground Mag-Lev trains. The funny thing is this: When the governemtns of the world retreat to their bunkers, and emerge years later, they are gonna realize they fucked themselves. Or, they are so incredibly smart that they will re-populate underground, only to emerge generations later with a full squad of brainwashed slaves... kinda like today!

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  11. Here is a map of known FEMA camps... see which one you will be attending...


  12. A message from Anonymous concerning Occupy Wall Street and the bankers.


    Ok...no more posts for now... sorry for the flood of info.

  13. @silverstacker

    you do not get on a bus or a train...and the use of force to repel any attempt to make you comply...will be the order of the day...oh by the way FUCK fema and all who support it...

  14. flowers,

    Thanks. I posted it to my fb profile for all the sheep to watch. I used this caption:

    Finally someone speaks the truth at "#Occupy Wall Street". He is telling us the solution to the problem, if you would like to hear it. Trade in your paper currency for real gold and silver. It's on discount right now - 25% off silver.

  15. The FED Janksters (goo banksters) has been served.

  16. silverstacker,

    you ever listen to jay weidner on this; he is 100% with you. The guy's a genius on many things, course he also thinks in your underground scenario that martians are controlling us and are flying back from earth this year b4 the big bang 2 hits and all the scum elite will live in the catacombs you reference ...

    if you want the entire file, email me at pt1gard@aol.com ...

    course, my 2 cents, i dont believe in ufos and think JW is full of shit on this fantasy (obviously, we will all die and be toast under this concept; I have emailed JW a few times to get clarification--where to go and what to do--and wouldnt ya know it, he wont reply).

    his video dissecting kubrick's The Shining, however, was brilliant!

  17. reefman I took that Youtube and sent it to everyone in my Address book.. I hope it goes viral!

    silverstacker There are Big Riffs going on in the Pentagon over TPTB.. I don't think things will go completely there way, by any stretch of the Imagination ! We will most likely see Civil War! From my understanding the D.U.M.B. have taken major damage from nukes in Virginia and Colorado..