Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TINKA Resources TK.V / TKRFF Update - Drilling has commenced

GOT CHIMU? I just bought an enormous amount on Friday and more today.

If you read my boys blog over the weekend, you would have seen the picture that we saw. The Fundamental View (TFV). Right had side under my daily reads. Read it. Everyday.

I hope fear didnt cloud your judgement on this one. $2 by September. Some are calling for $6. I'm not pumping. Just letting you know as usual. Sell it if you want, I dont care.

Last Update: 5/24/2011 8:45:00 AM

VANCOUVER, May 24, 2011, 2011 (Canada NewsWire via COMTEX) -- Tinka Resources Limited (the "Company"), (TK) (frankfurt:TLD) (pinksheets:TKRFF). Andrew Carter, President, advises that diamond drilling has commenced at the Company's Colquipucro silver project, west-central Peru. The first of two holes to test the eastern side of the Ayawilca zone was collared on Saturday, May 21(st). These two holes will total approximately 700 metres depth, and following the completion of these holes, the rig will move to Zone 1 to test the northern extension of the NI 43-101 compliant resource, drilling a minimum of five holes and approximately 500 metres.

A further eight diamond holes, totaling approximately 1,600 metres, will then be completed at the Ayawilca zone. The Ayawilca zone is located about 1.5 km south of Zone 1, just next to the same major fault system that appears to be a structural control for the mineralization at Zone 1. Positive results at Ayawilca have the potential for significantly increasing the global silver resource on the property.

Mr. Carter says: "We are pleased that this important step is underway as it will allow the Company to test the northern extension of Zone 1 and also the undrilled Ayawilca zone. Results will be released as they become available."

The Company's Qualified Person, John Nebocat (P.Eng.), has reviewed and approved the contents of this news release.

On behalf of the Board,
"Andrew Carter"
Andrew Carter, President & CEO


  1. First!!!

    Holy fuckin fuckin!! OMG OMG OMG! Up 24% today!

    The APKT put are looking good too

    Thanks @SGS

  2. what about the GLD calls? LOL dont forget the hedge!

  3. "I hope fear didnt cloud your judgement on this one. " - It did. At the time every Silver Bug on the internet was crying, people were telling stories of their lost 5-6 figure profits (or wipes out completely in loss), even Turd Fergusen had resorted to drinking. When Fuck wits started selling at .38$ i waited for the price to recover and bailed, thinking that tinka drill results would probably have come in sometime June, and at that time Everyone was crying silver would be 20$ at that point.

    I cant cry over it now, but my paltry share count in Tinka now definitely has me sour in the asshole.

  4. Thats okay. The .35-51 cent candle gave it away. Classic move. I should right a book soon and how brokers fuck people and manipulate stocks.

  5. way to go! sacked some w 200k pcs... nice call!

  6. Write that book... with all the colorful language you can. It would be a must read for all of us amateurs.

  7. It hasn't hurt that today the Mining Speculator (Greg McCoach) has tipped Tinka as a strong buy up to $0.65.

    Who knows? He'll get one right eventually :-)

  8. SGS what makes me even more sour is seeing that 50 was basing again i had a nice order placed at .50 since monday hoping to get filled on that. Now Im thinking this train left without me. Hoover flag, bitches.

  9. Thanks, SGS. The donate button has used and is now on my "favorites" list. I bailed on TK earlier but jumped back on board in time to make up for previous losses and bought more today. Write the fucking book already.

  10. MonkeySmoke: Me too, I produly proclaimed to have sold Tinka to brace and liquidify before the oncoming Greece\Spain-crisis during friday, but somehow my last minute order didn't went through.. and when I tried again to sell on monday, the Canadian market was closed... go figure

    Sometimes I think the financial fate really likes me. :)

    SGS: Any news\info on Hinterland, Avino or Wildcat? They seem neither strong nor weak. I might consider swapping some of them for Tinka soon if they dont start to move (especially Hinterland).

  11. People ... PEOPLE. There is a big difference between Investing and Gambling. Miners need time. Give it to them.

    If you want quick cash, go to a casino or something :)

    TK rock the house today. FAU was alright and so was HMI. I'm with these guys long term, I did my DD and I INVESTED in them.

    I hope by now, all of you have realized:


    Don't ever take anyone's word for anything and, very importantly, always ask for a QUANTITATIVE analysis.

  12. As the price kept dropping I remembered SGS' words, "Champs buy on the fucking red days"!! or something like that.

    That's what I did. Can't freak out people, not in a bull market. Drill results and revenues will override the market conditions for stocks in a COMPLETELY different sector.

  13. If you listen to animated bears, and do not do your own research. You deserve to lose a bundle. However I trust the bears more than most people on CNBC. Looking forward to #7

  14. Hey SGS, great call as usual. I was waiting for TK to explode - can't wait for the drill results. But write that book to helps us ignorant of the manipulations going on, and how to recognized and fight it. Many thanks!

  15. Question for you SGS since you know how stocks are manipulated (or anyone else). Can I get your opinion on AUN.V on the Canadian venture exchange (AUNFF on the US). It seems to have a ton of Failures to Deliver in April. (see www.failurestodeliver.com and enter AUNFF for the symbol). Thanks in advance for the help!

  16. wow. my funds dont transfer into my account til tmw so couldn't buy this am!:( Are most people going long on this stock? seems pretty cheap @ 0.65 if projected to go to $2-6 later this year.. too late to go in? Sorry for sounding like such a boob. just trying to make a little fiat to turn to phyzz.. Trying to learn from SGS master.. ;)

  17. Tinka hasn't done anything that almost every other silver Jr did. The real cash was made on low priced unhedged producers and will be next time as well. Just look at at AG, GPL or EXK. Tinka has been flat for most of the bull and there still 5 years min from producing. Buyouts are rare in silver and on average the premium is 35% hence why almost none have been done. The cash flow is shit from these kind on deals.

  18. Some help folks. I have an OptionsXpress account and I can't find any of the junior miner stocks on there.

    What type of account must I acquire to buy stocks in these miners we're talking about everyday?

    Thank you.

  19. I don't know what exchange this stock is on, but Optionsxpress only does American stock exchanges.

  20. PaidInGold: just put in the symbol TKRFF. I didn't look at the top of the post at first. The chart should come right up.

  21. Man, I got everybody a little riled up on my post last night, all I was looking for was a bid of outside input, and im glad people responded both positively and negatively. So to everybody who responded including SGS, thank you.

    I have but one simple question... what, besides the collapse of the US Dollar, would propel silver into the $100/oz range and higher? And be reasonable, TPTB are not looking to have this happen.

    Glad to see an UP day on Silver and Gold for once this month... its about time.... lets just hope it keeps rising, now that we all got a sweet deal on phyzzz for the past 3 weeks.


    Of course I know miners need a lot of time, thats the problem.
    I see them as small silver rockets with slowly burning fuses.

    I was only trying to fish for some nice Canadian inside info, or at least intuition, SGS seems to have both. ;)

    Of course I try to analyze before I buy stocks, to the extent which Im capable of, but at least you dont pay 50$(5% fee) for each buy and sell transaction due to hefty Canadian-market-fees here in Sweden, so ofcourse I want some bang for my buck. (i.e betting everthing on the rocket with the fastest fuse).

    HMI, Wcat and Avino might trade sideways for a while, and I clearly dont want my precious money to be invested in the wrong rocket. (Remember that I only earn 400$\month on students welfare, would be 1000$ if I took loans, but fuck that, I want to be a free man.)

    Hope you understand =)

    Welcome Gipsytree! I am the seismic nerd in here and I often bring very bad News
    e.g Mt. St.Helens is about to go KABOOOM!

    Be safe ALL Americans\Canadians!

  23. @Ledbedder

    Thanks for your help, kind sir. It worked alright, but the weird thing is, if I search Tinka in all the possible searches, nothing comes up! Along with HMI and a several others.

    I'll find a way to find their US, optionsXpress valid symbols I figure.

  24. @walp86 My message was not directed at you in any shape or form :) It's just me "venting".

    Of course I understand what you're saying.

    Great decision about not going into debt. Best of luck with your studies!

  25. PaidInGold: go to Yahoo! finance, believe it or not, for free, they do a good search for symbols even by just putting in the name of the company. I use OptionsXpress, and they can be frustrating,so I know what you're feeling. Good luck.

  26. I've found this site to be helpful in getting the latest news: http://www.stockhouse.com/index.aspx

    It's also where I found this news about HMI today:

    As well, shares of Hinterland Metals (TSX: V.HMI, Stock Forum) added 12% at 14 cents as the junior explorer announced that it has signed an arms-length agreement to acquire the 75-claim (1553 hectare) "Culvert" gold property located some 200km north of Watson Lake, Yukon.

  27. Hannity on Fox interviewing Netanyahu talking about how free the Arabs are living in Israel. LOL what a bootlicker that Hannity.

  28. lol, Net kicked ass and told it like it is.

    Net also got a standing ovation from our US Congress with his educating our dumbass Pres.

  29. Hinterland Begins Exploration Work at Kipawa Rare Earth Project in Western Quebec

    VAL D'OR, QUEBEC--(May 17, 2011) - Hinterland Metals Inc. (TSX VENTURE:HMI) is pleased to announce that exploration work is well underway at the 306-claim (17,826ha) Kipawa Rare Earth Element ("REE") project. The Kipawa area, located 140km south of Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec and 90km north-east of North Bay, Ontario, has long been known for its REE-zircon-yttrium potential generally related to the Kipawa Syenite Complex ("KSC"). The KSC occurs as a 100 to 300m thick, sheet-like body which can be traced around an arc-like structure for almost 100km.

    The present Kipawa property is situated approximately 30km due west of the Zeus REE-zircon-yttrium deposit held by Matamec Explorations Inc. In June 2010 Matamec announced that an independent resource estimation has defined an indicated resource of 3.35 million tonnes at a grade of 0.58% total rare earth oxides ("TREO") with 0.89% zirconium and an inferred resource of 6.48 million tonnes at a grade of 0.60% TREO with 0.99% zirconium (Matamec News Release - June 3, 2010).

    Hinterland's current exploration program will involve extensive, detailed, deep auger-type soil geochemical sampling at a number of locations identified through a compilation of government stream sediment data to have anomalously high, coincident yttrium, samarium, europium, and cerium values. This type of soil sampling has proven by Hinterland to be an effective method for identifying prospective REE targets. On the Lachine block, one strong, circular anomaly was detected with combined REE values up to 1835ppm as well as five other spot anomalies (Hinterland News Release - April 20, 2010). On the Atwater block, three linear anomalies were detected with combined REE values up to 1091ppm.

    "Our initial sampling work was very wide spaced. We intend to nail down the REE mineralization with this tighter sampling pattern," explains Mark Fekete, P.Geo: President, CEO and designated "qualified person" as defined in Section 1.2 in and for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 responsible for the technical content of this release.

  30. Thx SushiSioux and d40b9efc-767c-11e0-9b74-000bcdcb471e for the input on HMI.

    I will then hold on to my Hinterlands a bit longer before considering a new swapping decision. :)

    Yosif: Yeah, 5 years of studies living with 0.2x existence minimum.
    I only need a wee bit of luck in my oncoming presentation of my thesis during the graduation (23th of june), hope your wishes spreads my luck evenly over economical as well as my intellectual awareness ;)

    However, I feel kinda bad about making more money on the stock exchange each day now, than I will out of my income during my oncoming workdays.
    5 years down the drain = NIA-college hoax?

    In other news: It has AGAIN been quiet regarding seismic activity for almost 9 hours. And St Helens has started to shake a little, this is a very strange and troublesome behaviour.

  31. As always my friend.... thank you for the mention.

    The Fundamental View

  32. I can only assume the majority of the book will detail how traders on the TSXV "accept" orders, drive the bid up, refuse to fill orders, and then sell to their buddies at the 20% ago price. Then when the dumbasses have a multi-day backlog of high bids, price skyrockets and then crashes.

    Not an allegation, just what apparently happens based on my experience while placing any order for a TSXV from the US. Limit price does not matter, you don't get filled for hours, maybe days, even if you bid 10% over ask.

    Seriously, is it Commodore 64's and abacus the tools of the trade up there?

  33. What is there to be excited about re Tinka? I know of lots of exploration companies that are drilling, have 43-101's, and have been drilling since I first started tracking them in 2004. None have hit the big one. They could be drilling for another 10 years and still not hit it big. Exploration companies are very high risk and I haven't read anything about Tinka that makes me think its a lower risk stock. Please enlighten me. tia.