Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rogers: Just default. Banks will lose. Big deal. We have had 30-40 years of ignoring reality.


  1. i WOULD BANG her Poppy Hollow

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRStmDp3A28

    This is prob most fascinating and heart breaking 15 mins I have heard on the Net. Had to pass along. This is what our country has come to.

  3. so, is today's absurd rally so the crash can start at a higher level? These manipulators are so balls out in the open, it is un-real!!

  4. RIMM calls are in the black now...

    Fucking awesome.

  5. Need an equities rally tomorrow off this Greek debacle please so I can cash out my RIMM $30 calls in the money for a 400% gain. That would just be fantastic.

  6. Sorry, I couldn't resist:

    *** Huge New Employment Opportunity --

    Job Position - Wanted, A Real Man - Do the Right Thing!

    With all the austerity yet to come and riots spreading around the world, we now have a huge employment opportunity before us. Riot Police and Rent-a-Cop extraordinaire. Here are some key skills:

    > Learn how to encircle an old lady and beat her into submission with a billyclub, handcuff and drag her feet first into a patty wagon.

    > Learn the basics of launching tear gas into a crowd of pilgrims on a religious retreat. Enjoy watching them learning the difference between Religion and Spirituality.

    > Master the science of surprise tasering (The Back Shot) a mother with 2 toddlers and how to hold the power trigger down for a full 10 seconds while she screams for mercy. Just watch the terror in the eyes of that 2 year old that thinks he's innocent.

    For those insecure individuals who have always felt powerless in this world you now have the moral authority on your side and you too can feel empowered in your own mind. Be somebody, make a pile of G8/G20 over-time dough, do the right thing and be a real man and take control of the masses with the flick of the wrist!

  7. Love the Jim Rogers comment, Let them lose their Lamborghinis"...truer words were never spoken.

  8. The same old "we-are-the-largest-debtor-nation-in-the-history-of-the-world" one-liners over and over again!

    Fundamentally he's right of course, the problem is that you can watch 1000 video's from Jim and he always says the same thing. Hardly any market calls (he's "the world's worst market timer") or useful trading information.

    Poppy is HOT though!

  9. some stats off Noel's site ....

    "Surging import India"

    Imports of gold and silver were at $8.96 billion in May, a growth of 500% over the previous month and 222% over last year.

    ``Rapid inflation is eroding the earnings of the common man. One has to understand how the import of gold has reached $9 billion for a month, while the yearly average is around $22 billion,'' said Sudhir Chakraborty, bullion analyst at Standard Chartered bank.

    ``The gold story is puzzling,'' added financial analyst A S Kirolar. ``Consumers are shying away from stocks and bonds and heading to safe assets like gold and real estate, but one cannot understand this given the meagre 12% growth in imports of petroleum and oil products.''

    Added another analyst Shabir Lakdawala, demand for precious metals in 2010 was way stronger. ``In 2009, India had reported a 19% decline, when the worst monsoon in nearly four decades had dented bullion sales,'' he said.

    Analysts maintained that India's central bank, the Reserve Bank of India's decision to grant licenses to seven more banks to import bullion has helped push up demand.

  10. When does god Ben speak today (Wednesday)?