Thursday, August 4, 2011

SLV Take down August 4th


  1. bought the oct 22 $41 strike. Small position hoping jesus helps me on the BLS # tomorow lol

  2. This is like being on the Titanic, and after the stupid-ass Captain and crew hit the iceberg, they start shooting the people in the lifeboats. Exact same thing.

  3. I have been on a conference call for an hour, and just checked kitco!

    What the fuck just happened!

  4. Carry a loaded gun and a good life vest.
    Safe yourself because Uncle Sam won't.

  5. they arent done yet. taking it down further now.

    sgs: i appreciate the quick posts and vids. as i watch the charts, i know sgs will have the first post about it... maybe the other financial sites will have a post about it like.. tomorrow, when we have moved on.

  6. As far as I can ascertain (present company excluded) 'zepster' was the first to call today's crash...

    "Batten down the hatches. Stormy weather ahead."

    I, for one, would be more than interested to know how he came to this understanding.

  7. thanks sgs. i am all loaded today for now. had missed earlier.

  8. Meanwhile ZH site is intermittently down...

    Captcha = stall

  9. Long time lurker wanted to chime in.

    Been following this site for about 6-7 months and can't figure it out. Everyone says get ready for Silver to explode, it goes up a little bit then comes back down. This last uptick I thought for sure it would go huge but sure enough look what happened today. I want to get in the game and start stackin' what I can but am getting gun shy about finding an entry point for my fiat savings.

    Is it ever going to go up to 50-60 range and stay there?

  10. Are the Bankster ever going to run out of bullets? I am really getting tired of this manipulation crap. I know, I know buy the dips but I already invested all on previous dips.
    I'm ready for the Banksters to waive the white flag so that my investment can reach its potential.

  11. Actually felix I was the one who said we would be presented with an extraordinary buying opp prior to the nnumber. And here it is.

  12. "Been following this site for about 6-7 months and can't figure it out."

    Cant figure the site out, or silver?

  13. @SGS as I said "present company excluded" :-)

    It is the impeccable timing that has me curious. He called it about 10mins before it happened. hmmmm... how did he come to this knowledge?????

  14. "Cant figure the site out, or silver? "

    Can't figure out the trends that you guys are looking for to buy (phyzz). Is it really that big of difference buying at 37 or 39?? I've seen folks say buy as much as you can while you can and others say wait for the dips. Sometimes reading here it feels like I need to buy no matter the price as funds become available. What is the consensus here on a economic collapse? 1, 2, 5, 10 years? I'm not a baller like most of you here, just getting into silver and trying to absorb it all. Sorry for the noob-ness. Thx for the info & help.

  15. Wouldn´t be surprised if ZH was taken out by TPTB.

  16. If you think RIO was a big crash today, look @ Yellow Media, down 46% as I write this:

    Major lulz! I should have loaded on put yesterday I would be rich today...

  17. Someone is getting real personal with gold and silver now. My pile of dry powders look so useful at this point. :-)

  18. Anyone else feel like you just traveled in time back to 1929?

    And guess what kiddies?! DOW has lost more in the past two weeks than it did in 2008 when the first House slush fund called TARP failed to pass.

    This is not 2008 all over again. This will be much, much worse. Wait til they crank up the printing presses and simultaneously raise rates through the roof. Inflation AND sky-high interest rates. YAY!

    Having to choose between eating or buying gas so you can get to work is gonna be a blast!

  19. AZCHI!

    See Bears vid "price means nothing" just buy what you can, when you can!

  20. just so everyone is aware of insurance measures. $39 PUTS AUG 5th were .12 cents this morning, now they are $1.40.

    Protect yourself at all times, I gave this warning this morning at 9:08 am when I said "As with anything, when something goes up this quick, protect yourself with some PUTS just in case the bankers put the hammer down.

    Gold has already tested $1680 as I type this and has been defended by the shorts."

  21. SGS this is getting a bit overdone don't you think? It's as if Bernanke is suddenly NOT deathly afraid of deflation. Oil is closing in on 85! Deflation is back.

  22. Who cares I want it lower so I can buy more. I told everyone in my video last week that SLV is coming back to $36 did I not? Well we hit $37 today...if we get silver margin calls tonight watch the fuck out.

  23. "Here we go again."
    -Brown Bear to White Bear

  24. Isn't it obvious that The Morgue is taking down silver ahead of the NFP tomorrow because the number will be so bad it will open the door for Bernank to QE3!

  25. Zerohedge offline for hours.

    This is purely coincidental.

    Move along folks, nothing to see here.

    Got Glock?

  26. Just a quick question for the professional traders here. I'm holding SDS (double short of the S&P 500). If the Bernank says QE3 is needed, will that spawn a rally in the markets, or is everything so FUBAR now that it won't matter. The reason I'm asking is that I'm going to use the proceeds from SDS to buy phyzz.

    My average price for SDS is $21.92 and I'm currently up 8.5%

    I think I'm going to continue to hold. When NFP comes out tomorrow, I think the numbers are going to be so bad that the markets will take another large dump tomorrow. Thoughts...

  27. I might actually get outta this stupid LULU trade ahead, I fucked myself by not hedging because im a moron and think of this shit as betting a rigged casino.

  28. Silver Wheaton down 10% in a few hours, wow!

  29. Hi, All,

    Long time lurker; first time poster; and, a long-time holder of physical Ag (~ten years). Unfortunately, I am used to these smackdowns from TPTB; I've seen consecutive 10% daily punches in the Ag gut in past years.

    But know what? I had physical and simply SIT on my stash. Wasn't easy to watch paper profits get blasted, but there is a certain element of peacefulness that comes from owning physical, that you don't get with PM stocks. (After all, stocks can to zero; physical won't.)

    At the end of the day--even after experiencing ten years of manipulated hammers against the paper price of silver, I still have a six-bagger (compared to my all-in cost).

    Moral? Just BTFD and HOLD. Ignore all the crap that the corrupt system throws at paper holders of all types.

    Just SIT ON YOUR STASH, knowing that you own the safest investment known to the civilized world.

    Throughout history, no fiat currency has ever survived with a shred of value; they ALL eventually went to zero. So, investing in the precious is flat-out no brainer in the long-term. But only if you can live with the fabricated paper price gyrations.


  30. Oh, forgot to say, SGS, that you are terrific. You have been the voice articulating my outrage at what's happening in our corrupt markets.


  31. sgs, i cant fuckin beleive my tinka is down 2 cents today....what the fuck....good thing i'm in for 25k shares avg. in at .35.....down 2 today would be like being up .15 on any other day....must have a bunch of dedicated share holders...

  32. cheers, dfergu. It's like going to the grocery store: If price goes down you go shopping and load happily.

  33. Everyone, I do know that silver is very, very important and smart to have, but just remember... If you have PHYZZ, but no food and water, you're just going to be a dead corpse blingin' the fuck out. And then from that point, all your hard work will be picked up by a looter as easily as if he was picking up gold coins in World of Warcraft.

    My strategy has gone from stockpiling necessities, to then barter for gold and silver, as I'm thinking that a thirsty soul will happily exchange an oz of AU for a bottle of Aquafina...

  34. PaindinGold: Remember, those who have guns will take from the those without guns.

  35. And also, for all my broke to getting-by folks, I believe the strategy I wrote above is best for us.

    One oz of silver is way too expensive for us now. $40 + a premium, 3-4 dollars in the US and up to 20 fiat extra in Europe.

    After we pay our rents and living costs, we'll stack 5-10 ounces per month! That's not significant enough to bypass the necessities that we require to live.

    1 gallon of water = $1.20 USD fiat
    in times of crisis, maybe that gallon will be an ounce of AG, MAYBE GOLD!?!

    God, gold, guns, guts.
    Bible, bullets, beans, bacon. (Necessities of life)

    And georgesilver, I apologize for being an ass. An 11 hour flight gave me time to think and there's no benefit in fighting a comrade. Please take it as market frustration from my end that was relieved this morning for me.

  36. "sgs, i cant fuckin beleive my tinka is down 2 cents today....what the fuck....good thing i'm in for 25k shares avg. in at .35.....down 2 today would be like being up .15 on any other day....must have a bunch of dedicated share holders..."

    Yup, wait till you hear my writeup out this weekend.

  37. Horsy,

    Fo sho, without a doubt.

    The idea of being a pirate shines like gold, but the truth of the matter is, it's like chasing pyrite (fool's gold). Yeah, I'll pillage some ounces, some necessities, but I'm sure I'll end up with lead in my head. Live by the gun, die by the gun.

    But if anyone tries to jack my Jack Dan or my puppy's dog food, that red beam will glimmer and explode shortly.

  38. PaidInGold: Just curious, how much food/water do you recommend storing? Do u use food grade tanks or just bottles from Costco?

    I've noticed there is a fine line between smart folks who want to be prepared "In case shit", and a bunch of Mad Max/militia type nut jobs. Hard to sift through all the rubbish online.

  39. azchi,

    sup brother.

    man, i don't know. if you think about the way we use water in our homes, we use at least 500-1000 gallons of water i believe in a day. yeah, in a day. each toilet flush is like 3-5 gallons, ain't it? and a nice long shower???

    i had collectively 60 gals of water. 25 in 5 gals. 30 in 1 gals. 5 in portable bottles.

    how long would this have lasted me? i'd think a week or so, at scarce usage.

    i really don't know, man... i'm just trying my best on my end too... it'd be great to be next to water but that type of shit doesn't exist in SoCal.

    now with the "in case shit" and max max types... i think the line separating the two are becoming thinner and thinner as the world burns, i mean turns.

  40. Tons of survival info here:

    The guy who runs it has an awesome book too:

  41. i'll be here....and just for you, i'm going to add to my position....

    i know how to thank you..

  42. sgs, i just put 3k more into pile..
    1500 at .50
    1500 at .51

    see you on the other side

  43. Here is my list of stock piled items, albeit, never enough:
    Lots of ammo
    Lots of Pasta and sauce
    Lots of canned goods
    Lots of Rice
    Lots of Beans
    100 gallons Gasoline
    Always have 4 full propane tanks for grill
    3 dozen mini lp tanks for lanterns + mantles
    Tylenol and Aspirin
    First Aid kit
    Lots of Soap and Shampoo
    Lots of Bleach

    Good First aid kit
    3 tents (if you ever have no heat, you can stay warm by setting up a tent inside your house.
    Water: I live on a lake, I have a dug well as wll as a community water system where we have 8 wells and 2 pump houses serving all of the houses on the lake.
    Lots of fish in the lake
    Lots of deer right around my house as I live in the middle of the woods.
    Lots of seeds
    (4) raised garden beds with premium topsoil
    6 chickens which produce eggs and chicken shit great for garden beds.

    As much phyzz as I can amass while funding all of the aforementioned needs.

    I am probably missing a lot of items that I have stockpiled for a SHTF scenario, but I hope this list helps some of you.

    By the way, one gun is not enough. You need a good hunting rifle as well as hand guns for self defense. Someone yesterday was saying at least one gun, but that is not enough. I do believe that in a SHTF barter scenario, a gun with some ammo will be worth its weight in gold. Also, alcohol and cigarettes are top of the list items for barter. So if you don't want to buy Phyzz because it hurts your pussy, then fill your garage up with Whiskey and Marlboro's, just make sure you have some guns to protect it.

    Make good friends with your neighbors, you are going to need them.

    Time is running out, stop fucking thinking about it and get your shit correct. See you boys on the other side.

  44. I believe it's a good idea to have some food stashed away, just in case, in addition to phys. As far as water goes, I don't think it's going to stop raining, just get yourself a rain barrel. Is there any reason collecting rain water won't work, unless of course it it radioactive, then we're screwed anyway.

  45. watched CNBC from 4-4:09. LMAO. Poured myself an adult beverage.

  46. Wall street was supposed to crash if they did not raise the debt limit!

    Once again silver is directly proportional to the market indexes

    I need to see a 30 year DOW vs SILVER chart now.

    I bought some more phyzz at -5% today and then it goes down another 2.5%, lovely timing!

    OK, enough girlie whinning from me

  47. sgs, a big thanks for all your info here.

    And thanks for all the intelligent comments, everyone..!! All very good for this amateur investor.

    Converted my entire 410k into a money market account in late June.

    After today's bloodbath I am thanking my lucky stars I follw web sites like this one..!! Tomorrow should be interesting after the jobs report comes out.

    Oh yea, started buying Silver Eagels about 8 months ago. Feel real good about that even though I have a fight with my wife every Saturday before I head to the bank for the cash.
    She will thank me later...


  48. Garry,

    Good sir, you write about the big losses you take, but you never run out of FIAT. Are you a printing press!?!

    Bob... Silver eagles are great but that premium is so booboo. Silver is silver, and those 4-6 dollar premiums add up! Imagine all the generic bars, rounds, and/or junk silver you could've gotten! If you have no junk silver, make your next purchase so. You can find them at market price or even for less on craigslist!

  49. @Tom H: "won't you be my neighbor"? Good list.

  50. The knobs on msnbc just said "Today was a monumental day for the dollar, the precious metals trade is over"