Friday, July 8, 2011


NFP was a disaster.

I picked up more LULU Puts. Nuff said.

Keep stacking the phyzz. This 2 months of $33-35 should have provided you with ample time. Dont be an idiot and buy at $48 again.

Be back later.


  1. Friends of mine say Lululemon has the most comfortable yoga pants


  2. Just to brighten you week-end SGS here's a little story

    The Police Do Care

    This story involves the police department in the small hill country
    town of Fredericksburg, TX who reported finding a man's body
    last Saturday in the early evening in the Pedernales River near
    the state highway-87 bridge. The dead man’s name would not
    be released until his family had been notified.

    The victim apparently drowned due to excessive beer consumption
    while visiting “someone" in Kerrville . He was wearing black fishnet
    stockings, a red garter belt, a pink G-string, purple lipstick, and an
    Obama T-shirt.

    The police removed the Obama T-shirt to spare his family any
    unnecessary embarrassment.

    See there, Texas police do care.

  3. Why does an elephant have four feet?

    Because he'd look pretty funny with only six inches.

    HaaaaHaaaa! Happy weekend every body!

  4. sgs,remember when u bought @ 44.9 shouting btfd? did $3.00 diff in phyz at the time warrant idiot?

  5. As I recall, you were saying, 'keep stacking' back when silver was $48. Just sayin...

  6. this is the difference when performance has to be measured. Just think about all the yahoos on CNBC whose performance is never measured--like Kudlows comment yesterday that we have turned the corner.

  7. @PaidInGold and @ Malcolm: how is the reading going? Hopefully you're practicing until you run out of ink. Have a good weekend.

  8. Kitco moves into creditor protection

  9. What about cotton? Pretty smashed down and no talk lately... If ZH liked it so much in March, should love it now.

  10. @Led

    Believe it or not, I'm still in harvest. Never thought farmers work THIS hard for a size of a personal crop. Should be done by early next week though.

    Should be finishing the book this weekend hopefully too. Ready to be used since no major pullbacks happened yet.

    Happy weekend, folks!

  11. Have a great weekend guys!

  12. Hey Led,

    I'm house cleaning today, got a new girl, haven't had time, way to many other projects, at this latitude, 47 degrees, summers fade quickly, when it and if it comes but today is the day.

    Thanks for asking!

  13. get off sgs nuts whats your point if he said keep stackin if he told u to jump off a cliff r u gonna do it its a free fucking country so take his advice or not

  14. India's MMTC to import 12% more gold, 30% more silver

    The Indian government's largest trading arm is likely to hike shipments of gold in the year to March 2012 by 12% to 265 tonnes, with silver too getting a boost to around 1,500 tonnes.

    On average, India imports about 4,000 tons of silver a year. They want to increase it another 1,500 tons. This is 300 tons more that total US production in 2010 which was 1,200 tons. Furthermore, this would wipe out everything at the Comex Registered Catagory which stands at 28 million ounces. 1,500 tons is about 48 million more ounces of silver.

    With China and India buying silver hand over fist, it looks like the price will head in one direction.

  15. Hey SRS,

    Great work! Highly Appreciated!

    It seems that we are in a prefect storm for PM's!

    Asian and Indian buying, silver and gold manipulations investigations, one that is a RICO, short covering, EU contagion, low PM stocks and declining production and finally the Chinese PM Burgess!

    Did I forget anything?

    Mr. Chapman thinks we may see 3k+ Au and 70+ Ag buy end of year! We shall see.

  16. See Gold and Silver fly now.

    Is this a joke or for real?

    Well how to light the revolution.

    Only to target wages..thank fuck I don't live in America.

    So those that lived responsible get fucked. Just wait....

  17. Maybe just maybe this will be the last time we see 36 and because of that it will be a good time to buy. Personally I wish I had sold a kidney when it was still at 17. Thoughts, anyone?

  18. not that SGS needs someone else to defend him/his posts.

    But he's been saying to stack. period.
    Accumulate a set $xxx/oz per day/week/month

    when silver cruised through the 40s, you needed to continue accumulating at same rate, or decrease your rate when going up.

    he then endorses and tells us to buy MORE on dips, whether from $50 down to $45 or $50 down to $35~

    I myself bought a large position in physical at $44,$46 based on making a nice amount with call options. (on top buying a computer i needed, paying some debt, i had too much cash % based for my porfolio etc.

    after the purchase around $45avg/oz i didnt lose when silver dove another 20%.
    I had already had put options, plus when i splurged on expensive $45 silver, i bought more puts since my phyz position grew.

    i then made bank on the drop.

    so it looked like i spent 45/oz
    after my puts cashed in, it was like being paid $10/oz with every ounce i bought.

    like buying a new car, but the dealer paid me $5,000 ontop of giving me the car free.

  19. My earlier post about wages from zerohedge.

    Isn't that like nationalisation / confiscation of wages. Fucken A

    Watch phyzz move now - once everyone realizes. Heck if I was a wage earner I would ask my company to pay me in metal.

  20. @ Malcolm (or Ledbetter, can't remember which one) - you still long those LinkedIn puts? if so you are getting worked like an Asian hooker my friend! I think I will take that nice little premium and buy some free phyzz...

  21. "As I recall, you were saying, 'keep stacking' back when silver was $48. Just sayin... "

    Ya I also said buy PUTS on SLV, remember? When WU told me to get on the guillotine bc of it?

    Tinka PP closes oversubscribed today. hope you got your shit in order folks.

  22. @We the Sheeple, and everyone else: it is LedBEDDER, not LedBETTER..oh, fuck, now Mike will only call me Led BETTER when he is wrong in the next few weeks.

  23. @SGS, for the last sentence, I ask: ???

  24. quit bein all yellow and stuff, ledbedder.

  25. >>Tinka PP closes oversubscribed today. hope you got your shit in order folks.<<

    SGS get a bitcoin address will'ya so's I can donate will we hit chimu.

    (Yeah, BITcoin, bitches.)

  26. @jojo, guess what finger I am holding up?

  27. someone please explain CHIMU! FOR GOD"S SAKE!!!

  28. Led, what makes you think I'll be wrong. Corn and sugar are like metals, you need to BTFD. Solid uptrends and good fundamentals. The USDA has been totally discredited and have painted themselves into a corner. China says fuck you the pits say fuck you we're headed higher. I buy my eagles with trading profits. You broke my nuts over my spreads but my spreads saved my ass on the melt. I covered my shorts below 600 and added longs. I even posted this earlier in the week. You stick to your shit and I will stick to mine. I thought we reached a truce but you seem to always come back for more. I'm done with the games and brow beating, just posting my ideas.

    More monster boxes arrived today as I continue to stack!

  29. Mike, do you work for OKKS Development, L.P?

  30. Mike, are you nuts? You posted: "fuck you corn shorts"! I am so exhausted by a piss ant like you, it even kills me to type this. I DO NOT care about any fuck-U-mentals. You had a small week this week, yet I know the 50% and the gaps will continue to bleed your vag spreads. And if anyone wants to take sides, yes, in the past, I was a dick to "Mike", but go to his latest post on SGS's site on "LuLu update". Nice try, Mikey, go eat some life cereal. As far as what I KNOW what will make you wrong...hhhmmm, only THOUSANDS of charts. Hey Mike (and EVERYONE else), do you remember when piss ant Mike and I started this shit? Guess who is winning? Night all. ::

  31. Mike, you covered SHORTS, really? Geez, thought you were only long V-spreads.

  32. Mike, did you take your medicine? BTW, CU11 could go all the way to 684 and I wouldn't give a crap. Normal ebb & flow of the market.

  33. MAlcolm- Tinka is exploring in peru.
    Northern Peru was dominated by the Chimu from about 1000 until 1470.

  34. With the debt ceiling argument soon to come to a head. Am I correct that extending it (which will happen!) is bullish for silver and gold as it is effectively increasing the money supply?

    Anyone give me a handle on this. Cheers.

  35. Keep stacking at 48 implies there will be both past and future stacking, therefore one can deduce that if you listened to SGS on each call he has made you would be buying phyzzz....consistently. If this is true (FABER) then you would only have purchased a small fraction of your overall Silver at 48+3. Anyone with a brain can see SGS is close to 100% hit rate.