Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tinka Results

VANCOUVER, Oct. 4, 2011, 2011 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- Tinka Resources Limited (the "Company"), (TK) (frankfurt:TLD) (pinksheets:TKRFF), announces the results from the first five drill holes testing the Ayawilca zone on the Company's wholly-owned Colquipucro silver-zinc-lead property, west-central Peru.

All holes intercepted altered siltstones and fine to coarse grained sandstones, randomly crosscut by semi-massive to massive sphalerite veins and intervening stringer and breccia style pyrite-sphalerite and minor galena mineralization.

Mineralized intervals, dominated by sphalerite, included:

The rig is currently drilling immediately to the east of the main target area to test for mineralization at depth; it will then move to the northern end of the main zone for further drilling.

On completion of the Ayawilca drilling program the rig will move to Zone 1 to drill the northern extension of the NI 43-101 compliant resource.

Mr Carter said; "This is a positive result as it confirms that there is mineralization in areas other than Zone 1 at Colquipucro and the possibility of defining further resources. The priority now is to complete the drilling at Ayawilca and recommence drilling at Zone 1 to test the northern extension".


VANCOUVER, Aug. 4, 2011, 2011 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- TSXV - TK; Frankfurt - TLD; Pinksheets - TKRFF

Tinka Resources Limited (the "Company"), (TSXV - TK; Frankfurt - TLD; Pinksheets -TKRFF). The Company advises that diamond drilling is continuing at its Colquipucro silver project, west-central Peru. The fourth hole, of a planned program of ten holes at the Ayawilca zone was commenced this week.

All core is being logged and split on site under the supervision of Tinka geologists, with sampling done on two metre intervals, and samples are being transported by company staff to the laboratory in Lima, Peru. Analytical standards and blanks are routinely introduced in the sample suites sent to the laboratory. Results will be released once they have been received and reviewed.

Following the completion of drilling at the Ayawilca zone, the drill rig will be moved to Zone 1 to test the northern extension of the NI43-101 compliant resource.

At Tibillos, the Company´s copper porphyry project south of Lima, work is commencing on the preparation of access roads, pads and accommodation. Due the lack of availability of reverse circulation drill rigs, the first six of the eighteen permitted holes at Tibillos will be completed using a diamond drill. Drilling will commence as soon as the construction work is completed.


  1. 75,000 bid at .27 someone wants a fill.

    I wasnt looking for great results just an indication of further resource expansion. This is comfirmed. Time to ride out the storm.

    Word Embry is starting to buy now while the rest pitch it.

    I will hold.

  2. ... hmmmm ... Is it just me or does nothing here looks positive Don't see the words gold or silver used anywhere is this report.

  3. OK SGS, lets see where this goes...

  4. Its usually time to buy on a day like today in the juniors, or is this just the start!

  5. How can you be sure S.A.M. is making a play? Please advise, thanks....

  6. Zone 1 is what you are buying this for I wait till the revised 43-101 and ZONE 1 drills. Embry is buying for this reason as well.

  7. SGS, any insight or rumors on BAC?

    Their online banking website has been offline or slow since last Friday when they announced the $5 fee on debit cards. Given that most people have online accts to avoid fees it makes one wonder if we have a (on-line) run on the bank to some degree. BAC has stated its not a hack but is because of volumes. Given that they recently raised $5B in capital from Buffet it makes one wonder just how vulnerable they are especially after having just pissed off all their depositors.

  8. Do your research: 5 holes hit massive sulfides? Normally it takes 100 holes!

    Embry highly interested in ZONE 1 drills, hes buying here. On call right now. Next fiancing at .50. Embry is in.

  9. silver wheaton at 26, no wonder tinka down to 31; i dont know much about either other than I look at their prices everyday and tho it might go lower like anything, both those spots are very enticing to jump in ... went to bed late last night, gold and silver up very nicely, wake up and pins swept off them. this shit is getting predictable

  10. @ Colin

    Perception management at its finest. Cap the highs in overnight trade and have gold/silver trade down all day during US markets. This allows for smackdown of miners, without true technical damage being done. I tried to describe it here.... you are right, it is obvious....


    A total beatdown the sector to neutralize bullish sentiment that people may have because of the blitzkrieg swift attacks.... Remember that Interactive broker made 100% cash on hand for all market caps under 250million$ effective 9/23 or forced liquidation...

    Forex Spot Trading of gold/silver was halted just before massive volatility (for people not to easily make fiat).... same thing going on in the small caps?

    Go figure....

    We retested lows in the $HUI today, on another gap down. We now have two gaps upwards....

    I see recent events as the $HUI had an initial breakout, and then was smacked down in rapid fashion backdown to retest support (artificially created). New initial highs for mining index and then the steepest selloff yet in miners to retest of support means the next thing that is coming is blue-sky breakout for miners....

    Or you would think....

    The US Mint sold 737,000 oz of silver in one day (yesterday).....


    Hmmmmmm... that is a lot of silver.... is this being bought up by the public or the cartel? Eitherway, the distortion is on its last whims for now.... imo....

    Long story short....
    People are worried about overpaying for silver @ 30$ here... for "it may go lower!!"

    How ironic it is that people will be lining up for the chance to exchange their paper notes for silver when it is trading well over 300$ an oz for physical next year.... on the back of the dollar going extinct....

    Tick tock indeed....
    10-14months for dollar extinction....

  11. @ScottJ: Tick tock indeed....
    10-14months for dollar extinction....

    How so? Are you talking something radical like a "new" dollar, or just lose its "value"?

  12. I don't expect the world reserve going bust and being rejected to not be a self-perpetuating downward spiral of loss of confidence.

    It is already fading in exponential fashion (gold price)....cue Jim Sinclair's angels....

    Those in power are phasing the dollar out and ramping up the PR for a global currency/economy.

    In zerohedge terms...

    New world order bitchez!!

  13. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2011/10/durbin-to-bank-of-america-customers-get-the-heck-out-of-that-bank/

  14. This geological discussion of siltstone is making me hot in the pants. Any female geologists out there? Blythe?

  15. Am I feeling right that this release was good but far not as good as Zone1 results were? Being not a mineral expert I just want to see behind the mining therms, thanks!

  16. Until oil is no longer priced in USD, no change expected.

  17. At .28 per share I like it. These guys are miners and wouldn't waste the money to drill and test if they didn't have evidence of a future profitable mine ... and they are finding minerals already. I see a situation of "how much" PM, not IF there is PM. So at .28 per share... why not give yourself a shot.

  18. Do you all smell that? Yes, it is MORE MARGIN Increases for Silver on the way...As previously mentioned...we are approaching the last GREAT takedown...hold on tight...

  19. What did the guy that was Bud Fox's trading buddy (Wall Street) say at the end of that one day? Something like: "geez, we went down with the ugly bitch". ESZ11 look less appetizing that Alpo. People have asked in the past about a short (stock) recommendation. Take a look at CMG. Full disclosure, I got it an an email (but not from NIA--LOL!). The chart has broken down, but honestly, does a restaurant deserve a $292+ price tag?

  20. John Embry - Silver is Completely Flushed out to the Downside:


  21. @Scott - thanx for the commentary. the "stuff that goes *CLINK*" is in very high demand indeed. Begs the question as to what would happen if the planet did run out of the heavy shinny stuff? This is a jerked off market environment and those doing all the jerking are running out of lube!

    Just got back from a job to witness silver barfing all over the market. Hasn't hit the low of $26 reached Sept. 26. What was it that Ledbedder said? Another gap to $25.xx .. sheesh!

  22. @felix:

    Ledbedder said...
    My traj. lines are currently saying we will see below $25. SIZ11 currently at $29.98
    September 28, 2011 4:13 PM

  23. You will kick yourself if you don't buy today....imo. More downside? Maybe but wtf?

  24. @finn - US/Canadian exchange making it less attractive to buy Phz at the moment ($34.50/oz Silver premium in). I'm waiting for the CND price to go below $30 :O

  25. So glad I bought most of my Eagles between $10 and $16 FRN with a $1 premium! But I'm not trying to rub that in. It would take a shit ton of downward movement for me to lose money.

    That Embry piece (thx for link) has one dealer selling at over $8 premiums on Maples.

    I wonder if you should wait?

  26. The stock market "rally" is funny stuff.

  27. Zerohedge on market rally...

    Here are the key selected sections from the FT story that sent the Dow Jones soaring 400 points from its intraday lows: "Although the details of the plan are still under discussion, officials said EU ministers meeting in Luxembourg had concluded that they had not done enough to convince financial markets that Europe’s banks could withstand the current debt crisis...

    Etc. so basically here comes the money shot.

  28. I bought lots of coins on sale today when silver went to 28.66. It was such a rush that i even forgot to use my coupon code! Silver gold bull has cougar now and I also bought some pandas. So happy o get the shiny stuffs.

  29. curious: call Nick at SGB, tell him to apply the code to the order, he will do it. They are good like that.

  30. This is some light reading for anyone interested in massive sulphides.
    Or suffering from insomnia.