Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dont be fooled...

Today I saw an incredible rally from 3-4, quite opposite of what I saw coming when Ben was talking, but this is how the crooks get their money back within an hour. Dont be fooled. This will all go away after the irrational HFT exuberance fizzles by thursday's MA/trend hits.

If you traded the 3-4 session, congrats! You've popped your cheery!

Dont worry Lehman did this a few times before it went to zero...


  1. Yeah, was wondering wtf. Made absolutely no sense at all.

  2. This is bullsihhhhhhhhhhh.
    they cheating all the time.
    US stock Never drop.

    other countries drop like crazy. even china.

    US mess up!

  3. I love the spin CNBC puts on it http://www.cnbc.com/id/44770504 "Stocks rebounded in the final hour of trading in a rollercoaster ride on Wall Street Thursday, following a report that EU finance ministers are examining possible ways to recapitalize banks and after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said he is prepared to help the economic recovery. "

    Guess some in his pijamas from Europe woke up to take a piss and phoned CNBC about some non-news event, "finance ministers examining ways". That`s weak.

    After and during Bernanke`s speech there was a small bump up and soon faded. Guess that didn`t work out as expected and had to pull a plan B.

  4. i wish the paper money no more in the world. only gold and sliver

  5. S&P500 was on track to close below 1100.
    Think I sold a little too early, Im patient tho.

  6. Death throws....opps, we thought we had a heartbeat. Please remove life support now.

  7. Zimbabwe markets did the same thing as headlines read "Markets Soar"...we all know how that turned out...

  8. Here is a one minute video which pretty much summarizes the medical condition of the markets:


    Two markets in one.

  9. I wonder whats the best way to play the potential October crash, FAZ for us banks, HFD for canadian banks, short SPY. Or out of the money puts on banks, or stocks like apple.

  10. markets are dead. As I told myself in 2007, Dow must go to zero. From the magnitude of never lived in , never finished home I've seen in central and southern california, the entire world economy must be involved, it can't just be the US that's fucking itself, there has to be European money involved in that deliberate fuckjob

  11. I like the fuckjob candle wick just below 12 to make sure the stops are hit before the rocket higher.