Saturday, August 20, 2011

COT Report, Short to Long Ratio update

COT gold:

Large specs: added 4566 long, 8083 shorts covered

Commercials: sold 2910, covered 3269 short

Silver COT:

Large specs: added 596 long, 2944 shorts covered

Commercials: sold 1839 longs, ADDED 3501 short

Overall, JPM et al. just got squeezed like lemons as this report is as of Tuesday.

So going into next week this is whats going to happen. JPM et al will be putting up an enormous fight, one that we may not have seen yet. For if they dont, we will see the biggest short squeeze to $50 you have ever seen. It will be epic. Add in the fact that options expiry is next week, you can see how they are already preparing for a massive raid. Gold help them if we see $45 next week, b/c the sour grape squeeze smell will be awesome.

Further more look how obvious the manipulation is and how biased the ratio of longs to shorts are.

In the large spec side in GOLD we see a long to short ratio of (long 264K, short 64K)of 4:1. For every 4 Long contracts the Large spec buys, he is short one too.

In the silver arena their ratio is (32.5K long, 11K short) 3:1 long bias

Now lets look at the polar opposite.

In the Commercial side, such as JPM et al. on the GOLD side they are long 160.5K and short 410K. LOL. This ratio of SHORT to long is 2.5:1. FOR EVERY GOLD CONTRACT LONG (WANTING TO GO UP) the MORGUE adds 2.5 shorts to it (wanting to go down). Hummm biased. I wonder if their clients know they are this bias towards the ONLY asset class that has returned 20% profits over the last 10 years. And they are short 2.5:1 on it. Makes sense.

Now in the silver arena, we see nothing different, and the trend continues. The Commercials are long 34.5K and short 75K. For a ratio of SHORT to long of 2.2:1

Some may say well Gold and silver have risen so that's why they are more biased to the short side. Ya good luck with that argument, go back in Harvey's records a year ago, and you will find that the ratio's are even WORSE.

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  1. must read

    Revolucion - thanks for the
    Submitted by bern on August 20, 2011 - 11:18am.

  2. Just for entertainment value:

    I wasn't at home yesterday to take delivery of my phyzz so I'm waiting around for FedEx to deliver it any minute now. Reading that COT report just solidified the case for stacking phyzz even more!

  3. Dan Norcini, and I quote, I think will see a push to 1900 next week and maybe 1925 after that. Dan are you for Fkn real...

    Dan stop the BS pussy tech line calls and grow a pair!

    Thx SGS for having a sack and saying the calls you make heads or tails.

  4. Soon Weather Unit will be banished to the bowels of troll hell.


  5. SGS, for the moment, all of my capital is in the phyyyyyzzzzz... When I sell my phat stack of ingots, I'll send a bit of fiat your way ;)

    I was in silver before I found your awesome and informative blog, but your purpose is very honourable, and I respect that!

  6. Harvey Speaks

  7. I have been following zero hedge and this blog since the bear video 7...

    I had invested in phyz a while back but right now I want to understand how it works even MORE. I just understood the money printing scam but this blog and ZH is way more than that.

    I ask of you some patience in answering my questions please...

    what does "ADDED 3501 short" mean? Are you saying that it's a buying opportunity next week if they manipulate the price because they made a bet that it was going to fall... correct?

    "Overall, JPM et al. just got squeezed like lemons as this report is as of Tuesday...JPM et al will be putting up an enormous fight, one that we may not have seen yet. For if they dont, we will see the biggest short squeeze to $50 you have ever seen." Are you saying that they are going to lose a lot if they don't manipulate it? What does a short squeeze to X mean?

    going to don4te some now!

    thank you so much!

  8. where can I get a education of basic finance to understand what ZH and this blog is saying?

    thanks again

  9. Scotty: We will have a section in the forum on the new site for beginners and any questions you might have regards to terminology.

    As far the short question you have, they have added more 'resistance' to the upward move in silver by borrowing shares into existence and then selling them right away to create more fake supply.

    It is their duty to do this. They must or they are done.