Monday, October 3, 2011

And it starts. Qatari wealth fund plans $10bn gold buying spree. Arnt they buying the top of the bubble?

"Qatar Holdings have done a systematic and detailed study of the gold sector," said Ken Costa, who put the deal together. "They chose European Goldfields because [chairman] Martyn Konig is very experienced – a 30-year veteran in the gold market."

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  1. Whoop a daisy!

  2. reeman... sgs is up 110% on that trade.

    silver is going to $75 by the end of the year too.

  3. So far YTD its been a flat year for silver spot longs. TK was at .15 last summer, way before I got to this site. So, if you are afraid to loose etc.. on penny stocks, use a mutual fund etc... I bought Tinka at .6 like a typical idiot, but luckily used a tiny amount of play money, and I have had my entertainment/education holding it these last few months. SGS can be a little cryptic sometimes, so do you own research, but I assure you he is trying to help.

  4. i agree with a lot of what sgs says and it is only my own fault for being down on the trades he has recommended. i'm just giving him a hard time and I hope that he ends up being right.

    I'm a young man and can take the loses. the thing that is frustrating is that WE should be way ahead in this game. i go in to work (i.e. making other people money) and what do i see? people dicking around on face book... what do I hear? people talking about f'n Jersey SHore! meanwhile, we f'n taken out in two days and we are the SMART ONES?

    i can't wait for the new site to learn how to trade!

  5. Margin requirements will increase by 15% for copper futures and 29% for platinum futures, exchange operator CME Group announced in an advisory late Monday.

    The initial margin for new speculative positions in the main copper contract on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange will increase to $7,763 from $6,750. The maintenance margin for existing speculative copper positions, as well as all hedge/member positions, will rise to $5,750 from $5,000.

    Also, the initial margin for new speculative positions in the main Nymex platinum contract will rise to $4,950 from $3,850. The speculative maintenance margin for existing platinum positions, as well as all hedge/member positions, will rise to $4,500 from $3,500.

    The new rates will be effective after the close of business on Tuesday.


  6. I believe Qatari would be Much smarter buying the Physical Gold at this point.. I think we will see WWIII, and mines will be Nationalized.. Greece will need their own damn gold..

  7. The New World Order coin on eBay just sold for $136.27... its no Dragon though.

  8. BJF postulating the Fed has to bailout BofA and therefore Silver to the moon. Lets hope people do not flee to the USD if before they are bailed out we get 2008 again as I am all in ( idiot )!

    There is no way Buffet gave up $5 big ones without a bailout guarantee from somebody and if Obama bails out BofA I would be shocked!

    Anyway, its getting exciting!

  9. Gold / Platinum Ratio 1.12 and you can only get 1oz platys, but the premium is absurd.

    Tulving is a bit better, but you have to buy 8 minimum!

    But that's it for platinum, anywhere!

  10. @bflowers1 They probably will trade that stock into phyzz once they have made it go up another 50%. They moved it 20% today!

  11. 9 of 10 stocks will ALWAYS follow the over market on ANY given day. Tinka is no exception. And if the market get worse so will Tinka. I have explained this several thousand times. If the market goes to 2009 levels, DO NOT be surprised to see tinka below 10 cents regardless if they drill 700 million ounces of silver.

    Welcome to the big leagues.

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  13. ZH: Indian Silver Demand Leads to Supply Issues, Capacity Stretched, Higher Premiums - Asian Bullion Demand Remains Strong

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  15. Occupy Wall Street Protestor on Federal Reserve !

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