Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sketch Bags

I'm playing undercover CEO at a vender booth this weekend. I will never do this again. I cannot stand the site of sketch bags. Be back later tonight. This disgusts me.


  1. What are you CEO of?
    And what do you mean by sketch bags?

  2. I am CEO of my company, which I will not disclose, and a sketch bag is a vagrant or transient, that leaches off my social welfare tax scheme to get high and ride around on bicycles all day looking for drugs.

  3. SGS, plz share a photo of your new tongue piercing along with your glitter Iphone cover. After all its all about the accessories!

    I've only once ever seen a PM coin dealer in the Mall. (guy was honest with good pricing) The only worthwhile shop in there.

    He went out of business...Developing

  4. Ran across some Australian Kookaburra's today.. For 39.00 U.S. Currency ! Trash for Cash ;) I'm Currency BROKE Now ! Nothing like the Looks and Feel of Realy MONEY ! Picked up some Silver Eagles Uncirculated out of West Point mint for the same price .. Always feels like Pay Day visiting your friendly Coin Shop! I have all my family going there, and a lot of my friends as well.. They like when I come to their shop.. I'm a Great salesman for them.. They just don't want me standing by the idiots coming in to sell there Gold and Silver ! I'd talk them out of That's happened

    If you ever get to Wichita Kansas, Heartland Coin is a place to check out.. It's like a Palace ! You won't believe it's a coin shop.. It is a Very High end place.. But they are also Very honest, with better prices than the internet..

  5. SGS, follow the money on the sketch bags, they are NOT the problem, it is the social services groups that get all the gov't cream to deliver 1/4 of what a real business in the private sector would be held accountable for. The extra is the gravy for the coordinators who campaign for/"see the need" and set up these programs. Leeches. The bum is just the widget in this equation.

  6. @SGS, dealing with the public isn't easy.

  7. @Malcolm: did you get that house cleaning done?

  8. @CCP


    I sense a more compassionate sgs. Maybe I am wrong. Does empathy have a seat at our free market table?

    Are the sheep in the exburbs LESS of a drag on the "economy"? We drive around in our little cages on wheels, darting from store to store in our Celebrationville cookie-cutter reality. The suburbs are the greatest misallocation of resources in the history of the world, and take an infinite amount of debt to sustain.

    I can't wait until this thing resets. But if we want something better we are going to have to step up with compassion and understanding.
    (Sorry 'bout the idealism. Maybe I am just pissing in the wind.)

  9. Many big investment firms and anylists are excited about The Pan China Gold Exchange. The say it puts power in China where it belongs and will help eliminate shorts and provide price discovery. Got To Love It! JPM&HSBC addios bitchez, sink and drown in your own vomit!

  10. Speaking of sheeple

    The name "Seven" was the one suggested by George Costanza to his wife, before he offed her. You can't parody this shit - we're all fucked.