Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The single greatest event in Human History

"We are either going into a Depression or Hyperinflation. The Dollar will be coming down and things will get tough. The Government is inflating the stock market along with the banks. The quiet before the storm. I feel it in my bones that we are on the brink of something big and bad. Get your S*#t together. The end of QE2, pushing the Debt Ceiling , Greece, Spain, Japan....all coming to a head. This scenario may begin this week considering the most recent report that the Greek military is threatening a military coup if parliment imposes more austerity measures. So its either default of revolution resulting in default. The Global Ponzi scheme is about to tumble like the house of cards it is. I wish i had more time to prepare. AND what makes matters worse is that available food will be an issue soon because of floods and droughts. There is no contingency plan for the average citizen. You are expendable. And if you're a patriot that is deemed an extremist, you are disposable. Watch Europe, for they will probably fall first, maybe...
This excites me as I have been waiting my whole life for this world we live in to change. The older I have gotten the more I understand that total and complete collapse is the only way the criminal sociopath 'managing' our world can be stopped.

Store food, guns/bullets and some form of real money. Make friends with your neighbor and build a community so you may protect each other.That was always my question.... how WILL these people act that haven't prepared for anything and then find themselves without money, food or water? I remember the LA riots and that wasn't over something personal. I can't imagine how the people will truly act when they have something very real staring them in the face and it is then personal to their SURVIVAL and their kids. The worst of humanity will take over until the NWO takes full control & that's when the bigger problems begin
When you support your local retailer, You are supporting your local economy. Before you decide to pump your money into corporate giants, Please consider that your local corner mom & pop stores are working hard to make ends meet. They are your neighbors and would like to feed their family as well.. So Instead of contributing to corporate executives Hawaiian Vacations, Shop at your local retail stores. support Your Neighborhood, Your Town and Your Economy."


  1. not sure how close this doomsday is, but getting food and water is a no brainer ... whether the "real money" is PMs, well, I have a portion hunch these robber barons will disarm that one way or another ... I know thats the last thing anyone wants to hear, including me, but wait and see what ends they go to CONTROL EVERYTHING... gold and silver wont slip thru the cracks if they can prevent it--thats my 2 cents after watching and reading about this scum parasite jewish bankers that run the world.

  2. If this is a calm before the storm, it is gonna be one helluva a storm!
    Because, THIS AIN'T calm, really...
    SGS, when you getting #7 bear vid out?


  3. can someone help with his this film's #1 premise that the elite zionist scum bankers are gonna let Israel fall, is that what Balfour and Rothschilds and Hertlz planned from the beginning? and if the USA is the jew bicep are they really letting America go down the sinkhole too?

    Hey, I have looked at all this shit as much as the next guy, but this has way too much alex jones/lindsey williams laced in it ... this site is basically for stacking gold and silver as a hedge, and it might be the best way IF NOT FUCKED WITH ... I say take a few deep breaths and rethink a few things after seeing this fear mongering video ...

    And again, I will ask the question that Chapman and Stadtmiller DUCKED when I called in as a guest: what is to stop these Controllers from banning PMs via chipping all our money... people say there will be a black market etc. for metals. Really, are you sure? what if anyone caught with PMs will be put in a Fema camp? I'm just saying, NOTHING IS AN ABSOLUTE, especially this 12 minute video.

    Remember, Chapman said the dollar would collapse by the end of 2010, it's always 2 years away ... More I am around this BS the more I smell some stinky cheese ... Don't get smug bc we stack, cover as many bases as you can and don't forget to friggin' GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY LIFE.

  4. Colin,

    Not to defend anyone, but I listen to Bob Chapman (just about everyday) and subscribe to his newsletter. From memory I cant recall him saying when the dollar would collapse, but I specifically recall him saying that as long as they can kick the can down the road they will.

    In any event we know what will happen, but not when! They only advice I can give is just to be ready! Same as Bob's!

  5. Be ready, don't hesistate.


  6. well fuck.... that was rather doomy

  7. Colin,

    Be careful now, you may be labeled an anti semite by the Bnai brith. Moving on.

    My rebuttal to your fema/PM's comment is this:

    People carry cocaine all them all the time and if they get caught they go to jail.
    So would you risk carrying a 5000 year old metal/currency in order to maintain your survival?

  8. If push comes to shove, and we do end up in total chaos, which I'm not sure we will, then barter will be the number one way to exist in neighbour groups. In a Star Teck episode neighbour groups will gather together to pool resources all resources to sustain the group. If somebody needs toilet paper and your garage is full you will share your resources for rice and beans, or fire wood. Same thing holds true for precious metals. If you have a 10,000 oz of phyzz I'm sure this too will be pooled and used to barter for goods from surrounding communities - food and energy. Perhaps, though the holder of PMs will have the monetary clout to sit on the neighbourhood board making decisions. After all, if he was wise enough to obtain the PM he should have some say in it's use, and he may be wise enough to keep 10% stashed away if he needs to translocate to a more advanced group of English speaking neighbours - lol.

    "It's all good in the hood"

  9. sgs,

    as you know I am "praying" the PM LT theory works, so I hope no one thinks I'm gloating etc ... but yes carrying the collateral might spell penalty.


    I have listened to Chappy for years, prob 5 hours a week ... and at one point he said end of 2010 would see the collapse i.e. 2/3rds devalue of the USD ...

    It's funny, I used to really trust the guy but lately I am not so sure ... Vyz, who does a radio show: THINK OR BE EATEN, just blasted him as conniving scum; some deal where Chaps ripped off a ton of people and fled under the auspices of mental breakdown 10 years ago .. chappy now lives abroad ... he always says he fears coming back bc they'd off him??? C'mon, they snuff his ass anywhere if they wanted; his voice can be pumped from any continent with the Net so coming "home" would make no diff ... It's simple, between the line deductions like that which have left me scratching my head on Chapman for a while ... and Malcolm, you must recall his ongoing "H1N1" contrived navy ship lie that went POOF! in the night never to be discussed... It's the AJ influence, FEAR MONGER, make up fucking whoppers and hope JOEPUB forgets while the next latest and greatest catastrophe hits the sheeps radar and radio ratings and DVD sales keep cracking.

    over and out :)

  10. All I can say is that this site is great education for real life shit.

    Quotable of the day, @SGS:

    "People carry cocaine all them all the time and if they get caught they go to jail.

    So would you risk carrying a 5000 year old metal/currency in order to maintain your survival?"

    Say no more.

  11. Is there any possibility that this inevitable conclusion is farther down the road than people think possible? If this really is the next secular cycle of default and bailout (just moving from a private balance sheet to a Gov. balance sheet), isn't this a little premature to call the end of it so soon after its recent transition? After all, the private banking industry took 20 years to reach critical mass before it imploded in 2007. If this really is the beginning of the endgame of Fiat Dollar hegemony and the replacement of private defaults and bailouts, for Gov. defaults and bailouts, doesn't it stand to reason that we are simply at the beginning of a Secular Trend that could last 10 years or more? Japan's been delaying their "inevitable" debt implosion for 22 years, and even though it seems reasonable to assume that the FED has helped perpetually delay such a "judgement day" from occurring, the Japanese debt model serves as a damn good example of how a Central Banking system (especially one that is globally coordinated) can withstand structural decline for a much longer time frame than what most crash callers anticipate. Don't get me wrong, i think we are all being raped by the global elite and will probably be fucked pretty hard at the end of this cycle, but socially it doesn't seem like we have reached a big enough climatic endgame. When America begins to riot like Europe or when our Geopolitical Allies openly act in a aggressive manor against us, will we see the beginning signs of the American Implosion. Maybe i am being Naive, as many others on this chat board seem to have much more time in the "game" than i have, but something doesn't seem right in letting the system implode right now. I think the debt ceiling can be raised much higher as the American people are only beginning their acknowledgement of their own fucked up monetary situation, while still many others refuse to even care enough to willingly give a shit about the significance of just how fucked we are at this point in time. If the Global Elites through the Central Banking system have the capacity to wring 10 more years of more debt burden and wealth transfer out of the world monetary system, i think it stands to reason that they will try everything in their power to do so. If the Banking Cartel and their Central Banking lackies even remotely feel like the end game is near and they are losing Their ability to manipulate the monetary system i am pretty sure they will burn the whole fucking system to the ground rather than give up control. So SGS, am i wrong to assume that the central banking system's got more capabilities in evolving to meet the new secular cycle of Gov. debt default and bailouts, or am i just flat out fucking wrong? (honest question, not intended to be a dick)

  12. @PaidInGold: thought this even before this video. ANY larger city will be in a crap storm. L.A. can be on a short fuse. I hope you have a "get out of dodge plan". My thoughts are with ALL of you in large, hell, even medium sized cities. I see what goes on in my local Wal-Mart. That alone sends shivers down my spine.

  13. Just my 2 fiat cents. If gov confiscates your gold and silver then PM stocks will go to infinity as they did during the great depression. Also 16 drops of bleach per gallon, sit 30 minutes (double check my facts) to kill anything in the water if we go all crazy. Bleach is a life saver/necessity and cost nothing. Also if you weren't in the LA riots TRUST me people are pigs especially the welfare lollipop class of scumbags. The real inside of people comes out during stress and multiculturalism shows it's true ugly face.

  14. DAMMIT, can I scrape enough off of my $1 bills to get "high"? LOL!

  15. 12 gauge, .30-.06 (sighted VERY well in), 36" aluminum bat and I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Got milk?

  16. Led=Lead

    Mossberg and Sig Sauer here! But that aint all :P

    I want an MP5K, but alas no one will sell me one :(

  17. @Jasper, your bleach drops sounds very close (me too, from memory). If you're worried about drinking: www.ecoloblue.com Pricey? Not when it comes to survival!! Bleach kills ebola (spelling), so, yes, it is the shizznet!

  18. To all my fellow Canadians, I absolutely encourage you to take your unrestricted/restricted firearms courses ASAP. It can be done at most local ranges, and takes only 2 weeks. Once you do the course, there is a mandatory 28 day wait and background check by the RCMP. Once you get your P.A.L, get a sidearm, a long rifle/shotgun, and as many rounds as you can pack in your trunk. Most people don't know that Canadians can buy handguns up to a mag capacity of 10 rounds. We can buy semi-automatic rifles, including assault rifles, with mag capacities of 5 rounds. I know it's low capacity, but it will outgun any chucklehead who brings a knife and tries to rob you. My P.A.L is in the mail, and I'll be buying a Sig P226 and a Robinson XCR.

    Remember, once the SHTF, they will immediately freeze all gun sales/ammo sales. Plan ahead.

  19. ...and if somehow the S truly does start to HTF, all that stands between a pinned-to-5-round mag and a full 30 round .223 mag for instance, is a quick run in and out with a Dremel or drill to get rid of the rivet.

    +12 gauge

    I'm with you SGS, I'm ready to see this BS, fuckfest matrix end in a smouldering heap, take whatever that means in the face and have no problem with the thought of defending my home and myself with lethal force under those circumstances.

    There's some serious fucking Darwinian stress coming down the pike at any rate I surmise.

  20. @ DM

    Is it easy to buy a pinned 30 round mag? Most of what I've seen only comes with a 5 round mag.

    What do you shoot with .223?

  21. Nice depressing fucking video SGS. At least I'm in the "happiest place on Earth!" And yes, I used this photo on purpose so you fuckers wouldn't have to wonder LMAO!


  22. I'm with Robert on this one, he echoes all my thoughts in a detailed fashion. Would like to hear SGS thoughts on this...

    I think may be SGS is indicating by putting this video that shit can hit the fan AT ANY FRICKING time so, it is best to be prepared. The longer time you have, the better prepared you'll be -- if you're willing enough to think this through.

  23. @Dan

    All I've ever seen are 30 pinned to 5 except for 10 round .223 pistol mags. If you get an XCR I'd be surprised if it didn't come with a 30 round mag pinned to 5. Not sure what you mean by "what do you shoot with .223?" I have an LMT MRP (DI) with 16" barrel (Leupold Mk 4 1.5-5 MR/T optic/American Defense Recon Mount) and 10.5" barrel uppers, all my shooting is paper targets and metal gongs at the range.

  24. I have worked and trained with guns for over 35 years. A 12 gauge shotgun with Slug ammo is as good as any rifle. A shotgun can shoot game loads, OO buck and solid one ounce slug, most excellent long gun to own. If you hit someone with a slug round, even if they have body armor on, it will break bones and transfer lots of energy.

    As for handgun, a .45 auto is the best round out there. 230 gr in weight is a great bullet with lots of energy transfer to target. A true and tested round, in bullet ballistics bigger is better, more weight equals more damage, bigger hole for more blood loss, more transfer of energy and more damage to organs and bones.

    If you own a shotgun any .223 or .30 cal rifle has great stopping power.

    Ammo is expensive but I have found the best deals at Cabelas which you can order on line.

    Another good cheap rifle is a .22, cheap ammo, good for small game and can take out a man with good bullet placement. You can get 1000 rounds of ammo for under 100 bucks or 3 oz of silver. :)

    My two cents..

  25. I've been trying to gently speak to friends and family about what is coming...and I swear they make me feel like I'm either crazy or some kind of conspiracy nut.

    Never before has normalcy bias been so prevalent.

    It's the same as 1930's Germany. Hitler was telling the Jews what he was going to do, but no one could bring themselves to believe that such a horrible situation would become reality. Instead of leaving, they stayed, and we all know the result. It's the same now. People don't want to prepare, as preparing is an admonition that this doomsday scenario will actually come to pass.


  26. @ Robert, I think the half life of every move they try to make to keep the ponzi going is reducing drastically.

    It feels like we'll not see out the year. But if we do, it's just more time to prepare.

    If SGS is right that the Greek military would back the people, that's a big deal, and a big FUCK YOU bankers. Sweet.

    @ Dan, so true brother.

    With guns illegal here, I have to take my chances with a bat, knives and hoping to get some pepper spray. I haven't got much but I have a family I will protect to the death.

    SGS Thanks for this site brother. It is an hourly friend as no one around me is aware AT ALL!!!!

    Good luck all.

  27. Dan: "Instead of leaving, they stayed, and we all know the result."

    What was the result? Trust me- you nor I know what that result is. You know why? B/c the ADL has made it illegal, yes you go to jail in Europe, especially france, if you refute ANYTHING that of what zionist statistics say about the event and its outcome. How about that for writing history.

  28. Oh, and I highly suggest an H&K usp tac .45. It shoots like a 9 mm recoil. Unreal.

    Any suggestions on an AR-15 type .223 model? I'm in the market. Someone said armalite. Any thoughts?

  29. @SGS

    LMT, Noveske, Daniel Defense... There are a few. I can highly recommend LMT.

    Check-out Questar, they're out your way and the service is fantastic. They'll deliver right to your door.

  30. SGS,

    Pick up a Magpul-Remington ACR. Beautiful weapon.


  31. SGS...Stag Arms is rock solid. I own both a dpms and a Stag Arm....the stag arm is reliable, accurate and they make both a left and right handed model