Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paging Blythe...Asians cleaned out the physical shops on your discount...paging Blythe.....

BTFD? huh...

"We've seen a lot of buy-on-dip type on the physical market, said Dick Poon (LOL), manager of precious metals at Heraeus in Hong Kong"

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  1. this article is fake...no way there is a guy named Dick Poon!!

  2. @unthought known

    It is very easy to check your claim:

    Quote from article: "Dick Poon, manager of precious metals at Heraeus in Hong Kong"

    Go to:


    and look at the "contact persons" section.

    You will notice Dick Poon is the chief trader. What a name huh?

    I like your line of thinking though :) Some poon is always nice! Especially on today's gains ;)

  3. I've heard his cousin Harry Bush is a riot ...

  4. bahaha dick poon... thanks for the first laugh of the day... hahaha

  5. I'm from Singapore and is indeed the stores are almost wiped out, especially the aussie coins. There's some left over silver eagle and Mexican Libertad. I bought dragon and koala coins, and still, i dont feel enough. I did some pre-orders as there's no more aussie coins left on the shelf. :(

  6. Blythe! You stupid ass bitch! Speaking of which...when is Blyght's mom gonna make an appearance.

  7. one could say that the folks pushing down prices are treasonous, but what would that get you

  8. buyers have raced to snatch up.... said Dick Poon

  9. Bigus Dickus


  10. Say SGS, is the new site coming any time soon? I keep checking back but so far I haven't seen anything.

    On the topic of the silver dragons, you folks should check this page: http://www.perthmint.com.au/forthcoming-releases.aspx

    Perth is going to be releasing a limited number of proof, painted one ounce silver dragons on October 4. They will also be releasing gilded versions of the silver dragons as well. While the prices are likely to be ridiculous as this is a numismatic product (I am expecting about $100), it might be your last chance to get a one ounce silver dragon of any variety without being totally ripped off.

  11. @Doomberg, I managed to get 10 from my dealer here in Australia. He was asking $71