Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a day. What a gift.

Those of you starring stunned at your monitors snap the fuck out of it. If you didnt see this coming, go give your money to a mutual fund and be done with this game. There is no room for scared homotrons in this market trust me. It does not care what you think. Its either you prepared, or you lost.

I just received an email, which to me, in my mind, is EXACLT why we ARE going to the moon. Read below:

Hi mate

My name is xxxxx and i have been following your videos for quite some time now. I must say the videos were very well done so I must congratulate you on that.

But this is not the reason of my message.

I bought silver bullion and invested in it 100 %. I've made quite a loss since then.

I want to tell you this - YES, you are Correct that Silver Manipulation is going on BUT that does not mean the price of silver will skyrocket to 500 dollars anytime soon (if not at all). I bought it at 49 when there was a huge downfall and then bought more at 32. Didnt care yet I bought more. But now I've realised its not a good investment.

I will tell you why it wont go up (unlike gold which will rise steadily on inflation)

Investors have lost faith in silver because of its historical volatility unlike gold - investors would put their money in gold as a safe heaven Yes, so in times of high inflation you will expect gold prices to rise up.

Industries have huge demand for silver - YES!! But do you think companies want to see a HIGH price of silver?? of course not. they probably have a major role in shaping the price of silver. I understand silver will get rarer for the avg. investor but I still do not think price of silver will rise to really great numbers as you and other youtube videos suggest.

I've made a loss with my money - should've invested in something else such as undervalued assets like property as warren buffet was saying - I just thought silver was the "safe" heaven and didnt bother to look into it deeply. I suggest you post a video on what I have said.

Kind Regards,


I guess $15-48 was the que to buy at $49. (I'm shaking my head...)


  1. people buy at all prices, I have bought at 8-50, id say avg is 25 ... thing is we all HOPE THINK silver will hit 100, so buying it at 49 isnt the end of the world ... yeah why didnt we buy apple at 10 etc--all hindsight ...

    I have mostly gold so seeing it go up 40 then lose 15 is still a gift, thats grammsr school math +12.50 each day ... WhoTF CARES ... hold on for the long haul in both metals, 2 - 10 years hell I dont know ... but whining about what price you buy is for losers and never will bes ...


  2. SGS, give me his name, so I can buy his phyzz

  3. I think most ppl shoudl realize nothing goes up in a straight line ever and if it does, it comes straight down especially with silver and gold. I was expecting a drop in silver like last time, because today it was bouncing around 41.98 at least on that ticker on this site. I figured if it can't get outta 41.98 and see 42.00 something was going to go happen. Same as anything else it seems LULU was bouncing around 64.00 for 3 days straight going side ways then a down spike for a day then green then boom today down alot. I don't understand charts that well, all i know is ppl can't watch shit go sideways, they want it to go up or down hard.SIdeways is boring as hell.
    Thanx sgs for your hard work i Bought my bullion when i got a pile of cash from the inlaws at 26-30 bux, Thanx to the bears i could convince the wife quite easy. I couldnt care less about the price of it since I need that shitty ass monopoly money to buy food and pay bills im not converting my bullion cuz it looks like money plus i like having something most ppl don't.

  4. Don't you just hate dem homotrons?

  5. SGS,

    You are buying silver because its a precious metal that will most likely form the backing of a new currency once the toilet paper USD dies right?

  6. All markets have weak hands. They get shaken out and when strong hands take over the market goes up. If you look at any of the big bull markets throughout history, they were all hard to ride. I suppose that is why they call it a bull market. The damn thing is trying to kick you off.

  7. I am buying silver and gold b/c there is nothing left to buy...and guns

  8. ahhahahaha. i hope he comes back and reads this.

    so you bought at 50... thats too bad, tough shit. go cry somewhere else, silver is volatile for short term investments.

    if your buying bullion, it should be a long term investment or protection. looong teeeerm.

    stop crying and wait for silver to go above 50 again. ill say this now because i wont remember in a year: "should kept your silver".

  9. Article on "the 100 items to disappear first":

  10. Thanks for posting that SGS.

    A glimpse into the mind of a poor sheep like that gives a lot of insight into the pure helpless fear residing in some of my friends and family that has put a deadbolt lock on their reasoning processes. The more information you give them the more scared they get.
    What's worse is I have a feeling that when the SHTF they are going to resent me for putting them in a position to regret having not acted.

    But of course they don't WANT to make a decision, like the email sheep who wishes he had just followed Warren Buffet (LOL) than sitting down and doing his homework.

    It is the nature of fear. It is why these deflation scares actually work on the people at large.

  11. lead them to the slaughter.....

  12. @goboy9: explain your 4:56 post

  13. he will really feel like a giant dick in 3 mos. he will wish he could buy it at 49.
    but he will jump back in again when the next peak hits...than lose again...wash, rinse repeat....but the rest of us just re-load when they're having a sale....but we need him in order for us to profit...the stupidity in our society should never be under estimated...

  14. The hardest thing is watching the day to day gyrations. Every silver bug/expert has said stop looking at the daily price. They buy silver because it's averaging 30% growth per year and we haven't seen anything yet. Yes it's being manipulated but the paper ponzi like every other in history will fail. Why do I say this - because the EU id failing (Italy's turn), and the US is the 800 lb gorilla with AIDS and it will die a slow death by a thousand cuts. As hard as this pill is to swallow hold you physical and BTFD if you can afford it!

  15. hat a waste of 'sound money' to buy shiny metal coins that you can't eat and do not pay interest...could have bought enron when it was $ 2 and made a true fortune..if I only had a brain...NOT


    I started buying my first 100 oz bars in 2002 at $4.52 oz. I bought all the way up. I bought at $8.00 when it sold back down to $6.00. I bought a lot more at $10 when the price fell back to $8.00 (that was a 20% short term loss).

    I bought a lot more at different prices. Sometimes at the bottom of the move, sometimes at the top. I didn't care to bit.

    Today I see the same problems with people who look at silver in a short term basis. This is like looking at a house by shoving your face on the siding.

    There is a reason why Dan Norcini lives in Montana. There is a reason why Jim Sinclair has a seff-sufficent farm in Conn. There is a reason why Jim Willie moved to Costa Rica. These folks look at a home from standing on the mountainside and not like most SHEEP with ones head against the home exterior.

    Gold and Silver are money. 40 years of amnesia in the current FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM is no excuse. GOLD is too expensive to use in trade. It is for backing monetary systems. Silver is for trade. Both are needed as a source of money.

  17. lol. We haven't received an email quite that amazing, but we have received numerous recently as well. Got one on Tuesday telling me that he was dumping silver because we would never see $41 again in his lifetime.
    Silver hit $41 about 90 minutes later. lol
    Got several today saying we will never see $50 again, that its a generational high.
    These people are either smoking something or reading Bob Moriarty. unbelievable.
    Kept hitting the buy button today here...gotta love the big sale prior to QE3.
    Keep up the good work.


    Pay attention to the beginning and the end of this video sheep. Since it was made over 8 months ago, look what has happened since. Nothing has changed for the better. Worldwide debt continues to explode. Unemployment is rampant. Another war has flaired up. Be happy you have the Phyzz that you have, and stop worrying about the damn fiat price. Once QE3, 4 and 5 comes around, you´ll be seeing plenty of milionaires and billionaires walking around looking for something to eat...just like in present day Zimbabwe.

  19. Sheep taste good bahaaa, you need lemmings. IF everyone was a wolf what would everyone eat


    I am trying to get to the bottom of their 2011 Q1 report and 2010 Annual report. One says they lost $986,000 in 2010, the other says they made $4.2 million. The investor relations person has no clue as to why this is. I am waiting for the CFO to call.

    In all reality...I could care less about REVETT MINERALS. It is a FLY in the OINTMENT. What I am trying to convey to these people is the falling EROI. Montana produced a BOATLOAD of silver in this country. Mostly in the early 1900's. Today...there's one lousy mine there producing silver.

    Investor relations tells me that now that price has moved up higher, the low ore grades are economical. I said..."That might be true, but will there be the energy supply in the future?"

    Of course they have no clue. They are looking at the HOUSE with their LIPS on the exterior siding.

    BOB MORIARTY is another CLOWN with his face shoved firmly on the Brick and mortar. Reminds me of my favorite song...."SEND IN THE CLOWNS".

    No one even considers what happens to Capital when the Dollar dies and Fiat currencies implode. All that so called capital will evaporate. Who will invest in Drilling Oil Wells in a year or two?

    The implications of this collapse are staggering. All I see is complete rubbish from CNBC and FOX business. When you hear terms like:


    You know you are getting from behind with plenty of VASELINE.


  21. Its tough to hold the puke down at times, and I'm used to the risk of Ag. What makes you realize sheep are still so prevalent in the market, is that people fled to gold and silver mon, tues, wed, only to completely liquidate into paper fiat today. Fellow SLW holders, I think its a good night to take a few shots of your favorite liqour and try to take our minds of the horror, which will likely continue tomorrow.

  22. Hurry up and sell your silver to purchase gold. I suspect its about to sell off and consolidate. In 4 weeks you will want to sell your gold. Which will trigger another leg up on gold.
    Glad you used the name Sheep, people like you will always be slaughtered.

  23. His logic breaks down completely when you consider the inevitable watering-down of the dollar. That's going to push silver up. It's a no-brainer. Sure, gold may be better, but it's not like silver is going to stay at $40 while gold surges past $2000 in QE3. Same for most/all commodities. Homotrons indeed.

    I fucked up and dumped my spxu at 17.99. Kicking myself now that it's about to break $19. Good thing I don't do this for a living.

  24. How long till the financials and auto industry needs another bailout?

    Oh wait, we already tried that, and all it did was make CEO's richer!

  25. 6.50$ premium per ounce on Silver in South Korea.


  26. Here is the way I see it. Gold acts like bonds in your portfolio. Stable, steady, safe and secure. Silver is my stock portfolio. I went 100% all into the metals after the crash of 08. Lead (wrapped in little brass cups) is the "gold" insurance hedge within my all metals portfolio. I also "roll my own" ammo as a hobby and have purchased in bulk over 12 years now. Today was like watching a movie and at the closing bell I got up and went home. Now I'm expecting all the sheep I've tried to get to listen to start calling my house. Today should have woke a few up!

  27. Baaaaaaaa. Ordered 15 tubes of Eagles and packed up 75#s of black beans in mylar bags with O2 absorbers inside 3 5 gallon food grade buckets with gamma seal lids. Plenty of AR'sand ammo and mucho Moutain House #10 cans and lots of water too. Bring in on mutherfuckers!

  28. Sitting back and watching the shit show..
    I have just as many rounds this afternoon as I did this morning and more on the way : ) I've never felt such piece of mind...
    Everyone at work was STIR CRAZY today, not me!

    For those thinking about jumping in, it's ok, everyone starts somewhere..

  29. What a rout !!!!
    I don't want to be a complete cunt but I made 10% on my portfolio in 6 weeks and my stops got hit yesterday so I'm as clean as a broke dick dog (as Miles David used to say).
    One think I have learned is in investing one man's tragedy is another mans opportunity. Not to say I take pleasure in that, its just the way it is.
    So fantastic chance to pick up bargains coming up.

  30. AC_DR

    Where'd you get the brack beans from, broham?

    Compiling a list of long term food providers....

  31. AC_DR

    "Where'd you get the brack beans from, broham?

    Compiling a list of long term food providers....

    August 4, 2011 8:31 PM"


    Sam's Club- Peak 25# black beans bagged approx.
    $22.00 each. Awesome survival food. Almost everything your body needs and 25#s goes a long fucking way. I soak mine in R. Osmosis water for 12 hours and then cook them in a pressure cooker for 13 minutes.

  32. If you bought at $50 you haven't lost ANYTHING until you've sold. True with any purchase you make....ever. This is probably some 19 year old high on hopium with a silver boner that has no idea about the fundos.

    And if you bought at $50 and at $32 you're really at where we are now...$ shut your face and never use email again cause your bad at it....and "investing".

  33. unfortunate to not have Puts on anything

    more fortunate to have my phyz

  34. When did silver hit 49? Wasn't it in April or early May? So this whiny bitch has been in for 3 months and he(she?)is moaning about how he lost so much money? I bought some at 50 too! I buy it whenever I can. Hey Mr. (Mrs.?)xxxxxx, get a shovel and start diggin'! You are completely fucked!

    Why the fuck does SGS get this email? Some loser reads a random post from SGS and sells the farm to buy silver @49 and SGS is the recipient of the "my pussy hurts" email? If he went all in 100% at 49, how the fuck did he buy at 32?

    There is just so much wrong with this. I am so tired of stoopid peeple!

  35. Hey, SGS i need a good screening appplication or software. what do you use? what does anyone recommend?

  36. "I am buying silver and gold b/c there is nothing left to buy...and guns."

    I'm right there with you Sir. Phyzz-o-rama and most recently a GoldMoney account.

    Bought some Pretium a couple of days ago and got killed today but I'm not about the short term. Hopefully getting into some more Tinka over the next day or two. Wish I wasn't a complete novice hack with the stock market but I have Loonies that I want to expose to metals and commodities any way I can. I'm looking at things like Crescent Point, Quadra FNX and Verde Potash, etc. but am also concerned with what this fuckfest of a market is going to do.

    I just want this fucking thing to blow-up so I can cook rice and beans on a camp stove and shoot any zombie that comes near me wanting something.

    My blood boils most days after I have coffee, read blogs like yours, zerohedge, etc. and get over the feeling of being frightened for everything I've come to know as reality.

    Thank-you very much for all you do SGS.