Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Schiff=America is dead, chick on the right =hot, Dr. Phil in the middle looks like a flacid penis

THIS FUCKTARD IN THE MIDDLE just said, "China is the world's manipulator" Fuck, I cant stand this shit.


  1. HMI spinoff official by the way...lets see who stayed the course.

  2. Couldn't finish the vid. The bald idiot has no idea what he's talking about. US profitability is driven by outsourcing off-shore period. When was the last time in Canada I saw "made in USA" - can't remember! Same for Canada, most of the crap in stores we don't need says China.

  3. I know its off topic but I wanted to go in print to have a record of my prediction. Buy all the corn you can. The USDA is as corrupt as the Fed, the CFTC and every other government agency. We are about to see a shortage like you cannot fathom. Mark this post and see me in 90 days. Buy PHYZ with your profits.

  4. MikeS - I may have a dabble in this as a spread bet, I've seen one or two other murmerings of this. I don't know much about non-PM commodities though. On IG Index, there is "Corn" trading at around 710 and "ETC Corn" at around 220. Will one of these suffice do you think? Thanks..

  5. @MikeS
    Do you recommend Physical Corn over Corn contracts?

  6. @Buckanear2

    Agreed...although I watched the entire video with Asbury (in his whiney f'ing voice) spewing all kinds of nonsense.

  7. What a fucking retard!
    He's waving with his arm like a school-girl, desperate to get some media attention.

    "The productivity of an American worker is 3-4 times greater that than of an Asian worker!"

    w0000000000000t!?!?!? I thought it was the other way around? Asians(excl. Japan) go on 14 hours workdays and 240% the speed that of an American lazy fatass retard.

    Nothing new on the earthquake front, the whole pacific plate is going bananas as always.
    (When will this end... 2013?)


    The sesimic future looks really really bad..

  8. Anthemius- I'm long the Dec Corn Contract.
    Heward-Do you have a railsiding at your house? Are you planning on taking delivery? Corn IS NOT SILVER!

  9. They both agreed on the real problem, government and stupid people, getting fired up about efficiency and capital is wasted time. Schiff is wrong in pushing people into just "on job" training, ask the unions how that crap turns out, you just get a 40-50 year old supervisor teaching the new crew the same old things that are probably out dated, great way to avoid improvement. A blended approach (he's partially correct) with better trade schools would probably work out well.

    Spot on with the 100k debt for sociology degree. Those decisions should be made illegal, next to drunk driving and knocking up a fat chic its the worst decision an 18yr old can make.

  10. That "Dr.Phil" douche should land a job fast as spokesman for WhiteHouse/FED/Treasury/Morgue or not.

  11. Yeah, Dr Phil's retarded half fucking brother's flaccid cock.

  12. Still very long HMI here.

    Machining and precision engineering are among the more interesting professions I know.

    If you're working a "dead-end" job and fancy a career change, I really recommend machining. I do it as a hobby.