Monday, October 3, 2011

ALex Jones goes apeshit, sweating and panting


  1. Lol, why is he lunging forward? I was getting vertigo

  2. That theme music at the end didn't fit well with the message. He needs some Pantera, or Rage Against the Machine, or something. Not some 80's jungle boy song.

  3. Haha, SGS is right. The first time I didn't get it but when I watched it a second time, it was priceless.

  4. Well, Ill be dammed. Alex Jones defending Wall st bankers .Against, of all things, a failed system of communism. Reallllllly? Communism?

    So people protesting the corperate take over of the US are communist supporters now? Those resisting a corrupt banking cartel are anti capitalists? what a bunch of bunk!

    Max Keiser, Ron Paul has been preaching about the corrupt bankers for years,now people finally stand up and they are labeled communists, liberals, anti Americans? Im sure they are backed by the Kremlin or al queda too, give me a break .

    People lost thier jobs, homes, saveings, and in some cases thier future,while the bankers were bailed out with our money and theyre pissed off,and Jones calls them communists?Jones, are you fucking for real?

    The country has been getting screwed by wall st and Jones is defending them?

    Great.Nice to know where you stand Alex, with the corperate vampires bleeding the working class for the last 100 years.

  5. Alex 'Arabs control Hollywood' Jones is just a zionist disinfo agent. He's married to a Jewess.

    Everybody knows the banksters are Jewish. Everybody knows the Jews own Hollywood and the media. Everybody knows America is Israel's bitch. Stay away from this stupid shill.

  6. I am slightly concerned that what is happening in the USA is similar to the beginings of the bolshevik revolution. It worked in Russia, it worked for Chairman Mao. The same banks that financed those socialist movments are the same ones calling the shots now. What better way to force an oppressive dictatorship on the population than to disguise it behind the illusion of equality. The best way to oppress the slaves and quell an uprising is to give them the illusion that they are already free..You people in America have a great thing called the constitution to protect you from this bullshit, but it seems to be getting flushed down the toilet. Poor, poor Sheeple..

  7. @DanSheep same MO as Germany late 1920's early 30's. Fuckers just don't know when to back off.

  8. This is so asking to become a YouTube poop.

  9. @F

    I am no alex jones fan but the whole video he is saying the banks are responsible.

    He is saying the occupy wall street people like Michael Moore who said end capitalism instead of end the fed are the problem.

  10. Michael Moore end capitalism video.

  11. I think you should all read the Communist manifesto. I had no choice, its rammed down our throats almost daily at University in Sociology. While you are reading it, replace the word Bourgeoisie with Bankers and Zionists. It makes a lot more sense.

  12. I didn't take Alex Jones as defending wall St one bit.. I believe he just sees the Shift being pushed off onto Wall St (Which used to be Capitalist) and blaming Capitalism when it is not Capitalism.. And that our focus should be on the Globalist who control the Banks and Wall St..

    So as he says, the Hippies are attacking Capitalism.. And that's not the problem.. Because were not living under it anymore.. But they think we are..

  13. I dont know anybody saying end capitalism includeing Moore.

    maybe a few clowns left over from the sixties, but over all people dont want that.

    They are fighting corruption , not fighting against capitalism. Its media spin.

  14. I stand corrected on Michael Moore , hes a commie

  15. Is Jones starting to lose his mind? I've been listening to him for over 3 years now and this is the first time he's been scary to watch... Feel bad for him. Maybe the Feds are drugging him without his knowing...

  16. Wikipedia

    Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration in New York City. The protest was originally called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters; it took inspiration from the Arab Spring movement, particularly the Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, which initiated the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.

    The participants of the event are mainly protesting against social and economic inequality, corporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns.Adbusters states that, "Beginning from one simple demand – a presidential commission to separate money from politics – we start setting the agenda for a new America." The protest's organizers hope that the protestors themselves will formulate their own specific demands, expecting them to be focused on "... taking to task the people who perpetrated the economic meltdown.

    By October 1, similar demonstrations had been held in Washington, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Portland, Maine, and Denver

    The main stream media is wall st.

    Saddam Hussain has WMD's. they hate us for our freedoms , the gulf of Tonkin was an attack on US ships.and the protestors are communists.

    I aint buying what they're selling

  17. Somebody turn on his A/C unit! The guy is literally melting!

  18. Occupy Together has been up since mid-September, and they've set themselves to acting as a coordinating-agent for ALL protest-organizing that's now gearing up around the country (and beyond) in support of the Wall Street challenge.

  19. SGS I'm disappointed that you implicitly seem to support this self-aggrandizing retard by posting his claptrap on your far better and more informative site. Hopefully the new site will be a Jones free zone.

  20. @Charlie SDT I think SGS can put up whatever he wants. Alex Jones sometimes hits the mark, although he is questionable in his reluctance to mention Zionists as a major cause of societys problems, wars ect... I am not Jewish, but want to point out there is a difference between Zionism and Jews. Hell, I can even see why Alex Jones would marry a Little Jewish princess -

  21. All the idiots who want a full fledged socialist system should move to Cuba or North Korea. Why don`t they seek asylum there?

    They have no idea what they`re asking for. Many of those demonstrators are asking for centralized gov socialist system that should push away the banks but keep feeding people, giving more welfare and social security. That`s a fairytale unless you want full fledged state controlled system like nazi Germany or Soviet Union.

    Worth keeping in mind though that there are many Ron Paul supporters among those demonstrators and this might actually help the Ron Paul campaign, especially as he`s trying to bridge the gap with anti-establishment left-wing liberals like Ralph Nader or Denis Kucinich

  22. Not all the protesters have gone full retard.

    Now THIS is a rant!

  23. @DanSheep

    Keep in mind that Peter Schiff is jewish and that champions of Austrian Economics were jews.
    Also keep in mind that many anti-establishment people out there are like Noam Choamsky are jewish. Many jews who were anti-establishment were prosecuted and expelled from the country.
    There are also many jews who don`t support current system, the bankers or zionists ideas.

    You might also wanna keep in mind that Ayn Rand who wrote all those pro-libertarian novels, that depicted all core ideas of the free market and quotes from her are chanted at every tea party fest, is also jewish.
    Ayn Rand was also good friend of former fed guru Alan Greenspan. What a twist heh?

    Things are not as black&white as some people would like to think. I hear Soros bashing by Alex Jones and on FoxNews by Glenn Beck but keep in mind that guy has a very strong civil liberty stance. Soros is funding NGOs supporting and fighting for legalization of marijuana which is not really pro-establishment.

    All the people who want to paint a black and white picture are idiots. World is full of shades of grey, you won`t find black&white good&evil. Those who think things are 100% good or 100% evil should go seek asylum in North Korea.

  24. Oh and one more addition... Adam Kokesh who has that libertarian show on RT(Adam vs the man) is also jewish.

  25. @ Green Trivial. I hope you dont think I was Jew bashing.. Thats why I mentioned the difference between Zionists and Jews. I have nothing against Jews, or any other religion bar Zionism.. I do have something against racism, inequality and dumbing down of the population to create a 'slave race'. Im from Australia but fuck me, if Ron Paul gets assasinated like Kennedy, Im coming over there to take up arms..

  26. I can see why alex jones is mad. This could be an opportunity for libertarian ideas. But mindless pinko commies like Michael Moore and others have hijacked it and made it appear pointless and stupid. End capitalism? Really. First of all how, second how would that work.

    @eternal thanks for that vid.

  27. This may be a simplistic view but, it seems Alex is trying to say "attack the heart of the beast" ie the FED and not the numerous minions below it. Minions can be replaced when ever the powers at be want.

    The way I look at it is the FED is like the kingpin in a drug cartel and the banks are like the pushers on the street. Locking up the pushers doesn't really solve the problem as they are a dime a dozen and can be easily replaced.

    Knocking out the kingpin and their supply has a greater effect and it makes the pushers useless. But in saying that it doesn't mean they can just walk away scott free, no fucking way, their crimes are akin to war crimes.

    Sure you can label people according to their religion and political beliefs, but these people worship money and power that's it, everything else is just window dressing and white noise to deceive and divide the sheeple.

    The bottom line is that the underlying monetary system is fucked and needs to be replaced with a more viable and sustainable alternative.

    Socialism/communism is not the answer. Its sounds great in theory, but in practice with human nature thrown into the mix, it just doesn't work out that great.

    My 2c worth......

  28. I see by many of the above comments that they just don't get it.

    Communism, Socialism. Capitalism (corporate), Republican, Democrat, Labour, Conservative. They are all the same thing.

    They all have a ruling class and they all have a serf class. Guess which class we are all in?

    Real Capitalism and Free-Enterprise died many years ago.

    What you have to do is divorce yourselves from the above mentioned control systems and be your own free-man. Protesting against them won't do any good. Stop buying and using their products.

    One of the ways to do this is to buy real Silver.

  29. @Zoul

    I think more good can come out of it than bad. Ron Paul can get more exposure. Some left anti establishment left wingers have the right ideas about many issues. It might be the birth of an interesting coalition that could defeat neocons and democrats.

    These 2 videos are worth watching:

  30. teun is 100% right ...

    the shill is being groomed to take over for Rush Limburger

  31. All you weakminded trolls that are bashing Alex Jones - you have no fucking clue.

    If there is one person on this planet that i would trust, it would be Alex Jones. That is with life of mine and my family included, even if his wife was Muslim-Budhistic-Christian-Jew-Black-Chineese-Atheist-Canada-Mexico-Blue-color-liking octopus. Do yourself a favor, and start judging trees by their fruits. Alex Jones has been consistenly exposing the Elites and corruption worldwide for 17+ years.

    Ask yourself what have YOU done for mankind, before spewing unfounfed bullshit around. Love this projection that because you are not convicted, no one can be..

  32. PS watch whole video that is about hour long.

    This is about George Soros foundations etc trying to hijack END THE FED into OCCUPY SOME PLACE WITHOUT ANY SPECIFIC DEMANDS EXCEPT BIGGER GOVERNMENT AND MORE SOCIALISM.. that is, idiots dont get any free goodies and you loose even more freedoms and get more taxes..

    I dont think they will succeed hijacking the movement, nevertheless they are trying, and Alex is exposing them. Get sofisticated.

  33. Most of the comments on here are just ignorant and a bunch of trolls . Yes AJ goes off on a tangent and could compose himself better but the bottom line is he speaks the truth and what the real problems are and who the real enemy is. He isn't a disinfo agent or zioinist, those that think that just go vote for Obama again because you clearly aren't ever going to be a help. Alex Jones has done more to wake people up than anyone I can think of. HIs websites tell the real news of what is going in this crazy world, and info, I suggest you start getting the real news from there and not the same old fox news, cnn, nbc. Mainstream media is nothing more than gov't propaganda, if you haven't figured that out by now you aren't very bright. Mainstream media has been bought and paid for a long time ago.

  34. I like AJ...granted he can be a wingnut sometimes but overall I like his message and he is always out in front trying to expose the NWO.