Friday, August 19, 2011

Goldman on the Jackson Hole Announcement

I would like to touch base before the night is out on Goldman's latest GDP forecast yada yada. What it very interesting are these two paragraphs:

"We believe Bernanke’s Jackson Hole speech will include a detailed discussion of the potential for more easing through large-scale asset purchases. A variety of indicators suggest many investors already expect more QE. For instance, a recent CNBC survey shows that more than $300bn of purchases may already be priced in. The sharp decline in forward real rates is also partly related to QE expectations, in our view (Exhibit 2).5 Based on our conversations with clients, we believe investors would be very surprised if the speech did not include a discussion of asset purchases...
While listing the easing options looks probable, Bernanke is very unlikely to pre-commit to taking action next week. This is a monetary policy decision, and any announcement would come at an FOMC meeting. In addition, core inflation continues to accelerate, and Fed officials seem to have a rosier outlook than our forecast or the consensus. While we expect additional QE and the odds are rising at the margin, it is not yet a done deal."

I'm laughing my ass off over here because the market just got TUNED in the last 2 weeks, and QE3 or 300 bill may already be priced in? LOL.

This is my interpretation (As Goldman):

Ben isnt going to say shit. We will buy the market 20% lower, and then Ben will be forced to print, and then us Goldman's make a shit ton on the rally into the Abyss. Then after we have raped and pillaged the entire USA, we will move our rapege to China, as the Indians are way too stinky to fuck with.


  1. Will market ever recover ? After 2008 crash, there are people given up on the equity market for good. And with unemployment >9%, many people stay away from investing. Back in April May time frame, I heard there was 7 Trillion dollars parked in cash. People are not risking their money in the market.
    With 500 points swinging for 4 consecutive days, more people are pulling their money out for good.
    Even with the QE3 announced, I am not sure how many investors are coming back. More and more people believe the market is rigged. It could be the time the investing firms and banks start cannibalizing each other. Sheeples are pretty much slaughtered.

  2. Silver now selling above $50/oz on eBay...

  3. "Then after we have raped and pillaged the entire USA, we will move our rapege to China, as the Indians are way too stinky to fuck with." LOL

    You have obviously never been in Chinese household! Not as bad a Vietnamese but close, lol!


    spot on!

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  8. @highrise408
    Maybe someone just really wanted a stagecoach.

    SAE's are going for only $4 above spot - not too bad (for Ebay) for during a crisis. 3 Eagles @ $45.76 each and that includes shipping. Lots of similar auctions as well.

  9. SGS - gold can hold at current levels even with a margin hike. Chavez gold repatriation is a game changer. LBMA will have to buy back gold if it is currently in a fractional reserve system and drive the price higher - your thoughts?


  10. @coconutrumplus: one word answer to your question: Japan. The banksters and fraudsters are going for the kill. They are a stalking fox eyeing a sick chicken. They have all the (stolen) money they need, now it is time to make 315,000,000 slaves i.e. United States of America. Even though it won't go straight down, the stock market is going MUCH lower before any type of bottom. These markets are built on fiat. Since it is fake, we're gonna fall like a fat chick tripping up to the buffet. The only exposure I am going to have to the stock market is shorting any rally. Futures/commodities are the place to be=REAL STUFF. Corn, oil, silver, hogs, cattle...stuff we NEED. We don't need stock certificates. Our inflation will be higher than even I can predict, and I predict it will be high. We're F'd. If you don't want to get in to futures/commodities, do research on companies that are connected to the above mentioned fields. Food & water & protection will be the place to park your money for the next decade. Jim Rogers was very early to commodities, but how can you argue against a billionaire? He can afford to buy stocks & just sit and sit & wait for the move up. He is still super bullish, so as long as he keeps wearing that tie & talking commodities, I'll be listening.

  11. "fall like a fat chick tripping up to the buffet" LOL. I'll be using that one if you don't mind, Ledbedder.

  12. Why don't you create a forum?
    I'm one of the people who don't want to post on blogger.
    You can't link to your post, so it's a waste of time in some sense.

  13. bruinjoe: I dont believe in racism. Its like a unicorn to me. Fable per se. I joke a lot, nothing I write in regards to other cultures should be taken seriously, in the end, I love everyone.

    Timon: We are swithching this blog to a .com within 3 weeks, it will have forums on there.

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    don't preach morals here ... come here for education and let SGS do the good work.

  15. Ledbedder

    Very well Stated ! About time to round up the Americans and throw them into Reservations, just like the Native Indians !

  16. @capitald: by all means, do so! :)