Sunday, June 12, 2011

Crisis Coming...$US collapsing by Fall not out of the realm of possibilities-Jim Rogers


  1. SGS, able to bring back the original bear voices?

  2. Ok, here is my 2 cent$. George Soros is a shitbag. Jim Rogers stood side by side with him for how many years? Same with Warren Buffet (not with Soros, just a shitbag). Yep, these guys made a shit ton of fiat, but fisted so many people along the way. Rogers has been on this commodity kick for YEARS, and even though I believe he is correct, he is early. Of course, he can afford to be early, being a billionaire and all. Wonder how many shares of POT does he have.

  3. Oops, not he "is" early (Rogers), but he was early. Corn just hit a 52 week high.

  4. This guy is so full of shit. One clear example:

    "We have had no investment in agriculture in the last 30 years". Really Jim? Wouldn't have anything to with Monsanto suing farmers out of existence with their patent rights on GMO corn, wheat, and alfalfa would it?

    You know, the same patent rights that Clarence "Long Dong Silver" Thomas the Supreme Court Justice seems to be vigorously defending.

    Oh did I forget to mention Thomas used to work for Monsanto? My bad. The game is rigged and guys like Rogers know it. If the US has a food crisis in the future, it's because it was planned.

  5. this is off topic but the movie is only good for one more day for free in whole, this is a MUST WATCH to educate people on cancer and the big pharma lies ...



  7. Right, according to Jim, people are demonstrating in China every day? Sure, what he forgot to mention is that those demonstrators are probably whisked away by the secret police. Tiananmen Square anyone?

    Cutting regulations? Sure easy for him to say, I bet Jim Rogers has never spent a single day working in a Foxconn or Nike sweatshop in his beloved and unregulated China.

    He's been saying for years that he'll sell his remaining Dollars with every rally, but now he suddenly owns Dollars again just for a trade?

    The only reason why he wants business to go bankrupt is for the same reason that he wants a correction in Gold and Silver: so he can buy more.

    What a total hypocrite!

  8. @Ledbed... Rogers worked with Soros a long, long time ago. When asked about Soros, Rogers always replies: "I haven't talked with Soros in decades, you are better off asking about my ex wife."

    He seems legit to me and I communicate with him through email from time to time. How many billionaires do that?

    @colin... Great film man... I just watched the whole thing! Thanks for ruining my Sunday afternoon :) This shit is getting to disgust me. Makes me want to go nuts.

  9. @walp86 those quakes are all in Djibouti. The oil infrastructure is on the other side of the Arabian Peninsular, on the Persian Gulf coast. Interesting set of quakes but I don't understand how a 7.0 in that region would affect oil supply.

    View xml here

  10. @colin
    thanks for a link, this movie is a must have

    This case is not about a cancer, but about the system - anyone expect going deep into rabbits hole.

    100% meaningful also for silver investment!

  11. @colin Thanks.. Always interesting What you can learn on sites like these.. Love this site as well as a lot of others ! Great Post !

  12. Me: It's a volcano erupting, and the wind is changing towards Saudi Arabia.

    You´ll see!

  13. He's one of the "good ol boys". Comes across all home-spun and the kind of friendly guy that is "only doing good in the World". In other words possibly a con-artist. I like his style but I wouldn't trust him with my wallet. How do you think he became a billionaire? These guys have all the "inside" info and are always being asked to do interviews on the main-stream media. They like to lead the sheep of the World into following trends and then when everyone is safely in the pen they find it's the slaughter house and Jimbo and Warren Buffo are nowhere to be seen.

  14. @ Colin

    If you are interested in this sort of thing then I suggest you look at Dr Simoncini's work

    An amazingly simple everyday cure for cancer. Sounds mad until you follow-up all of the cures.
    First place I would go if it happened to me.

  15. What a bunch of nutcases on this blog! One is talking (to himself?) about volcanoes and earthquakes in Saudi Arabia and others are posting stuff about cancer...

    As for Jim Rogers, our friendly bowtied billionaire is still talking with false modesty about being "the world's worst timer." So this "world worst market timer" who has been predicting the end of the Dollar is now temporarily long the Dollar as a trade...because he's bad in timing and coincedentally also a billionaire. Hahahaha! You couldn't make this stuff up!

    Which reminds me of that other charlatan, Dr (WTF?) Marc Faber. The guy who predicts the end of the Dollar, but charges the subscribtion for his newsletters in.....yes, you guessed correctly: IN DOLLARS! Not in SFR, not in EUR, not in JPY, not in RMB, not in grams of gold or Aussie Dollars! No no no, none of that, good ol' Mark wants US DOLLARS!


  16. @ B
    "What a bunch of nutcases on this blog!"

    You're in good company then. A person that laughs at himself and has to write it down as well.

    I wonder what B stands for?

  17. See, and so everybody talks about everything EXCEPT the topic at hand: i.e. the credibility of Jim Rogers!

    The attention span of a 4 year old...

  18. @ B
    You should get out more. Ask mummy if it's OK to play with the big boys.

    When you grow up you will stop being so self-important.

  19. Why do can't you stick to the topic?

    Isn't there some kind of hypochondriac forum where you can post your bullshit on?