Saturday, June 11, 2011

KWN Sprott interview, Schiff & Keiser

Eric Sprott:

"You are way better off owning physical metal than owning a piece of paper at a bank"
"I sort of think of us all as lemmings just heading over the cliff..."

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  1. Even I got no money to buy now, I just check some prices for silver and gold coins.

    The premium has gone down on the place I shopped usually. They were selling maples for 4 buck premium and now, it has gone down to the $2.89. It is getting closer to march prices.

    Premium for Philharmonics monster is now 2.49. It has gone down a lot in two weeks too. But the lowest I have seen was 2.20 in march.

    Anyway, I was expecting the premium to remain high but it looks like things has changed quite a bit.

  2. I apologize in advance for this long post, but this is from Bix Weir. I'm not sure how many of you follow his work but it is interesting to say the least. I don't believe everything he has to say but I do believe he's one of the good guys. I find it funny how Jon Nadler is involved with this Kitco gold and silver ponzi scheme.

    "Late word out yesterday that the crackdown of the gold and silver manipulators has begun. Kitco, one of the partners in Gold and Silver Manipulation Scam, is being taken out by the authorities. It your fault if you have any metal in their paper games...

    Revenu Quebec Investigates Gold Fraud

    There will be a lot more of this as the veil comes off the metal market rigging operations. Kitco was running a gold and silver ponzi scheme that was started by none other than the infamous Jon Nadler.

    Nadler was the inventor and promoter of the Pooled Metal Investment accounts. He started this at Bank of America then implemented it at the Perth Mint, Kitco and the Royal Bank of Canada. The idea was that since everyone doesn't cash in their gold and silver certificates at the same time you could sell allocated and unallocated pooled account certificates without buying the actual metal. You then take that money and invest it in some other interest baring account and you get the interest gains.

    Like any ponzi scheme it only works when people don't try to withdraw their investment. Once they try to cash in certificates for real metal the game is over.

    This is where we are today...BUT WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NOW!

    There are many forms of paper metal ponzi schemes including ETF's, certificate programs, pooled accounts and even the COMEX and LME exchanges which are leveraged 100-1 paper metal vs the deliverable ounces.


    If you've been on the Road to Roota for long enough you KNOW that the ONLY way to survive this global meltdown is by holding PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION!

    The time for explaining the reasoning behind this is over. If you still don't get it you should read the Road to Roota ARCHIVES here:

    The breakdown of the paper metal infrastructure has begun. With it will come the moonshot for physical metal, the destruction of paper metal to zero, the nationalization of mines and warehouse metal and ultimately the end of un-backed fiat money.

    It was always the plan.

    Best of luck to us ALL!

    Bix Weir"

  3. Max and Peter read ZeroHedge.

    I wonder if they read SGS!?

    HI PETER!! HI MAX!!!


  5. Sprott = Seems a good guy.
    Keiser = Seems suspicious.

    Keiser is a great promoter for the "Man-Made-Global-Warming scam. He never misses an opportunity to sell the "elite"s message that we are all responsible for global warming and need to be taxed and controlled.
    Keiser it seems to me is only really interested in stirring-up people's hate to get advertising clicks. I sometimes wonder if he has been "invented" to deflect anger from the "elite" so that the mob thinks it's doing something.

  6. SGS:
    Please look at CF to see if it's a good short. Thanks.

  7. @George I think you are making a valid point. Just under a week ago, the host of the show above published the following article on his web site:

    The subject attempted to claim that anthropogenic global warming caused the decline in airline business (completely ignoring the fact that many don't have money to spend on holidays due to the austerity measures he has been campaigning against), but more shockingly, he attempted to promote the idea that the droughts happening in China are a result of AGW. Even the alarmists don't use it. What gives?

    I did a little digging in the scientific literature and this is what I've come up with:

    Basically, I have material evidence this host is making things up. As much as I respect his actions against austerity measures and his anti-banker stance, I would be very disappointed if he's using his popularity as the anti-banker to promote a theory which has not yet been conclusively proven.

    I try to keep a level head on things like this. AGW could be true, but I have yet to see any compelling evidence for it.

    @SGS apologies for off-topic post. On the subject of the post, I couldn't agree more, virtually anything is better than owning paper in a bank.

  8. are gonna love this HEADLINE:

    Israel's central bank chief applies to head IMF

    On Saturday June 11, 2011, 3:21 pm EDT
    JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's central bank chief has applied to head the International Monetary Fund, the bank said Saturday, acknowledging that obstacles stand in his way.

    Stanley Fischer has headed the Bank of Israel since 2005 and has held top jobs at the World Bank and at Citigroup Corp.

    That's the way you do it. Get rid of DSK with some sort of SEX SCANDAL, then you bring in the next ELITE SLOB.

  9. Some juicy material for a lazy cold and cloudy Sunday morning. Global warming my rectum, we're headed back into an ice age. Check these out:

    1) This video speaks to 4 Large US Banks insolvency re bad mortgages:

    2) Interesting article - $630 Billion QE2 all went off shore to support foreign banks on the US tax payer's ticket:

  10. @Buckanear2: look into HARP. You'll be stunned. Let me know what you think.

  11. Back to NIA vs. Schiff. Damn. Love alot of the stuff they both do, so I am conflicted. Christ, they even pulled Miles Franklin into the discussion, and Miles Franklin is THE top of the top. Best I can say is do your own research.

  12. Everyone,please read and spread this: SGS CANNOT give you individual advice. He can tell you what HE is doing, but can't tell you what to do. My point: I see multiple people asking him for stock advice...He can't do it. (legally)

  13. Led,

    Haarp BEEN AROUND up in Alaska for long time, there are many mp3 programs on Net alt. radio discussing it thru the last few years ... YT has stuff too ... it's no fake, Tesla technology

  14. George,

    I listen to Max when I have time and have never heard him be a shill for the global warming fear mongers. I would have to say that he would call it another banker/elite scam.

    I think max is one of the good guys.

  15. Funny to hear Peter's comments about "lyiing politicians" after his failed attempt to run for US senate, hahahaha!

  16. Joe

    You obviously don't read his articles on his site. There is not a day goes by that he doesn't bang the drum about Man-Made-Global warming. He's politics are "collectivist" in the good old communism sense. Why do you think he broadcasts out of Russia. I know Russia has now got over most of it's past but he is like a little dog barking behind a big gate. He never has anyone on his programme that would disagree with him and he would never set foot in the USA and broadcast what he says on his programme. And who in their right mind would buy a Silver Keiser that if you tried to sell would just get a big laugh from a dealer. I follow SGS and real people not smoke and mirror artists selling snake-oil like Keiser.

  17. Led, what's Harp a mucial instrument, a John Bull long gun or are you confusing HARP with TARP? Give me a link, not sure what to say?

  18. @Buckanear2 he's talking about one of the (roughly) two dozen ionosphere heaters around the world.

    Some people are convinced that HAARP in Alaska can perturb the ionosphere and move water vapor, i.e. it is possible to control the weather with an array of antennas.

    There are other theories, HAARP can be used to send ELF waves into the ground. This would cause the underlying rocks to resonate at their resonant frequency and therefore cause earthquakes.

    Another group are interested in the fact that these waves can be used to disturb brain waves i.e. it can be used for mind control.

    Pretty interesting for an array of antennas huh?

    Here's a link to the project's home page:

    @Buckanear, I've only summarized the main points Ledbedder was talking about (I hope). Please note that this does not represent my beliefs.

  19. Thanks Yousif, I'm a chemical technologist, sorry I don't go for that stuff. Simply stated I understand energy balances and to create an earth quake using a few megawatts isn't possible. In order to dislodge a tectonic plate perhaps 2 thousand miles long and 34,000 feet thick weighing a gazillion tonnes of sold granite with low energy radio or ultrasonic waves is a fart in a wind storm, resonance or no resonance. I also think people who think chem trails are attacks on the population are also out to lunch. My son is an AME and he says a standard turbofan jet engine cost about $10 million a pop. Putting crap into the fuel would gum up and destroy engine compressor blades in one flight, and I seriously doubt they would spend $20 or $40 per flight. Beside every second plane would fall out of the sky mid flight. Some of this conspiracy stuff is contrived by people who just don't understand simple chemistry and mechanics. However, that said I do like Steven Greer and believe disclosure may be close.

  20. @Buckaner2 Take a look at this page here:

    Scroll down to the section "Selected Publications on Geoengineering" and download the PDF in R1. The paragraph that starts:

    "Aurora Flight Sciences report on Geoengineering Cost Analysis". Should hopefully give you a good perspective on stratospheric aerosol injection. I'm not endorsing the idea of "chemtrails" but I'm not denouncing it either.

    I recommend keeping an open mind. That said, a little skepticism is always healthy!