Friday, June 10, 2011

TINKA Resources TK.V / TKRFF Update

Thank you to those who sold their 38's to me. Again, if you do not buy on days where stocks go down (a lot), go give your money to the poor or a mutual fund. On the flip side, if you are not selling stock when they have great over extended days, forget about it.

Those who bought, congrats. I look forward to anymore juicy donations that I have been getting.

If anyone is still making making money on Netflix PUTS, congrats.

If anyone is still making money on APKT puts, congrats.

Any questions? LOL


  1. Who knew that yesterday was bottom? Anyone?

    I will buy back in if Monday is higher.

  2. Daspro I agree.. the fuck shit is comin'..My puts are skyrocketing!

  3. I would suggest like I think all ADVISORS should do(to really show your worth) you should post all your transactions each day and let others piggy back and THEN with all your earnings you would be getting LOTS more donations.

    I have followed sports touts for 40 years, very very very few win ... IF you are that good, I would suggest doing that, you would mop up, no? then you would have it all documented.

    Just a simple thought :)

  4. Colin: LOL, I dont have time to spoon feed people, and trust me, $20/day in donations is not worth my time...I suggest it once in a while b/c to remind everyone that I spend 2 hrs a day on here...I would rather shut this thing down and concentrate on other things to be quite honest.

  5. @Colin - hmmmmm, what I was thinking precisely! I want someone who actually makes money trading to post their trades! I will choose to follow, or not.

    If I make money I donate. So far my losing streak remains unbroken. Oh, dear. Oh, dear.

  6. Hmmmm.... the discussion seems to turn into a paid investment forum topic.

    Anyway, this is just a personal blog. SGS was "nice" enough to share some of his trading strategy and somewhat insightful info.
    Treat it as a coworker giving out his own investment strategies. You can choose to following, laugh at it or do further homework on your own. I think people should take it as their own discretion.
    After all, this is internet. For all I know, SGS could be very well be Blythe herself.

    Anyway, if you like the blog, at least you can click on the Ad banners on this blog. I think SGS got pennies everytime you do that.

    Oh, btw, I share my strategies on buying BGZ and options of SDS and FAS a couple of days ago. Please send me a cashier check or a Canadian maple. LOL.

  7. SGS has ads? Don't see any on my end.

  8. FWIW,

    I was not trying to give sgs "sh*T" was half kidding and/or trying to help IF he needed/wanted more $oda pop$ for his time ... I only buy bullion and bought mine mostly long ago ... I have met some great people in here tho and email with several :)

  9. Does the fact that it gapped up not suggest it may come back down to the .42-.43 range still? I think it will head back to the .50s where the PP is after the over-dramatic sell-off on the peru election, but will it go straight back or fuddle around for a few more days? Eitherway, nice to find support so quickly if indeed this is the bottom, which I think is very likely as well.

  10. And the volume was super light today in tinka, so that is another reason I feel this move was not as strong. Ask ended at .491 though...

  11. Well, since I got some cash 6 months ago, I am after 6 months, down 1%. I obviously have no clue what I am doing! I am not using PUTS and CALLS, because I am sure if I did I would be down 50%! So if I had stuck my money in a CD is would be better off! And the first 3 months were in Tocqueville Gold, which lost me 2%, offset by the 2% dividend!

    So, are the next 2-3 months a crash in stocks, commodities and PM's followed by off to the moon; OR more QE and a slow rise in the aforementioned? I know if I try to guess now I will fuck it up and loose out!

  12. The only thing that is going to be rising is the death toll of the worlds population.

    Do what the elite have been doing. Building underground bases. Start digging folks. Stock up, hunker down, and be ready to hit your shelter and live there for extended periods of time. After the last nuke is detonated, it will be years before we can go to the surface again. You and I know these cum-rags will stop at nothing to achieve their long lived goal. To rule the world, and if they have to destroy everything and start over to do it, they will, and they will have all the resources people like us have been working out entire lives to provide for each other. They will build new, as if it was the beginning of time again, instituting their lies and deceit against their slaves, creating new, more powerful weapons to use against the uprisings.

    Ok, bed time kiddies... remember, its just a story, its not real...

  13. @highrise, so how about those Mavericks?