Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Am I in 2008 Lehman days?

Where to start. Well, lets start with an update on the site. After speaking with my programmer everyday for 3 straight months, he has almost puked up him liver, so I hear. The frustration boils within me.

Tinka came out with its first 5 drills today, and of coarse the near sighted moronic daytraders dumped some because they 'didnt hit the outstanding grades." First off, those drills were not even from the Zone 1 land which already encompasses the 43-101, especially they HAVE NOT BEEN DRILLING ON TOP OF THE CHIMU. Fuck, I have to spell it out sometimes. They are moving the drill there now, and with the revised 43-101 with the decreased cut off grade, selling this here is either incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. After getting off the phone with the big boys, they mentioned that the overall market sucks right now, which I agree and will bring down ALL stocks, especially juniors which I have been saying for 2 months now. The good thing they said was Tinka is FULLY FUNDED, and drilling is still moving along now to start testing the Chimu. IF YOU CANT HACK 50% up and down in junior mining stocks, SELL IT on open tomorrow please and move on. Its funny how all the questions come out when we go down from .50-.25 but no one says a single word from .25-.75, funny how that it. I remain extremely long. The bid will get aggressive into Thursday. This is a turtle race sometimes and now that the market is sucking the liquidity out of the TSX, the juniors are first up for liquidation. ALL JUNIORS WENT DOWN TODAY. Look at GPL. Nuff said. Is it done? Who knows.

I was extremely active on twitter today. Most saw that I closed out my XOM PUT today with a healthy 120% gain since Thursday. I also initiated an SLV PUT at 2:45 today. Great fuckin timing that was as the SP catches a 4.1% bid in one hour. Right. On what? OH right more rumors of some bank being bailed out that I dont even remember the name of it. So I lightened that up by 75% and keeping the others encase Blythe has something up her sleeve for the rest of this week. SO yes I took a loss on that, small and quick. I also told people to start looking at TD bank. That morning short was a joke, I'm assuming people made something on that.

I was perplexed at the Ben Bernank today. Quiver lip and all, he managed to still say THEY ARE NOT PRINTING ANYTIME SOON. If you didnt hear that, go back and rewind the tape. HES NOT PRINTING. They need more carnage. More pain. More begging. More crying. More middle class death and poverty.

Wall Street knew this. So how do you save a dieing breed? Just make shit up. Go back to 2008 when Lehman was failing. Do you know how many times that went up and down 10-20% daily like Margin Stanley is doing now? Its playing out again. Its the last bastion of hope. We might rally to the MA or the trend line now and keep going down this death trend lower in between those lines. They are just buying time with hollow stories. Its 2008 all over again.

This brings me to the metals. Thus far all the major metals names have been wrong. They were all planning on the printing presses being turned on full blast. Embry today came out and said silver is full retard. Sucked dry. He thinks its a bottom. Either way I purchased 10 more monster boxes last week. Regardless if we go lower or not. In fact I wouldn't mind it to go lower, my PUTS will pay out and I will buy more. See thats the beauty of stacking the phyzz, you dont sell it-yet!

And if I see another 1980's comparison of gold and silver again saying its the same thing, I will have a snap show.

I have to go and see WTF is going on now with the site. My blood is boiling.


  1. Call me a dick but it's "his" liver and "course" not coarse. Now you can go back to your stacking.

  2. fuck , i love it when you get angry !!

  3. Bad liver? You hired a drunk?

  4. kitco had been out of silver maples but has them again.

    They also seem to have 2012 silver dragons.

  5. ingots up here in Canada there is only one course we spell out. lol. Like rumour. lol.

    No hes not a drunk. But he must have caught the clap or something over the weekend because I think hes on IV now.

  6. SGS, to regain credibility vis-a-vis your new site, just make the announcement that it has been cancelled until further notice. Then, a week after New Years, after you have THOROUGHLY TESTED IT, you can make an affirmative announcement that starting February 1st, 2012 the new site will be operational.

    At my job we are set to release our new software on October 24th, 9:00am. This is a multi-million dollar enterprise, and the management would all be fired if they had to "pull the plug" after the announcement of a release date goes wrong.

    Just tell us all that the new site won't be ready until mid 2012. Give it a THOROUGH testing period, make sure it works, and then make the announcement.


  7. reef: LOL. I will know more tonight. It was operational as of Sunday evening and all files were being transferred. Again this is an anomaly with my guy, hes almost dead. I'll cut him 24 hrs of slack.

  8. You should have invested in Key Man Insurance.

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  10. Not sure if anyone is interested, But Wynter Benton is backkkk!

    "her" post:

    Is that specific enough for everyone?

    Our group GUARANTEES that silver will trade above $45 by November 30, 2011. No caveats, no excuses. The charts arent saying so but we are stating that silver will be above $45 by November 30, 2011.

    To Blythe and The Morgue, we know what is going on and know with CERTAINTY that you cannot stop us.

    For those short on patience we will demonstrate that The Morgue is not the only one who can spike the price of silver!!! We will be spiking silver in the same manner as The Morgue did soon. Don't necessarily assume that the spike will be up, so watch those stop losses.

    .............do da, do da.............

    What do everyone think? By the way, thanks sgs. I will call him tomorrow.

  11. curiousmind,

    Last time I heeded Wynter I loaded up on AGQ - only to get decimated. Once bitten, twice shy. Also she says that it could SPIKE .... possibly DOWN.... or maybe UP.... but hedge your bets...

    So a lot of hoopla and a SPIKE is coming either UP or DOWN. Doesn't give much direction....

  12. > Again this is an anomaly with my guy, hes almost dead.

    I'd hate to die at a time like this - we are on the cusp of finding out who wins the game. I hope he recovers.

  13. By the way, I am both long and short silver (playing both sides) at the moment. I'll wait to see how it plays out and then make my move. Either way it should balance out. We may have several more weeks of this.

    Did you all see that "Anonymous" hackers vows to take down NYSE on Monday? If nothing happens they are going to loose a lot of credibility like Wynter.

  14. "Also she says that it could SPIKE .... possibly DOWN.... or maybe UP"

    I'm surpised wynter didnt say it would spike sideways too...

  15. What does any of this have to do with Amanda Knox? She's almost as hott as Blythe!

    No, but in all seriousness, I hope your programmer feels better.

    Any chance perhaps the new site will have an attire section that sells SGS hats/shirts/bumper stickers? Could be a shameless form of self-promotion. I'd also like to figure out a more constructive manner of demonstrating my superior stacking intellect vs. bringing bars into the workplace. The marketing possibilities are endless.

  16. Picked up another 300 oz today. 200 rounds and 100 eagles. My dealer told me today he has been slow the last two weeks. He thinks the shortage it due to the dealers not wanting to sell at a loss and are just holding back till it comes back up. Some coins he told me, that is what he is doing and one of his suppliers is as well. Almost no one selling however, even drug users off the street hording the Ag!

  17. my mantra: only work with people who make an effort to exercise and have good health: if they don't care for themselves they probably won't care after your interests, and they are not balanced people.

  18. this is what would entertain me tonight
    fake rumors from unethical FT journalists > american close.... chinese open > fade european open > shitshow american open > normalcy bias reevaluation

  19. Instead of shirts and hats to promote the new site, how about some silver rounds with the cartoon bears and the new web addressed stamped in them? I would buy a few.

  20. The new site will be giving away Silver maples or Eagles each month. This data feed that tabulates this is what has been taking forever.
    Good times coming.

  21. Glad to hear it SGS. Don't know if you saw, but I was in London last weekend. I gave my regards to you.

  22. wynter sounds like a weather reporter..may rain or may be sunny on weds. both have their bets hedged.
    SGS: spike sideways...LOL

  23. This was almost my DREAM come TRUE. It was *almost* orgasmic....

    May 6th, 2010 - live from the pits:

  24. If any of you men have women at home (or A woman), tell her to watch this. It's a real tear jerker... you'll have her beggin' you to take her out to the coin shop tomorrow morning...


  25. JP Morgan invested $400 million in twitter

    Yes, $400 million , so I'd say the NYPD white shirts came relatively cheaply at only $4.6 million .

    Did JPMorgan's investment bring them any leverage over twitter's content? A strong case can be made that twitter censored the #OccupyWallStreet hash tag. [the fold]


  26. Is The War On Terror A Hoax?

    By Paul Craig Roberts

    September 30, 2011 "Information Clearing House" -- In the past decade, Washington has killed, maimed, dislocated, and made widows and orphans millions of Muslims in six countries, all in the name of the “war on terror.” Washington’s attacks on the countries constitute naked aggression and impact primarily civilian populations and infrastructure and, thereby, constitute war crimes under law. Nazis were executed precisely for what Washington is doing today.


  27. http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1317763342.php

    Jim Willie

    The Big Four US banks continue to sell gold & silver they do not own, using metal contracts they do not post collateral toward. The COMEX is the grandest fraud among the major markets. Actually that is a close competition with the USTBond market reliant upon USFed hidden monetization and Wall Street Interest Rate Swap applications. The USDollar market is dominated by heavy handed activity from the Exchange Stabilization Fund, that notorious dark office accountable to nobody. The US stock market is dependent upon the USDept Treasury, which leads the Working Group for Financial Markets (aka Plunge Protection Team). Is any US financial market honest and free from corruption? Not at all!

  28. Brother John Silver Update 10/03/11 - BOA is DOA


  29. Best. Rant. Evar.


  30. Nice post SGS. Thanks for sharing. -The market went on a picnic to see some bears this morning, then got back in its car and drove home.. .on fumes of rumors. I wonder what the butterfly that sets it all in motion this time will be.

  31. James Rawles' new book came out today by the way. My pre-order is on the way to me now. The first one, "Patriots" is worth reading more than once.


  32. I can get ATB Olympic Nation Park 5oz coins locally. The dealer here does have other coins but they are 25/50 oz min and I'm just looking for 5-10 oz at a time.

    I read a lot here about eagles, maples, grizzly and others but you have to go a little back to hear about picking up ATB ONP and even then its the 1oz version. Looking online (ebay) I see the dragons as selling at +$100/oz for the 1oz version whereas the 5oz is selling closer to $60/oz. Is this somehow indicative of how much more in demand 1oz is?

    I'd have to pay a premium to get coins elsewhere but if 1oz is a must then I'll stick with it. What do you think? Grab the 5 oz ($3.3 over spot) or pay the premium for eagles/maples/grizzly elsewhere?

  33. i just keep preying these prices stay low till after the new year. preying so hard. at the current price i should break 200 oz physical on my birthday.

  34. The 3 a.m. sell-off works again.

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  36. @Silvertechs, Ainslie bullion look them up online and go to the online section for silver. You can thank me latter.

  37. SGS,

    the Wall Street thinking aside, but shalom is printing according to his own data: http://federalreserve.gov/releases/h6/20110922/
    No matter how you look at it (adjusted or not), the printing is very much on - at an annualized rate of about 20%.


  38. w7, That's a great link. I am sure the Ivy League-ers will still say "well that doesn't mean that the Fed is PRINTING those dollars". LOL! There is no difference between PRINTING paper money and pressing the ENTER KEY on the computer.