Saturday, June 11, 2011

COT Report, and my observations

COT Report:

-Commercials add 5262 short

-large specs add 474 contracts short
-commercials add 726 positions long
-commercials covered 269 shorts

My thoughts:

As you know or may not know I live in southwestern Ontario. Population of my city is around 500,000 lets say. I've been noticing a lot of change in my city, primarily the deterioration of WASP Canada. It seems like everywhere I turn I see ninjas, Somalians and other perceivable parasites. If you dont know what a ninja is, I'm referring to a women that wears rather large robes and only show their eyes through a tiny slit. Dont take it the wrong the way its not about race or color or creed here I'm just stating whats happening up here in Canada, the great white happy North.

Now here lies my issue:

I am a hard worker. I know several other hard working middle class Canadians (I'm sure this is happening in AmeriKa too so pretend I'm referring to the land of the Free here) that are going to work, putting food on the table, the way we were taught to in school; go to school , do well, get a good education, be in debt $33,000 after graduating, and start your job search. Again, no problem with this. This is the system we vote for. If we do not like this system, go grab some guns, and start shooting the people in power, and create your own democracy-eh?!

Where I have a disconnect is the welfare state here. How can a refugee, or a ninja, for that matter, come to Canada and expect to pop out 4-5 more kids, her husband work dog shit jobs or no jobs at all (drug dealing/stealing perhaps too), live in a $250,000 home, and take in $welfare checks? All along, people I know work 14 hrs a day, and only make say 100% more than these parasites. And before I get a bunch of hate mail and comments, know that I have several close friends that are muslim. It has nothing to do with this. I'm speaking of the holes in the system now. You could replace the word ninja with smurf, or hobbit, sketch bags (many vagrants these days) and it would be the same things-leeches.

I look around and see an entire city morphing into a pool of different cultures, most of which are of lower income.

Why I am supporting this? Why are we looking the way? Why am I paying higher property taxes to live in a decent neighborhood, only to find more LR's (low rentals) a mile down the other way, and these neglected offspring are going to be going to the same public school as my child!?

This is absolute insanity. No one wins but the rich crooks. No one. The infiltration of shit eventually comes to the hard working middle class.

Lets come full circle now to the doom I see in Canada. Everyone and their mother here now owns a $250-$300,000 mortgage (immigrants included). The day where the great Canadian housing bubble will end when all these houses go up for sale like dandy lions. No one will be able to pay 5-10% interest rates.

More to come later. Go silver.


  1. Try living in Texas. We have a high illegal immigrant population who contribute nothing to the tax base, enjoy fee healthcare (our hospitals will not turn away a mother given birth or injured people from the emergency room), enjoy free education (our schools do NOT turn away illegal immigrant children), and crowd our street corners with panhandling (not illegal), driving property values low and our crime rates high. We have 1 in 8 people in the US on food stamps, meanwhile I see these people pay with their LoneStar food stamp cards and carry a cell phone in their hand. Meanwhile, the people here breed like rabbits, with their hands out every single day. I work hard and am saving to appropriately afford a family and will be damn near thirty before I have my first child with my wife. I feel sorry for even bringing a child into this world, because I believe the future looks much more dark, dismal, and police-state like than today ever does. I'm torn on having a child or doing as much as possible to turn the tide. Family? Or Liberty?

  2. I used to own a business where I paid for the health insurance for myself, my family, and my 19 employees and there families. So I was spending over $10,000 a month on health insurance.
    When I had my second child, I had to pay a $3,000 deductible despite the fact that I paid all that money to the insurance cartel on a monthly basis.
    I remember how pissed off I was because if my wife had been one of the countless crack whores from the hood, she could have walked into that very same hospital and had her crack baby free of charge.
    That is why Obamacare is such a scam. Because all of those poor people our fearless leader talks about without insurance already had free healthcare long before he completely fucked up our entire health care system.
    Those poor people he referred to (before he fucked up our whole country) were just a bunch of fat, lazy, drug addicts. Of course, now that he has intentionally destroyed the middle class, there are some good people who are willing to work that can't find a job or health benefits, but that wasn't the case before Bushbama destroyed the economy for the benefit of the banker douche bags.
    There is one law that always holds true throughout world history, and I challenge all of you to find a contradiction: What a government subsidizes it gets more of, and what it taxes it gets less of. All of these douche bags knew that when they decided to subsidize poverty in 1963, and now we have an overwhelming entitlement class while the middle class that paid for it is almost non existent.

  3. @ Everyone

    If you want to read an incredible book, check out "America Alone" by Mark Steyn. This changed my whole life and the way I look at our liberal, progressive society hell-bent on destroying itself. The two biggest lies ever propagated in the history of human society are 1) Multiculturalism and 2) Anthropogenic climate change.

    Starting about 30-40 years ago, western governments decided that they had been in business long enough, and they set in motion a plan to nullify their own culture through mass immigration from countries with cultures and customs diametrically opposed to our own. This was done unilaterally....I don't recall a vote or plebiscite ever being taken to ask us if we wanted to live in multicultural countries. Rather than criminalize abortion (which is decimating native populations of western countries), we replace these lost citizens with immigrants by the boatload. Here is a metaphor I like to use. If you have a cup of milk, and you add a drop of coffee, is that cup of milk still milk? Sure is. If you add 10 drops of coffee, is it still milk? Sure is. If you add two cups of coffee to the one cup of milk, is it still milk? Nope, it's now coffee. My point is, at some stage, this crushing tide of immies, either legal or illegal, will destroy the host country. Not through violent means, but through means just as Apparently a Canadian or America these days is anyone who lives here. That's it. Case closed. Just show up, and you're now a Canadian. Presto change-o. Can't speak English or French, you're still Canadian. Muslim? No problem, we'll redefine our laws to accomodate you. Sikh? No problem if you want to join the RCMP. We'll change the regulations so you can wear a turban.

    To all my American friends, do you realize that the term "He was an all-American guy" no longer applies. I'm sure it would be considered racist now.

    There is a term in Islam that says "A falling camel attracts many knives." What does that mean? It means that these foreigners have figured out a way to use our own kindness against us. They've found the open window in our secure fortress, and they're flooding in as fast as they can. What is a Somalian doing in a country that gets to minus 40???? Seems odd, doesn't it? Of course it is! That's what is so frustrating. Where is it written down that all western countries MUST be multicultural?! It's like we have to be by default.

    Any foreigner can become our nationality simply by showing up. So surely that must apply vice versa as well right? If I moved to Shanghai and lived their for 5 years, I guess I would become Anglo-Chinese. If I move to India, I would become Anglo-Indian. Seems ludicrous, doesn't it? But the term Chinese-Canadian, or Indo-Canadian doesn't seem silly, because we've been told it makes us racist if we say it is. Only western countries (founded by Europeans) must sacrifice their very identity.

    The main point:

    White countries (founded by hard-working Europeans) ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ASSOCIATE THEIR COUNTRY WITH THEIR RACE.

    All other countries ARE ALLOWED TO ASSOCIATE THEIR COUNTRY WITH THEIR RACE. Eg) Chinese, Indian, etc. Chinese IS NOT A RACE. Their race is ASIAN. Chinese is a nationality, but it is associated with a certain race, so we cannot adopt any aspect of it. But our nationality is not allowed to be associated with the white race. Neither is the USA. Or Australia. Or England. A Chinese guy can be British? Then surely a British guy can be Chinese. But somehow it only works one way. We give, they take. No reciprocity. It's what Mark Steyn calls "One way multiculturalism." Wanna see the disastrous outcome of a country with an identity crisis? Just wait a decade or two.

  4. Zach & Tom H: Both of you have given me hope. To know there are other well grounded people out there is good to know. I will say this again and again: people need to start listening to Alex Jones at All of this crap is on purpose. The New World Order once 2 types of people/societies: (1) them (2) the people that serve them. There is no middle class in their world--just tax paying slaves. You can say that I am nuts, but I ask you to do some research.

  5. I meant "wants". Holy sh!t am I brain dead at the moment! LOL!

  6. its a messed up system and peaceful revolution will only take place if we vote the bastards out of office, which could be impossible. Term limits maybe, tea party maybe, its a daunting challenge, due to the banks and large corporation control of everything, the political rulling class has us by the short hair. Silver and Gold is my only help at this point, when this house of cards blows.. next month?, next year?, 5 years? The election of 2012 will be huge.

  7. uh--this is what folks in AZ have been saying for years. Illegal (not incarcerated) immigrants come to town, buy homes (for a couple or more families) don't pay (which makes the banks like retail stores having to raise prices to offset "shoplifting:,they don't so taxpayers fund deficits (another transfer of wealth) they do not speak english, bring crime, screw up the schools (lowest common denominator, take up healthcare space, food stamps (why are we at 50 million besides giving JPM another subsidized product line)

    I could go on but you get the idea--worst of all--they are now the majority and can vote in the libs who take from remaining taxpayers.

    That's only gonna last a short while longer--the immigrants will leave when the US goes BK and they lose their free ride.

    Sorry to hear about Canada catching our virus. That was gonna be a destination.

  8. read the book recapture america.
    no, im not the author.

    i agree...planned controlled demolition

    bix weirs site-

  9. I have my phyzzz and Im locked and loaded. Change is coming. And I dont mean the bullshit from D.C. The elected ones have taken advantage of teh system for far to long. People are waking up.

    Alex Jones is a good place to start for info. So is Black Listed News.

  10. I would take it one step further. People feel alright complaining about illegal immigration. But even if it's legal, the impact on society is still just as strong. Why are Western countries, and only Western countries, supposed to take in, house, feed, educate, give affirmative action jobs to, apologize to, and all around subsidize the world's poor? It's not just the US. It's not just Canada. It's all of Europe, Australia and New Zealand too. Do you hear about the floods of Somalis into Taiwan? The Netherlands is just as crowded as Taiwan. Why is one of them expected to allow mass immigration and permanent demographic change to its land? If any of these countries had the same immigration laws as China, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, etc., they would be hounded in international news. Labeled racists and subject to harsh consequences. But all other countries may keep themselves for themselves. Asia for Asians. Africa for Africans. (Formerly) White countries for everyone.

  11. Yes, all very sad. The elites like to promote such things as racism and illegal immigration. It helps to keep us all divided. Focuses the attention away from those who are causing the poverty and endless war. Try not to fall into their psychological manipulations. Racism is one of their favorites.

  12. Wow, so much for the worry of getting hate mail, its what Ive always thought: EVERYONE (except for really dumb, dyed-in-the-wool liberals) hate the endless immigration, yet the institution of Political Correctness keeps you, the WASP [as you say in the post,], from saying a damn thing about it for fear of being tarred with that "racist" brush.

    Making us keep quiet about it is exactly why PC is promulgated. Guilty about watching your culture get destroyed. The real reasons those people come here is not for freedom, but freebies and that where they come from sucks compared to here because it is full of people like them. Give it time, though, and the fewer of us there are, the n=more of them there will be, and it will become like the place they left. Check out the Moslems in Rotterdam, Holland. What a Mess...coming soon to a neighborhood near you....!

  13. I honestly think the problems are the corporate greed.

    High medical insurance because of drug companies gouging the public and the insurance premium hospitals buy against lawsuits. On top of the medical insurance companies kept raising insurance premiums without reasons other than greed.

    Housing bubbles are the greed for the bankers. Loans were so easy to get, people just keep buying houses. I was totally shocked to know people can just walk away from home loans without any meaningful consequences. Mortgages agreement in other countries are not that easy to walk away from. They will bankrupt you if you miss payments. Bankers created this almost risk free casino for people to bet on housing. What can we say ? Our governments are covering these bankers asses.

    Lobbyists have won the war in destroying the North America. Along with it, down with the Europe.

  14. the nwo's plan to undermine a country's peoples of their sovereignty and nationalism. it's called planned deversified multiculturism. it's being done all over europe,canada, and the usa. just look at the new make up of england's population. in europe they're trying to bring in africans for euro zone policing. this happens everywhere except israel because they forbid it,they don't want to taint the superior bloodline or degredate the make up of the country. this is how global bankers divide and conquer countries to enforce their political and ecconomic ideologies against the will of the people.

  15. BTW, I never thought Canada is just as bad as US. But like I have mentioned before, Canada is easily saved. It is a very large country with about 40 million people. It can't be that bad at all. With vast landscape and lots of natural resources, it should be in good shape.
    The national debt is only $560 Billions. Just offer an dual-citizenship package to any foreigners with 10 million dollar or more. The national debt will be gone in no time. All you need is 56K people apply, Canada will start off fresh. 56K increase in population is nothing. And these are rich people who will sprout businesses and create jobs in buildings and infastructures.

  16. @cocnut: Holy crap! That is a damn good idea, and I'm not even being a smartass!

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  18. hahaha, you must come to germany to learn, who are the leaders in bleeting out the citizens to death!

    then you'll know how sweet your situtations are, i swear!!!

  19. Bottom line there's too many people alive on this planet, due to the discovery of oil and the energy contained therein. The only other species, where scientists have been able to observe a population explosion like ours, has been in rabbits and rats. And just as rapidly as they've exploded, they've come back to the level they were before the explosion, ie a spike.

    This is what awaits us. There are 3 ways it could happen. Man-made, nature-made or a combination of the two.

    Rest assured, in about 100 years or so, there's not going to be a single one of us still here, the ruling elite included, it'll be another bunch of bozo's turn. So really, when it boils down to it, who gives a fuck? Take the good, leave the bad, it'll be over before you know it.

  20. This has been happening since Trudeau, it's just completely out of hand now but the machine loves cheap labor... Canadians think they're soooo much different than the States, our country is just as much an idiocracy, if not more so at the moment, the our neighbors to the South.

    I'm on the West coast and think within a couple of years outside this RE bubble at least deflates and let's face it, it really a matter of time. We could be heading for religious moments a la 2007 U.S. here in Canada, our personal debt levels en masse are insane. Just cut my exposure to my only real estate/primary residence (sold high/downgraded high). No debt/mortgage/etc. and not to confident in the integrity of our "civilization" at this point.

    Thinking of putting most of the proceeds of my move into GoldMoney or BullionVault for ease of digital liquidity yet some safety exposed to bullion/spot, any opinions on either of these vehicles would be greatly appreciated.

    Best to SGS and all on the board.

  21. I think everyone here will enjoy this.

    Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism

  22. Mark Steyn is spot on. I agree with every one of his viewpoints. "Nobody knows anything" about other cultures. He's exactly right. And let's be honest, multiculturalism is nothing but a fluffy word. I have lived in Canada my whole life, and to this day I never see groups of different races of people hanging out together. Asians hang with Asians, Indians hang with Indians, Blacks hang with Blacks. All animals, humans included, associate with others from the same herd, tribe, etc. We don't like to mix with different cultures and creeds. But hey, that's only nature. What the hell does nature know? We're smarter, right?! Liberals would say yes.

  23. Hey "Direct": kill yourself now and quit using toilet paper---I need it!!

  24. Lmao, so Canada is blessed with the Somalis too? They're flooding Sweden (welfare state numero uno in the WORLD bitchez!) too and quickly multiplying. Oh well at least we're getting something for our 67% margin income tax, 25% VAT (yes that is on silver too) and 30% capital gains tax. And remember, if you criticize the system you are a SELFISH DISGUSTING RACIST! Oh did I forget to mention gas is $8.40 a gallon?

  25. don't blame the immigrants....i would be looking for a better future for my family as well. Not to mention we are all descendants of immigrants who annihilated the natives.

    the elite are to blame. africa would be prosperous if not interfered with as would mexico. A few years ago the US was flooded Brazilians but most have gone home due to improving economic conditions.

    Our governments are not doing their job and I agree with a lot of the above posts.....I just think its wrong to blame the individual. I know plenty of whites who work the system in different ways...(collect unemployment and work a job for cash). Not to mention the most destructive abuse of power is done by whites......if you blame the immigrants or grow to dislike them the elite have won. Let go of the hate.

    Question--Why is the queen still on Canadian money?

  26. Joe: Thanks but I am fucking fed up with people like you telling me what to think. They're abusing the shit out of the welfare system and our credulity, crime rates are going through the roof, pension rates are getting slashed and meanwhile the media keep telling the sheep how everything is fine and dandy. They won't have a clue what hit them until it is way too late.

    And my ancestors did not "annihilate" any natives, they claimed this uninhabited land thousands of years ago. You gotta understand this is not happening just to the US but to the whole Western civilization. Sure you can play the white guilt card like everyone else but wtf. If nothing changes my people will not even be in majority in OUR OWN COUNTRY in a matter of decades, how messed up is that? Do you think they will be as kind to us as we were to them? I see how a lot of them act now and I can only imagine what things will be like when they have the numbers on their side.

    (And yes I know not all immigrants are like that, I know many cool ones too and blablablabla FUCK)

  27. Magnus,

    I feel your frustration but ultimately it is a negative emotion that will only cause stress and dis-ease. I lived in England and have spent a lot of time in Europe. My sister lives in Paris and I have seen first hand the rapid change in demographics. I personally can't blame them (immigrants) for moving to a better place. The US was a better place for many Europeans (not so much for African Americans).

    We need to elect officials that represent our wishes. I am 100% opposed to a welfare state. I realize our country (US) is but a distant memory of what it once was. I long for a government that is honest and with integrity.....Ron Paul is one of the few elected officials that wants to restore constitutional law.

    I have also traveled to many poor countries in Latin and South America and the inequality is depressing.

    I was not trying to tell you how to think or preach. If we blame the immigrants the elite win. What we need to change is our government and fast. Why is the US protecting borders of oil rich states when the Mexican border is wide open to drug and people traffickers.... while I get molested at the airport on a domestic flight? We have our friendly neighbors in Canada to buy oil from, we have hundreds of years of nat gas and coal as well as oil reserves that, thanks to the Sierra Club, Green Peace and the bleeding hearts, we are not allowed to drill for.

    Our military is an arm of the big are most of our politicians.

    I think we are on similar pages. I choose to blame the government and not the immigrants though. I respect their right and pursuit of a better life. It shouldn't come at our expense but thats what laws are for....lets enforce the ones we have.

    My ancestors did annihilate the natives of this land and enslave others. I do not feel the whites mans guilt for this but recognize that it was wrong.

    Let's hope silver frees us both from our financial bondage.

    Good luck to you.


  28. be careful on alex jones, for those who been around for a while he's an obvious gatekeeper

  29. Colin,

    I agree. Alex Jones = gatekeeper.

    He is good at stirring the pot. Having said that he has made some valid contributions. Truth mixed with lies + bias towards his masters. There is one group of people he never criticizes....

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  31. JOE is right, AJ wife is a Jew, wonder why he never gets on israel?

  32. I grew up in a lilly white, WASPish suburb back in the 60's that had no minorities except a few people like me, white catholics from either Ireland, Italy, or Eastern europe. As a second generation Croat, and as someone who tested high (this was the era that intelligence testing and advanced classes began), I got it from all sides. It didn't help that I was a good athlete too so I know a thing or two about how the black man is treated in the USA, though I can't really say so as I just experienced prejudice lite. Just think back to all the negativity that Muhammad Ali got for changing his name, refusing to be drafted and saying the North Vietnamse never called him a nigger. I think Chris Rock said it best when he said if he asked the average white American if they'd want to change places with him, they would say no.

    The more I research, the more I come to the conclusion that British culture is the most toxic thing known to man. Do a little research on John Dee and his pirate antics. Forget the Zionists, it's the Crown that's behind TPTB. And don't kid yourself, it's that British dominator culture that made (choose your favorite ethnic group here) the way they are. I mean, come on, giving NA Indians small pox infected blankets or gunning down Indian Indians with the Maxim: that shit just ain't right.

    And the part that's the richest, is that the upper class Britons treat their own like dogs too. Who do you think lets all these uneducated, drag to society, immigrants into the Commonwealth countries? Last time I checked, it costs like how many millions for the average white American to buy citizenship to commonwealth or EU country if he's not young or practices an in demand, needed, occupation. Yet these same countries are overrun with uneducated, brown skinned illegal immigrants? Can't you see this is the way, along with wage decimation of the middle class, that fascism will be implemented?

  33. @ Joe/

    Your argument is retarded. I hate that whole "we were immigrants too at one point" argument. You make it sound like we all arrived at the same time and put in the same amount of work. My ancestors BUILT Canada. When they came here, it was an empty land with nothing. When all the other immigrants arrived in the 1950s and 1960s, it was all here waiting for them. They didn't built towns. They didn't build cities. They didn't farm and work the land. And they certainly didn't fight in any wars. They arrive, call themselves Canadians, and that's it. It's always equal out. It is never equal in. They didn't earn this land, my ancestors did. And if ancestry doesn't matter, than you might as well say that the western way of life, from Shakespeare to Mozart to Newton to Einstein to the Wright Brothers to Charles Dickens to the present day, didn't work. I don't agree. The Western way of life is superior to all other cultures and ways of life.

  34. @dan,
    i wish i could have a river i could skate away on...

    but it is what is eh?

  35. @ Joe

    Great song.

  36. Dan,

    From what experiences can you definitively say that, "the Western way of life is superior to all other cultures and way of like? Have you visited all of these places"? Have you studied these cultures? I don't know you from but a few posts but you sound like a racist to me.

    Our way of life is built on corruption and greed. The people of this world are what make it a great time to be alive, its governments and organized religions that pollute the waters.

    Canada was built already when you were born so what did you do. I'm pretty sure the original inhabitants of "your" country" didn't wave the union jack and pay homage to the queen of small island that conquered most of the world through deceit and aggression. I'm pretty sure south Americans didn't always speak Spanish and Portuguese. Know your history!!

    You act as if the world started after your ancestors killed the natives and everyone in Canada suddenly started speaking french and english.

    Of course it is not "our" fault that very bad things happened long ago in our home lands, but to dismiss them altogether is another thing.

    Your ignorance runs deep.