Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The World Waits for Shalom to Speak....

AKA God.

How they let this institution have this much power is beyond me....

Until then you might want to watch this....


  1. God?...looks more like a profiled terrorist.

  2. Who copied whose look first?

    Both out of their fucking trees.

  3. don't you wonder how it feels to be used as a tool for tptb and know you have no way out?

    And that just a few years ago you had things under control as you could write economic theory and people thought you were smart?

  4. did you watch the vid?
    Lindsey Williams.....abiotic oil. Bollocks
    He says the US gets the majority of oil from Saudi Arabia...bollocks it gets about 5-10%.
    There maybe some truths in what he is saying, but that doesn't mean it has anything to do with the MrX narrative....This guy is a sham just trying to sell his $100+ DVDs by feeding on people's distrust of government.
    LW is an older version of the priest in There will be blood. someone needs to brain him with a pin.

  5. Very interesting. I believe in a lot of what this guy is saying.

  6. I have listened to LW many many times, he is tough to swallow ... he said that the Gulf spill might never be capped/controlled (talked of A-bombs) and destroy the world; he sounds like a sci-fi writer half the time ... an alex jones proselyte fear mongering/yammering fossil.

  7. Hey, would somebody give 'ole Ben a boxcutter and instructions to run around waving it and yelling "Jihad" just before today's meeting begins...

  8. Williams is difficult to listen to, but what he says makes sense.

    As there are reports that the gulf oil spill was never capped, they are still spraying, the verdict is out if he was right.

    I would heed his advice. You know it is crunch time when Saudi Arabia has problems.

    We will see.

  9. WHO the fuck is shalom??? It is a jewish greeting term.
    As for Lindsey?

    SGS: YOU put any truck in what this man says? I've lost thousands listening to his tripe!(tripe is good eatin' for many folks, but u get the ghist)
    Me sez....he is a "PAWN of the Satanist VERMIN" causing this HUGE financial meltdown about to explode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!