Thursday, August 11, 2011

Willie: Delfation and Inflation

By Jim Willie.

The events of the last ten days are surely for the history books. The story must be told through a prism of the epic battle between inflation and deflation. The Jackass hates the parlance, since each term is abused. Inflation is the expansion of the monetary supply, while deflation is the decline in that supply. The Powerz would prefer that the public misconstrue what inflation is, so that they can continue to exploit it for their private gain and control of entire banking systems. The US Federal Reserve would prefer that the public remain clueless on the inflation threat, by citing the deflation threat in a manner to justify their Weimar-like hyper inflation. They have expanded the US$ money supply through USTreasury debt monetization severely, to the tune of $2 trillion in two years. That is bigtime inflation!! The downstream consequence is a fast notable rise in the cost structure across the entire global economy, complete with loud outcry. The reaction has been to protect against the price inflation (higher costs) and bond deflation (lost value) by the widespread purchase of both Gold & Silver (bonafide safe haven).

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  1. Will Santa give us an SGS piece tomorrow?


  2. "to the tune of $2 trillion in two years"

    I failed to wet my pants. What is the number in percentage relative to the entire US dollar money supply?

  3. USPS bout to cut 120k jobs.

    Take that, WeatherBiatch. Looks like that 30 year old pinstripe shirt and daisy dukes are gonna get retired.

    Fuck you & your $20/oz AG predictions.

  4. We know the explosion in PMs is near. The following quote is from CNBC today about how the "Gold Party" is ending.

    'But gold fell the most since June on Thursday as jittery investors took profits and stocks rebounded after investors found valuations following the recent equity slaughter attractive.'
    “It’s a rock (gold),” said James Altucher, financial author and blogger at ‘The Altucher Confidential.’ “The world’s economy is going to move beyond a rush to the latest fad currency and find real companies to invest in.”

    Alright Mr. Altrucher, lets see you place some calls on BAC and NFLX. Put your nuts on the table. I'll stick with phyzz thank you very much.

    Im glad gold went down a little today. Its silvers turn to shine.


    Flame the faggot. He's a shill for TPTB.

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  7. Need help...

    I recall someone here said that the smelters were going directly to the miners to contract them for supply. Strange though as GPL's concentrate broker can't sell their concentrate as his main client was Japan which has problems caused by Fukishima. GPL is struggling to sell it at a fair price. The poster here said his company was contacted by JPM about this. Seems there is a difference between the two stories.

    Can anyone help as GPL needs to sell at a fair price and has a good stockpile?

  8. this is freaking funny worth the 3 mins to watch about the debt.

  9. As of 12:19 am EST, Ron Paul is winning the Fox News (Faux Noise) GOP Debate poll. However, all the attention on Sean Hannity's post debate show went to Mitt "Corporations Are People" Romney.

    Here are the results:

    Ron Paul: 8251
    Gingrich: 4784
    Cain (Former head of Kansas City Fed): 2458
    Romney: 1886
    Bachmann: 1842

    Everyone else...not even close.