Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Overnight lookin good.

Silver up a shit ton from the $26 lows. Must be because the 'liquidation' is miraculously over the day of COMEX options expiry. Right.

This is a gap up day, I will be taking money off the table on open from all my positions as they MAY try and fill the gap down. If they rally from the beginning I will keep and see how the afternoon squeeze plays out. There may be a hefty short squeeze coming....

I will trim my GLD, JPM, and NFLX calls that I bought at 3:55 yesterday at the close. If I were to keep more contracts of these, it will be the GLD.

Do as you wish...those that didnt buy physical, and you think that was the low, here is one of my main dealers online. If you enter my discount code you will save a tiny amount. Better then nothing. www.silvergoldbull.com DISCOUNT CODE: sgb-sgs

Word on the street is that Maples and ASE supply vanished over the weekend. Congrats Blythe, you are really winning this game.

**I have also added a twitter feed on the left hand side to keep up while on not at the desk!

NOTE: If you are buying from the states, change the currency to the US flag at the top.


  1. 125 maples coming my way!

    discount was worth 1 free maple. nice.

    Man maples were going for $40.ounce on ebay yesterday when the spot was $31. Crazy.

  2. SGS, awesome i just saw your tweet timeline on the left! dunno if you heard my request, but hope the twitter feed is on the new site too dude. Thanks!

  3. looks like we could be range bound for 4 weeks. The morgue and G SUCKS will sell a shitload of gld and slv calls and puts on this volatility, and then determine mathematically the mots efficient price for them on October 21st option expiration. You can confident 9 out of 10 times options expiration is the most efficient price for the overlords.

  4. and the only option month in the fraud etfs that are worth buying after the volatility variable spiked in pricing formulas is the october expiration

  5. also, considering we have settled exactly in the middle of the fucking percieved trading range, november or december options one way or the other will be even less profitable. SGS maybe I'm on to something and this is why weekly options quotes haven't been reliable, because the idea of interim expirations fucks the whole plan.

  6. Bloomberg radio is talking about gold and silver now...

    I trust Bloomberg more than other media. Sometimes, their hosts dare to say markets are manipulated or "abnormal" instead of trying to dishing out a reason to explain what happened to gold and silver.


  7. Gotta love Blythe for handing out freebies to the Asians. There has been a surge in physical buying during this downdraft.


  8. If you are Canadian and are buying from APMEX I have some advice:

    1. Send the funds in US$ - I had problems last spring when I sent CDN$ - it took 6 weeks for APMEX to find my bank wire.

    2. You DO NOT need to pay any Canadian taxes on .999(+) bullion coins or bars. DO NOT let them tax you (FedEx will likely tell you that you have to pay tax).

    Refer them to
    Canada Border Service Agency Customs Tarrif number: "7118.90.00.99"

  9. "Word on the street is that Maples and ASE supply vanished over the weekend."

    Kitco had lots of maples all along, but no monster boxes when I tried to buy Friday afternoon

    Monster boxes became available again there Monday, currently at $17600

    IMO from a TA perspective there is no rush to buy here. I expect some consolidation or lower prices ahead. V-shaped recovery would be unusual after this amount of technical damage.

    They had none on Friday

  10. ^
    I mean, kitco had no monster boxes on Friday. Were back monday.