Friday, July 8, 2011

Jimbo Dines: Silver to hit $300-500

Gotta love the Chimu baby. Keep stacking the phyzz.

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  1. They r gonna do the same ole thing.
    Suck in more longs, then drop it like a rock, again.
    JPM crashes if it stays over $40.
    Stack when it goes back under $34-$32...
    If it does actually go up to $48, I'm getting a refi, then shorting BIG, fwiw....

  2. is my nickel's worth, on record:

  3. That site looks like it was designed by a junior high school student.

    FYI I'm long CORN but also long MIKE Shurr, partner at OKKS Development, a Philadelphia area real estate company.

  4. Let me start by saying that I'm a firm believer that both Gold and Silver represent and preserve value and I buy physical Gold and Silver.

    However, I'm getting a bit tired of these jokers who seem to pull some arbitrary number out of their ass! $300? $400? Who cares?!

    If there will be a systemic crash, then Gold and Silver will go to...infinity, or perhaps even to 'zero' because after a systemic collapse it will the only true money out there and there won't be any other fiat currency to compare it to.

  5. @B, I understand what you're saying. However, Dines has been around a very long time and has a great track record. What is frustrating is that he is so early, a regular joe could get frustrated waiting for it to come true. As far as nothing to compare it to, I also agree with you.

  6. I agree that these random numbers from the so called pundits are uselessly arbitrary. All I care about is a discussion in inflation adjusted terms of today's dollar value. Who cares if silver is $500 if a loaf of bread is $100? Are any of them making that distinction with a solid argument?

  7. you guys do know IF this happens many of these geniuses say it wont be until 2020

  8. Better a few years early then 1 day late EH MATEY?

    I highly doubt a loaf of bread will go for 1/5 an ounce of silver in the future. Historically, I believe the ratio was 10 loaves to the ounce. (1913 you could buy a loaf of bread for a silver dime)

    The view from the street is no good. As some of you know, I deliver pizza. Lately, 75-80% of the deliveries I take are paid cards. This time last summer, I could 'bank' on $10 an hour in tips. This year it's more like 6.5-7 FRN's, if I'm lucky. I did get a nice tip last night from a milf with big fake titties. Ten dolla make me holla!

    Keep stackin'! At the end of the day, silver is money is silver.

  9. Silverbull delete that blog immediately, its horrible. Sentence structure is abhorrent along with the entire site

  10. Good old JPM Chase...|main5|dl1|sec1_lnk3|76882

  11. remember if g&s go to the highs that are talked about them disorder and chaos will reign and you will have to protect your self and family ..make no mistake

  12. The assumption that if silver goes to $500, or gold goes to $5000, that a loaf of bread will be $100 or consumer goods will inflate proportionately, is completely fallacious.

    I tend to find truth in what Dines has to say, I wonder how many people have gotten rich on his rare earth predictions?

    Rickards seems to think gold/silver confiscation as a real possibility.

    We're doing the right things, keep it up.

  13. B, et al..,

    What you are missing in Dines and others lucid prognostications, is that the historical G&S ratio is 16:1.

    Why is it not now? If it was, right now it would be 93 USD. And with gold going to 5000, Ag goes to 300.

    The fucking banksters have fractionalized and derivativitized PM's, especially Ag, to a tune of anywhere from 50:1 to 500:1.

    Making Ag today worth, in my eyes at least 10x what I pay on the street, dips or no.

    They (the banksters) have been short silver since time immortal.

    Yes, unfortunately the system may unravel before those magic numbers are achieved, but with the acquisition of PM's, you will be in the 1 to 2% of people that will finically and physically survive.

  14. @Heward said:
    I did get a nice tip last night from a milf with big fake titties. Ten dolla make me holla!

    LOL. Every job has its perks :-)

  15. @Heward: I never gave a $10 tip. Maybe she is trying to tell you something!

  16. I have no doubt on a 1-3 year timeline, silver WILL break $150 easily.The industrial demand will eventually balance out this manipulated market.

    For all you armchair critcs...
    --->GO FUCK YOURSELVES with an unlubricated splintered broom handle, ok?

  17. Gotta love Jimmy Dines and all his "dinesisms."