Thursday, August 4, 2011

Silver hit worse than anything else, SHOCKING.

What a day. I am in the mood to write so I wont stop. I am coming across so much information its starting to dizzy me. The first article below explains how Washington just blew through some doe..."That increase puts the government already remarkably close to the new debt limit of $14.694, which means one day’s new borrowing ate up 60 percent of the $400 billion in space Congress granted the president this week." LOL. I guess this is normal.

Click here to read the rest of this lunacy...

Today was a an interesting day. In fact, silver got slammed so hard I had to say out loud, "Silver dropped $3 from $42, and Gold fell $15 from one thousand six hundred and eighty"

Say it out loud with me now. How fucked does that sound. That daily candle is not liquidation. Its manipulation. Down 7.5% and gold down .5%? Ya. Okay.

When SLV bottomed out I bought the Oct 22 $41 call AND the Aug 12 $35 PUT. I have NO IDEA what tomorrow lies will be spewed out of the official number, but shorts are either going to get pumped, or Shalom Benny is going to have to step into his helicopter soon.

Back to silver as every time I think about it its starting to annoy me to the point where my fuckin blood starts to boil. Look at the chart below. Why Silver? Why couldn't cocoa or oats for fuck sake be last place? You know the answer to that rhetorical question.

So for tomorrow, we should regain some of that red candle as the BS # comes out. Bad, good, doesnt matter after that day we just had, I think we go up tomorrow in the PM's. That being said, the globex might have other things in store and margin hikes might be coming out of the woodworks. Stay cautious, Jackson's corn Hole is just around the corner. Those that stay the course will be rewarded.

Thank me lots, 'donations' per se have been light so to speak. I am putting everything into the new site. You will get it all back. Thank you to those who donated today


  1. ... Jackson's corn Hole...

    You really are therapeutic SGS.

  2. I really like that BBC new night video. It speaks to what drives a lot of my general strategy. all three guests were good. thank you sgs

  3. Just a quick reminder to everyone prepping for the worst: Make sure you have plenty of junk silver close to the vest. Those nickels and dimes will be ideal for day-to-day exchanges. I recommend a minimum of $50 (approx $1,500 in paper right now) face value per person in your household, roughly.

  4. Well I got corned today but nothing new since 2004 when I first came in. Still up shitload of fiat but always pissed when I lose some of it.

    Felt so bad I bought this baby. Great experience with AJ over there. Pick it up next week.

  5. hahaha, what bullshit.

    i found out korea, every morning, sets the prices for gold and silver.

    we saw a $3 dollar drop in silver, but the spot price hasn't changed for korea at all.

    and i posted $6 over spot premiums over yonder, but fuck gentlemen, i just got requoted $9.50 over spot.


  6. There's a H&S breakdown on the ES (S&P500 emini futures). This was day three of the breakdown. My prediction is that some news/BS numbers tomorrow reverse it up big time or over the weekend/next week. Whenever it happens, the H&S looks to me just too pretty to be true. Watch for the bear trap where ES is back above 1260 and beyond, imo.

  7. Thanks for the 7% discount Blythe, love your work. I just went to the mint and got some more of the good stuff.

    All you and your ilk do is encourage us to sit back and wait for your blatant manipulation after which we then go in and buy at a discount.

    Surely this shit has to end soon as its a little obvious and frankly quite pathetic. I long for the day when the top blows off this charade, I'll be sitting back with some beer and chips and laughing my arse off. Its just a matter of time.

  8. JP Morgan starting to pump PMs? Wouldn't that be something.

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  10. Noone cares about oats, but for a quick decision newbie, fiat can certainly be made.

  11. How long does beer last in the cellar? I am thinking of buying a hundred cases or so - should last me at least a couple of months after SHTF.

  12. Anyone check out the HKMEx - SEPT silver is going for $41.80 - they don't seem to care about the price action here ...

    ... should be some way to buy silver on Globex/COMEX/LBMA and sell it over at HKMEx ...

  13. If you wanna know "why silver?", I'll tell you why - look at the JPM shareprice slide yesterday - couldn't stand for that much disparity in the wrong direction, so silver had to get knocked down hard.

    same again today - silver rising until JPM shares start sliding, then out come the whack-a-mole hammers.

    i feel like i could bet on silver's movement at the moment just by watching the JPM price.

    @Tony: doesn't surprise me - HKMEX prices have been flatlined since they opened it - am yet to see any real kind of move on there.