Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Case Closed. We are surrounded by Idiots. "the dollar is backed by the US Govt and no matter what happens is backed by the Fed and that's much more safe"


  1. Is this from the the onion? WTF...

  2. Gotta love our "wonderful" education system... keeping the sheeple buying our T Bills and Netflix.

  3. C'mon SGS, I posted this early yesterday...youre late!

  4. Reminds me of when Ron Paul asked Bernanke why do central banks keep buying/holding gold. Bernanke said something equally shocking like "It`s a tradition". haha


  5. OMFG!!!! Seriously?! Gold is backed by nothing?! WTF!

  6. @ingots Master said...
    "C'mon SGS, I posted this early yesterday...youre late!"

    It was posted on Weather Units blog. That place can be fun kinda`. Oh and that "raw dog" guy is emm.. hard to find words to describe him.

  7. She will be first in line to be microchipped with the new Full Faith Money backed by United Satan's Empire.

  8. Vice president Joe biden asks Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court "can humans be microchipped".


  9. I think she realized she wasnt making any sense about halfways through and got a flutter of anxiety that she was on television and sounded like miss teen alabama. and then she covered it by affecting on a self assured facade that what she was saying had meaning.

  10. @Mark.. No that was the second best line. The best line and I'm paraphrasing here: the dollar is back by the US Govt and no matter what happens is backed by the Fed and that's much more safe. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. DOH!! Dolts...

  11. "It was posted on Weather Units blog. That place can be fun kinda"

    Is Green Trivial WU?


  12. @silvergoldsilver

    ..ehh, think you`re taking it out of context.

    Was saying can be fun as in a freak show can be fun so to speak. You`ve posted that video from Weather Unit`s blog because it`s fun in a retarded sort of way. That`s the point I was trying to make.
    Read again the comments above. Think you`re little quick to jump to conclusions.
    I`ve replied to you in the other article as to why I follow blogs showing different views.

    ... and speaking of which. I also watch CNN, CNBC, RT, Fox and I think they`re equally flawed in their own way, each with its own agenda but doesn`t mean they`re not useful in forming a general view of how are things perceived or better said what perception/propaganda is being forced down people`s throats.

  13. Sheeple, she was saying but didn't understand WTF though that GLD is not back. This pretty face was just trying to repeat back what was 100x her sheeple brain to understand. LOL

  14. The Fed will be around a year from now? Not if Ron Paul gets elected.

  15. I can't get one thing. How can people with physical gold holding cause price for gold and silver price to drop. The price of gold is set by the gold future. Unless people who hold gold sell gold future, otherwise, how can they affect the gold price ? I kept hearing that b.s. explanation.

  16. Who the fuck is Todd Hirsh? And why on Earth is anybody listening to him spreading sheiße like that around!

  17. "And like, after this interview, like, I am going to an after hours party at JPM, for like, bukkake and cocaine. Oh, and I had a holly hobby oven when I was a girl, and I swallow, and like, gold isn't backed up by anything."

  18. In some respects she is correct if she is talking about paper Gold, which is what unfortunately sets the physical price...for now! GLD is backed by fuck all. Gold in your safe is... erm.... Gold. The dollar is backed up by the fact that people use it for trade and the fear the government will jail you if you try to create your own currency as a replacement.

  19. Sweet jesus..what planet am I on?!?!?!

    What is gold backed by?????? It's GOLD!!!! It's been used as money FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

    Stuff like this just proves gold is NOT in a bubble....

  20. I think she's trying out to be the next CNBC fast money girl. I am not optimistic for the future after hearing this girl, it's as if the world is trapped in some sort of mass delusion. Poster girl for the sheeple generation.

  21. For US voters, how about posting on Ron Paul's facebook and twitter about stopping the CFTC and JPM market manipulation ? Ron Paul may not do nothing. But at least his follower will get a reminder about the dirty games played by JPM and CFTC.

  22. But what is gold backed by?! Huh?!

    Check. Mate!

    Naw, but seriously... Someone wrote this on the teleprompter, and they have an agenda. This made me more comfortable than ever that gold is going higher.

  23. Unfortunately reporters are told to report on a story and the subject is not researched enough. This is because of time constraints and they are unable to produce a respectable article. On top of that they don't assign it to a professional financial reporter. After all, they don't have the resources of the WSJ. Unfortunately the sheeple watch this report on TV.

  24. SGE to Raise Gold-Silver Margins Before Asian Holiday this Weekend

    SHANGHAI (Reuters) -

    The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) said on Tuesday that it will temporarily raise trading margins for gold and silver forward contracts from Sept. 30, ahead of a week-long national holiday, to prevent default risks.

    Margins for gold forward contracts would be increased to 20 percent from 15 percent, while the daily upward and downward trade limits would be raised to 18 percent from 12 percent, the exchange said.

    The margin on silver forward contracts will be lifted to 22 percent from 18 percent, with daily move limits expanded to 20 percent from 15 percent.

    ...Chinese exchanges are closed from Oct. 1-9 and they routinely revise margin deposits on derivatives contracts to cover the risk of default.

    These are supposed to be temp...but looks like more volatility ahead.


    That video was priceless showing the stupidity of the masses. I hear many times on CNBC and other networks that Gold is just a piece of metal that really has no intrinsic value...only what humans put into it.


    Gold has intrinsic value in each ounce produced. Back during the Roman Empire, the intrinsic value of Gold was not only its rarity, but the amount of LABOR that was invested in producing each coin. Same with silver.

    Today, it is the same thing. It takes a certain amount of Capital (investment), Energy and Labor to produce that ounce of Gold. The gold coin represents a certain amount of energy stored in each coin. Do not forget that capital is also a form of energy. It took a certain amount of energy to produce that capital used in bringing a gold mine to market.

    Right now gold is priced at $1650 an ounce. A person making $20 an hour would take about 82 hours of work (energy) to be able to equal the energy stored in that gold coin. In the case of silver right now it would take only hour and a 1/2 of a person making $20 an hour to equal on ounce of silver ($31).

    People who say gold has no real intrinsic value do not realize how ENERGY is stored in monetary metals like gold and silver. To watch Morons like that video reminds me that a good percentage of the public is dumb as a box of rocks.

    If you don't believe me, watch this youtube video of the new show called "CAR FELLAS" a bunch of short stocky fat italians selling cars and getting in a fight over a Pizza.

    Car Fellas Pizza Caper

    Now you know why the U.S. is screwed.

  25. So if I start up my own new currency, oldfordtruck fuck bucks, and back it with unicorns, leprechauns, and Stroh's beer it would be more desirable to hold than gold? I'm going to phone the London Gold Exchange right now and get started on that!

  26. Gold is backed by Women. Women are backed by dildos.

    Gold is backed by dildos.

  27. omfg rolfrol I think I have really fucking shit my pants. That is fucking hilarious!!

  28. anyone else having trouble getting on optionsxpress account this morning?

  29. @SRSrocco

    That "Car fellas" is almost better than this one. I`ll give `em both a triple A rating.

  30. @silver beast said... ,

    On the phone, through the help line and accessing my account!


    Thanks for the birthday wishes! The lady is taking me out to dinner and thats about it!

  31. @malc

    smoke somethin'...... preferably super silver haze or apaculco gold! cheers.

  32. I really have to hand it to SRSRocco.

    His posts during this manufactured crash has been putting the big picture in perspective every time the perspective has been derailed.

  33. @ Tom h `bukkake and cocaine lol.. she probably went down on her producer in the news van after shooting that jewel piece of informative news. God everything is so bought on TV!

  34. Weather Unit is about to lose his only traffic source - spamming SGS's comments and us going to his blog to laugh at the non-sense.

  35. "Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?"

    - Syme, 1984

  36. Seriously, what the fuck is going on with AGQ? The correlation is broken.

  37. a newsreader the sheeple can relate to, put in place to keep the herd out of PM's. just my thoughts. if it wasn't so sad it would be funny

  38. @ Weather Unit...

    Um... that is some tactic to win over anyone to your way of thinking on this topic. Call names and belittle folks. If you hate this site then you can just not click your Bookmark link. Simple stuff.

  39. For some reason your corrupt minds in here think I'm trying to win people over to a certain way of thinking. You have been watching too much "Coast to Coast" mixed with the alleged "Truth Movement".

    I post the four letter word:


    Go look it up in the online dictionary.

  40. @The Weather UNIT

    Don`t see why you have to use that kinda` language.
    Can`t you get your point across in a polite way?

    SGS took a shot at me earlier but I`ve tried to clarify things politely without resorting to insults. He probably thought I was posting as an alter-ego(little paranoia is healthy and never hurt anyone) because I`m short silver short-term. I have no problem admitting it(as can be seen here http://seekingalpha.com/user/1031023/instablog ). I think silver will go down short-term, 1-2 months before rallying to new highs. Jim Rogers shares same view btw, since he`s bullish on dollar short-term for technical reasons, which makes it kinda` obvious he thinks silver/gold will fall further short-term. He`s one of the biggest commodity traders and I think he has a clue about what`s he talking about. He has insights into things we might not get access to.


    If views other than being permanently bullish on silver are not allowed on this blog, please say so and I`ll refrain from posting here any longer. I understand there might be a conflict of interests of some sort.
    I`ve started posting here merely because I think most of your posts have substance and are well thought out and that you`re on the right side of the political arena, being Ron Paul supporter and libertarian.

  41. ¿qué lengua debería yo decir?

    Concerning SGS:

    Vous veut pour l'adorer

  42. The Weather UNIT said...

    ¿qué lengua debería yo decir?

    Concerning SGS:

    Vous veut pour l'adorer

    Here is the translation for those of you who only speak English:

    WU likes little boys

    Concerning SGS:

    WU bangs poor laboradors

  43. There seems to be a grain of truth. It would seem to make sense to logical people that as all else falls those things that have held value since the beginning will become more valuable. But at the same time as things fall people around the world need something to believe in, and that seems like it will be the US Dollar. Logical or not, the US Dollar seems to have become the last stronghold, and commodities are its enemy, so those who extol the virtues of commodities appear to be enemies of the vast, bleeting majority.

  44. I'm down here in Mexico from Canada at the IBC Hospital.

    Lindsey Williams claimed this place can cure cancer.
    Well its fucking 100% true. I've spoken with about 10 people cured of cancer returning for a yearly booster.

    Thanks for this video, I needed a laugh.


    Here are the figures over the past week:

    SEP 19 Monday = 1.40 million
    SEP 21 Wednesday = 1.41 million
    SEP 23 Friday = 2.3 million
    SEP 27 Tuesday = 3.3 million


    From close of Friday until (today) Tuesday Morning, the US MINT sold 1+ million Silver Eagles. That is an impressive number.

    The world is buying up silver and gold at a rate that supply will not be able to meet. Again...with the peaking of silver production in the next few years, the price paid today will be the cheapest anyone will ever be able to obtain it.

  46. SRSrocco you will get another nice opportunity to load up on the Devil's Metal again in the TEENS soon. Enjoy!

  47. You know we are in real trouble when stupidity like this can be voiced without immediately being laughed into mortification.

    We are in for a world of pain.

  48. The Weather Unit...if it is true that SGS got that stupid video from your website...you be ashamed at yourself. You are either of the following:

    1) A Psychopath...
    2) A Complete Moron and Nitwit

    Either way....your words have no merit. Go try and work your SMACK on some poor homeless person who just might barf in your face from drinking too much MD 20-20.

  49. wonder how much the network got paid to have her say something so stooopid! Nothing backing GOLD indeed!

    I was talking to the nice gent at VBCE this am. He said it was very busy this am (price of PM creeping up). All buyers, no sellers. He had bot high GOLD at ~ $1890 and is buying more now.


  50. "The FED Will be around next year." ---.... and gold won't be?

    Actually, much to surprise to her, the FED will not be around next year. It will be phased out and onto the global ponzi they will flock the herd....

    Why does she think the ponzi political puppets and controlled media are now criticizing the FED for its actions? Clearly they fail in this new world, and should not be so arrogant to try to run the world reserve currency. That job should be left to the Bank of International Settlements or some other new creation the United Nations decides to create.....

    As SGS says...
    Tick Tock... Tick Tock...

  51. have to admit..metals looking kind of week..limping into the close..I say we see HUGE deflation and than it is game over with hyper inflation.. will that huge deflation bring silver to 20 or below? who the fuck knows.. we all know the endgame though..


    That job should be left to the Bank of International Settlements or some other new creation the United Nations decides to create....

  53. HSBC and JP Morgan accused of manipulating silver market?


    Apmex silver eagles sales:

    09-27-2011 20:00:28 === 12733
    09-27-2011 20:10:06 === 12451
    09-27-2011 20:20:49 === 12296
    09-27-2011 20:30:03 === 11296
    09-27-2011 20:40:03 === 11176
    09-27-2011 20:50:09 === 11054
    09-27-2011 21:00:13 === 10909
    09-27-2011 21:10:03 === 180809
    09-27-2011 21:20:03 === 180299
    09-27-2011 21:30:04 === 180059
    09-27-2011 21:40:03 === 180009
    09-27-2011 21:50:04 === 179130

    Huge add to inventory.

  54. I think paper gold/silver retest 1584/28 area over the next two days, while equities begin to fall.... and on Friday the trade gets interesting.

    If gold and silver can find a bottom at lower highs there, it could be setting up for another stock market tank job (on greece problems, what else), and gold (& silver) catching the safehaven bid again alongside the US Treasury Bonds (LOL, Bernanke has more bonds he needs to flock people into)....

    Head and Shoulders in Equities Market as we speak is practically formed....

    Too much fear in gold/silver trade... perfect scenario for it to go back up again. Especially when people see paper gold and silver under 1600 and 30 again for a short while (next two days?), and all of the TV analysts can suggest to short gold and silver....

    Here are the rough charts I am talking about:


    Then we get the hyper-inflationary TARP package followed by the old war engines to rev up the western economies again.... The middle east is waiting....

  55. At one point, I had sympathy for WU. After the past few days, I don't have anything for him. I wish him get some professional help soon.

    Good luck to WU and other profiles of his elsewhere.

  56. The sarcasm about the Bank of International Settlements or a new U.N. created system "being the solution" apparently was not understood....

  57. So ABC News tries to blame the owner of the Heart Attack Grill for the choices of those two obese men? I love it how some people never hold a person accountable for their choice and actions. It's really pathetic!

  58. @Adam Chalmers

    Fine example of soviet socialist authoritarian(red nazi) mentality.

  59. Hahahaha!! What IS gold backed by anyway?? I mean, you can't actually DO ANYTHING with it, can you? I am sooo much more comfortable with a piece of paper backed by liars, manipulators running printing presses at will than I am the premier intermediate commodity for thousands of years. -Love it.

  60. I love paper, can't wipe my ass without it.The shitty part is year after year i make the same amount of paper, yet for some reason, it takes more and more to wipe my ass.

  61. Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha!

    I am trying to understand the significance of APMEX inventory of Gold Eagles by such a large amount... is it:

    1) There is a lot of Silver to be had? (Did someone find a bunch of this "stuff' lurking in a ditch somewhere)
    2) APMEX knows there will be a huge demand soon.
    3) APMEX doesn't know squat.

    and ... what's with the clock on those line items?! is it 21:50 somewhere in the US?

  62. unthought known said...

    "metals looking kind of week." (sp)

    no offence intended...

    This begs a general discussion on the value of charts at a time when deep pockets are obviously at work jerking off PMs. Ohya!

    I wish I had something constructive to add... ohya! GOLD and SILVER, along with property, ARE WEALTH. My PMs (thought I had lost them in a freak boating accident) will persevere whilst the financial institutions and governments lose their grip on the failing monetary systems.

  63. @ledbedder :-) having served in the Canadian military I am well aware what time 21:50 represents :-) What I asked what is it 21:50 (9:50pm) in the US somewhere? I think not.

  64. Perchance it is the time of the poster's computer?

  65. Felix:

    4) APMEX has a ton of physical at lower levels, most likely signed with miners directly, or through futures contracts that have probably already been secured (not LOL comex contracts).

    What better time than when everyone wants physical to put your name out there, for they will be making much much more fiat profit in the near future, especially when everyone is using them and dealers all jack their premiums like no other. Small price to pay for the real bull that is coming to dominate market share. After all, they are in the business of selling physical gold and silver... not holding until the best price (even though it should seem obvious that the paper price is useless to follow).

    They are the largest US Dealer, and I am sure their current online inventories do not represent a large fraction of their total inventory/accessible inventory...which is appreciating in real value by the moment.


    P.S. The morgue is their holding bank.
    5) So many they are just trying to squelch the public fires.

    But most likely 4.

  66. Hey, she's reporting, not thinking. Give the pretty face a break, huh?

    Seriously, though, if she did make some snyde comment about how dumb she thought the people she was quoting are, she'd be reamed by producers/editors/what-have-you. That's editorializing and she's not paid to do it...yet. Not until she becomes a nationally syndicated columnist and gets revered for spreading bullshit economic theory under the guise of...oh, that's right, there's no guise.

    What's really disappointing is that anyone who reads this site actually had some sort of expectation/hope that a report on this subject from that woman would have yielded anything other than what it did. We are the chosen few, goddamnit.

  67. So much for my gold bull flag. How come they find a wreck with 200 tons of silver on it the exact same day London and New York are busy pounding sand up metal's ass? The same salvage company found silver tonnage back in 2007 (supposedly) just before a nodal low, and that booty hasn't seen the light of day. It's still tied up in Admiralty Court. Their stock shot up 100% that time but it's flat now after supposedly finding ten times the treasure. I smell a rat, especially since it's a deal involving the crown.

  68. Brother John Silver Update - Hidden Bottoms


  69. Head & shoulders forming on USZ11??

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