Friday, August 19, 2011

Silver Update, Friday late day strength

Have a good weekend! See you tomorrow! Have some fun tonight, the world will change soon!

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  1. SGS, did you end up trading today? The TPTB had a mini raid around 10:30, which I find unusual. Volume really doesn't subside until the COMEX close at 1:30. Leads me to think some insiders dumped their long positions and will short sometime soon. I bought a few August 26 SLV 39 puts near the close today and will tranche in until Tuesday afternoon when the big raids usually occur.

    Also, depending on the news over the weekend, I'm planning to create a huge spread with OTM October SPY puts and calls on Monday. Don't know if that's a good strategy, so I'd like to hear your thoughts, but it seems like the Fed will cause the market to either rally or plunge into the abyss.

  2. As I write this 43 is only 4 cents away. I would say 43 is going to be a milestone but then if it breaks 44 today too...

    I wonder how high this rocket ship will go. I bought in on some of my silver when it was 33. I am feeling pretty good right now.

  3. Looking forward to the new site SGS:

    As for silver, I would imagine it to be between $200-$500 next year, depending on how far along the ponzi scheme goes before the new quest for starting the new international monetary scheme begins.

    Silver used to be money, and will be treated as money when the fiat currencies crumble through overwhelming abudance. Throw in the fact that silver is a wonder technological metal, that is used more and more in this world, well then you have the recipe for exponential demand.

    There may be a new shift in paradigm in silver, as just because the traditional gold to silver ratio used to be ~15-16:1, does not mean that will be in the future. Central banks own stockpiles of gold, not silver...

    Silver has been used and abused for 138 years since the “Crime of 1873″ when the Rothschilds sought to demonetize silver as money. With the discovery of the huge Comstock Lode in America, the banksters new that this debt free money would soon eliminate the debts the banksters accrued. The Rothschilds hired Earnest Seyd to go to America with $100,000 dollars to bribe every politician to demonetize silver. Samuel Hooper who sponsored the bill admitted that Earnest Seyd actually wrote the legislation himself. This single act effectively cut the money supply in half and forced debts to be repaid in gold, which of course the Elite controlled. This made debt repayments nearly impossible. Within three years of the act being passed, a new dark ages was created in America as the money supply shrank. (Read about the Wizard of Oz being a monetary allegory about the Crime of 1873.)

    Since 1873, the Banksters have used every imaginable tool at their disposal to keep us from using this debt free, natural money. They have fought wars over it. (Opium Wars) They have taken it out of our money in 1964. They have printed money/debt with reckless abandon. They have suppressed the price of silver at all costs with naked shorts, leasing schemes, ETF’s and a myriad of other paper manipulation schemes. As a result, they have wasted almost all of silver mined throughout human history.

    The end is near for the quadrillion dollar banking empire built on lies. The market is more powerful than all of the central banks in the world. Every dollar silver goes up is another nail in the coffin of the corrupt banking system that enables war and enslaves us in debt. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. The world is waking up to this rouse that the banksters have been foisting on our society for decades. They keep us running on a tread mill in fear with their welfare/warfare state. Now people are seeing a way out of this rat race with the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield of real physical silver in your possession.

    Invest In Silver American Eagles Now I pointed out the silver is still 66% below its CPI inflation adjusted high and only about $450 away from it’s REAL silver high. That is just to get back to the Hunt era high in 1980. There is vastly less silver in the world and vastly more humans, money and uses for silver in the world then back then. Can you even begin to imagine how high silver has to go to make up for a 138 year manipulation?! It literally should boggle your mind. Silver should literally be way over $100 today probably over $500 if the world really knew the level of deceit we are dealing with. This is a once in a human history opportunity and one that I believe will create generational wealth.


    Nice contribution!

  5. I'm sticking with my numbers:

    Ledbedder said...
    With today's current price of 39.72 in SIU11, it broke out of a small wedge. If it manages to hold gains through the night sessions, then that move should take us to 40.40 then up to challenge 42.295. Then up to 44-45. Time frame is currently unknown.
    August 15, 2011 4:08 PM

    BTW, it is now a gain of $13,560. Not bad for basically 3 trading sessions, eh?

  6. Good calls Ledbedder.

    I don't want to feel like a fucking sheep and buy on a green day but I'm getting worried this rocket isn't going to slow down and I'll be forced to capitulate. I don't know what to do.

  7. I did trade today, bought a ton of PUTS on open, cashed out on that 10:30 move down, 50% in an hour. Gap ups/downs are easy to make money on.

    I told people this in the comments sections of my earlier posts look for them and the times I posted I not a bullshitter.

  8. I scare myself sometimes--LOL!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

    Ledbedder said...
    @felix: although I believe oil is going will be higher at the end of the year, you may have bought just a smidge too early. I see CLZ11 going to 80.61 before the turn around we both are looking for.
    August 18, 2011 11:54 AM

    Intraday low of 80.15

  9. @capitald - If you are talking about physical silver: Buy what you can now, or get canned when you buy later.

    If it drops, so what. Pull them wrecking balls out of your pants and man up. Just buy and hold, buy and hold, buy and hold. In a year, getting it at $40 will be impossible. You might find some 1/4 oz bars for that if your lucky.

    If you playing the paper game, expect to loose it all. If you got phyzzz... its yours forever.

  10. @capitald: even buying today wouldn't make you a sheep. It is the people that don't even say the word "silver" that are the sheep. Everyone likes to get a good "deal", but I think any pullbacks are going to be short lived.

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  12. Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, bought another 200oz of the shiny stuff.

  13. In what I would classify as an unprecedented event, I attempted to discuss precious metals with some of my colleagues a couple of weeks ago.

    The shock I received when they were talking about how "overvalued" they are was enough to keep me quiet for the duration of the conversation. I'm never partaking in such discussions again.

    I'm gearing up for another fiat dump soon. Just wanted to ask, has anyone here bought any of the 5oz "America The Beautiful" range? What do you think of them?

  14. She likes Peter. I knew I should have visited RTAmerica. If he doesn't go for her I will:
    Peter Schiff On Gold
    She needs...developing....

  15. Forget QEIII, Fed's Next move to Expand US Bank Credit?

    Since the FOMC meeting, there has been a noticeable silence over the Fed’s monetary policy following QE2. But there is some evidence that the funding of government debt at low interest rates will shift to the repo market, rather than a new round of quantitative easing.

    The silence on this subject may be partly explained by the monetary focus shifting to Europe. However, it is likely that the Fed has no intention of introducing QE3, given that the expansion of narrow money so far has led only to a degree of price inflation, without much benefit to asset prices. And with the ECB still reluctant to print euros, QE3 would probably collapse the dollar/euro rate and propel gold considerably higher, putting unwelcome strains on the financial system. The Fed also finds itself having dramatically expanded the monetary base for little economic benefit: against all its expectations, the economy is sliding into recession again. Perhaps it is a case of all the people being no longer fooled all of the time with respect to what QE actually is. No, another approach is called for.

    Continued at link above.

  16. Yousif: I know what you're talking about. At the bank where I work, they asked me if I'd like to partake in the stock purchase program that allocates a small percentage of our paycheck to buying shares of the company's stock at a 15% discount. I kindly declined to the bewilderment of my co-workers. I explained to them the risk of investing in anything related to debt, but no one cared. They keep touting the fact that they "survived" the economic collapse of 2008 with a profit, without realizing that the surge of people purchasing on credit signals a fundamental flaw in our economy.

    What pains me is that, not only are people unwilling to listen, they tread the same path over and over. My managers showed me a deal where they loaned an engineer making 100k a couple grand. The thing is, he was 122k in debt. When I pointed that out to them, my managers said, "Well, the guy explained to us that his 77k loan and his 23k line of credit was used to renovate his house - so he is ADDING VALUE to his property." Then they proceeded to berate me for not understanding the 1:1 ratio that apparently exists between the cost of renovation to home equity.

    I've stopped actively telling people about PMs, and my life is less frustrating. Most of the people I care about got the gist of it already, and when they're ready to invest, I'll be there to show them how. I don't do the dirty work anymore.

  17. More from Stu Thompson:

    "# What I'm telling you, here and now, is that gold stocks are going to take on a level of power that will shock the doubters. They won't be able to take action. I'm asking you to stop defending yourself against those bashing gold stocks. It is your opponents you need to defend themselves, not you.
    # Many intelligent analysts in the gold community have noticed a huge issue with the amount of gold being bought, and the amount being supplied to the market. They believe banks are secretly supplying the market with huge amounts of gold to suppress price to keep the crisis under control.
    # Close, but... WRONG. It is not the banks, but the banksters who are the sellers of that gold, and it is only a small part of their gargantuan holdings. I told my people back in the mid 1990s that the banksters were buying most of the gold sold by the central banks, sold to them by the managers of their own central banks, following bankster instruction.
    # I told them that far before the end of the bull market in bullion, the banksters would begin to sell back their gold to the central banks and to the public, at massive profit to the banksters.
    # That is what is beginning to happen now. Still, the banksters arent idiots. They designed the bull, and they know what gold is, so they aren't stupid enough to sell all their gold, or even a chunk of it, at anything but skyhigh prices.
    # The supply of gold must be made up somehow, to meet the growing demand of central bank buy programs.
    # It will be. By your mining companies. The reason Jim Sinclair talks about gold stocks becoming utilities paying monster dividends is because he understands the utility nature of an ultra long term central bank buy program.
    # You are astronauts and your gold stocks are the Star Trek Enterprise, setting up for a real outer price space experience. I'm not Mr. Pie in the Sky Gold Stocks Speculator or Newsletter Fantasizer. I understand gold revaluation, and the role of gold stocks in that long term revaluation. I turned the Fudds who laughed at me about gold in the 1990s into pathetic cowering worms.
    # I'll do the same to those who are laughing at you now, about gold stocks. See you out there, on the gold stocks gridlines..."

  18. @yousif - Yea.. I have a few of the 5 oz ATB Rounds. I got mine in 2010. If you can get em for around spot, great. If not, search elsewhere for the .999 Fine. Most of the 2010's have doubled in value in one year, on top of the doubling of the silver price. Sweet. Im probably gonna sell em off soon to the idiots that pay colector value, and dump that profit into gold and ammo.

  19. I've converted a lot of people into buying Precious Metals.. Maybe it's just the area I live in.. I talk to people everywhere.. And I have taken many people with me, to our local coin dealer. Don't give up on all the Sheeple ! Just be Thankful, you get it ! I know it's hard to be humble, when you've tripled your money over the last two years, and they are in the hole ! Most people just don't have and understanding of our Ponzi banking system. I start there and educate them..

    Money carries it's own value, Currency=Debt, created out of Thin Air ! (Only God can Create Something out of Nothing) And these Banksters are not GOD ! You all know the right words here..

    I had a funny feeling about the day, and was watching silver spot early this morning.. I took off from work to visit my friendly coin dealer and informed him of what's going on.. I ended up putting Harvey Organ, Zerohedge, SGS on their computer for them this He appreciated my concern for them and the heads up.. He ended up selling me Silver eagles at SPOT .. Oh and I have to give him and his wife some dance

  20. JPM = 34.35
    Silver Spot = 42.90

  21. Blythe is taking it up the tailpipe - Sans lube. LOL