Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Must watch: NIGEL FARAGE - AmeriKa take note, this guy, if elected president of the USA would certainly bring in a motto something like, "Change? Yes we can!"


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  3. Dan, when the Roman Empire collapsed was that Bush's fault also?

  4. Nigel is the best! Wish we had him here in the US!

  5. Why was Nitsuj's post removed?

  6. We got a Nigel Farage already, it's spelled Ron Paul. But sadly, this country can't elect someone that stands for sound money. Common sense just doesnt work for the majority of americans.

  7. Alain:

    As nitsuj's post was removed by the author, i.e. not an administrator, and is followed by his post two minutes later, my guess is he removed it in order to replace it by a revised post.

  8. @Justin,
    The Roman Empire killed the Roman Empire. Just as America will kill America. (we are not too big to fail like those finacial institutions *seething with sarcasm*) Democracies have a %100 failure rate. Our "Bill of Rights" is what separated us from previous editions.. But Bush Jr. ruined that with his patriot act.

  9. wow! Doing some "browsing/shopping" tonight, and fell in love:


  10. phyz, that was the point.... and Alain I removed my post LOL it read like gibberish

  11. FUCK LOL I just posted with my kids Google account, I apparently and appropriately am... Noobface LOL

  12. Nigel Farage is brilliant. Yet he is marginalised and ridiculed here. We are so fuckin' thick. We just can't see what's good for us.

    But I guess you have the same situation in the US with your even greater Ron Paul. Can we have Ron over here. Please. (As Phyz Ed has already mntioned Lol).

  13. Don't put too much faith in politicians.
    Nigel is fun to listen to when he bashes the EU oligarchy but remember he's a politician and playing to the gallery.
    As an Englishman looking at the US I can remember everyone thinking how wonderful Obama was and good he sounded.
    Politicians are devious you never really know where their loyalties are.
    Remember Hitler was once idolised as a great speaker.
    Don't pin your hopes on any politician having the answer.

  14. Very true George. He can be cheesey too. Re: the coffin stunt!
    But I like the fact that he will speak his mind and is not afraid to offend. I don't agree with everything he says, but he doesn't tow the line like most.

    Ron Paul however seems to be someone you could believe in.

  15. @ledbetter, I have that gun, nice gun and cheap. I have read that two great things to have in a collapse scenario are alcohol and cigarettes.

  16. Hey guys, see this earlier video of Nigel Farage, his famous "Who The Hell Do You Think You Are?" rant, where he tear Barroso and Van Rompuy new asses, this will make your day...


    and this classic where he got fined for his attack on Van Rompuy, quote "..he has the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk.."


  17. When Obama promised change, he failed to mention that it was the spare change in his pants pockets... and that you'd be living off that change...for the rest of your life...

  18. Time to go to the franchise owners. I've had enough of the clowns and jokers. Look at us, people from all walks of life realize that these clowns are nothing but a distraction.

    What are we waiting for? We know the problem, we know the cause and we have the solution.

    Our enslavement has been planned 100 years ago. It is mathematically impossible for everyone to pay their debts back, BY DESIGN!!

    Time to stand up and (if anything) just think "Fiat is worthless, I'm not a slave, I'm not a subject. This is OUR Earth."

    Our instincts have been killed by the spectacle of "materialism". Ladies and gentlemen, an act of treason has been committed. Not against a country, state, prefecture or canton. An act of treason has been committed against the entire human race. Many of you are blissfully unaware of the catastrophic consequences of "domestication" and "materialism". We've lost our instincts, our ability to adapt and virtually every other trait that we were born with.

    This has to stop. Now.

  19. @MikeS

    CORN symbol options shot up, July and November's. Whenever there's any pullback sub-$40, I'm buying again. The capital is strapped so cannot messed with futures, and too newbie to mess w/ futures options.


    woo, that July call is lookin' sweet, man. hope it strikes above and hovers enough for you to get out fully with your capital but half the shares remaining in your hand. i don't know what could possibly create a pullback, but i'm waiting to get on the boat with you.


    Anybody else catch the Hinterland drop? I caught .19 cents a share as that was my limit; should've shot for .17 cents limit. Is there anyway for traders to better craft limit numbers? Or is it really as best gauging as you can create?