Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Paging Blythe, OI not budging, paging Blythe.


-201,599 for June remains high
-volume today was 323,267 contracts and we went up? This anomaly suggests that maybe unbacked paper selling is easing...? Maybe that just high hopes, lol.
-Zero deliveries, zero withdrawals, zero everything. This is INSANE. These ass pirates get to fuck the system, while us beggars sit around and make pennies off it. Fuck I'm so pissed.

-121,357 OI, remains robust
-zero deliveries yesterday...oh okay (this is normal in a delivery month (add sarc)))

Just got back form my bothers T-bone accident. I got the call in the middle of writing this at 8 pm. Will continue this later. He is fine.


  1. This is a copy of the response I received from Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper regarding silver inventories in the COMEX vaults. Take it for what it is worth.

    Dear Mr. XXXX:

    Thank you for your inquiry about COMEX and the silver market. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

    According to the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), as of May 13, 2011, there were 101.1 million ounces of silver in approved COMEX warehouses. The CFTC states that this is the equivalent of 20,220 COMEX futures contracts. There is ample supply of warehouse stocks available to make delivery of two contracts. The deliverer would only need to own 10,000 ounces of warehouse stocks to make the required delivery and not need to deposit any silver in advance. I hope this answers your question.

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me. Please feel free to contact me again with any other thoughts or concerns.


    Jim Cooper
    Member of Congress

  2. Glad your brother is ok, can you stop having smashes already....between you guys and sliver the world is falling apart.....hold on it looks like its just you guys at least the British still kind of do the right thing...f blyth

  3. http://downloads.proderivat.com/

    Listen to first 15 mins of this (have to use right link etc), its the INTEL report with chapman dated the 24th .. see what you think ... If real, it will have huge ramifications ... I dont like Stat man, sometimes bully, at times backseat shill, but usually I feel tells the truth ... curious how you guys would perceive this effecting PMs etc

    thanks, you should really listen

  4. Dear SGS it fascinates me why you get so worked-up about the manipulation of Silver and Gold

    You should know by now that through the actions of the USA and UK governments with the help of Comex and the LBMA that this seems to identify it an official policy to keep the US Dollar viable until every last bit of wealth has been stolen from the public not holding real Silver and Gold.

    Why get annoyed? Just go with the flow and use this knowledge to you advantage.

  5. @George

    I don't know SGS personally, but I'd really like to take a shot at responding briefly to your question. I believe the reason SGS gets, not annoyed, more like enraged, is because he holds traits like integrity, honesty, honor, impeccability in very high regard. Someone who doesn't would be perfectly fine to go with the flow. I'd remind you that the U.S. came into existence because a bunch of people just like SGS were pissed off that they were being fucked over by the establishment, and so they DID something about it. Most people nowadays are too deadened by chemicals/poisons in our food & water and brainwashed by 24/7 advertising. People like SGS appear to be a minority in the world anymore and if things are ever going to change for the betterment of the people as a whole it's people with his passion and fire that are going to accomplish it.

  6. SI up $1.12 to 37.25 in the overnight session while the dollar is mildly up and only .20 off its overnight high. It'll be interesting to see if the trend of knocking SI down in the US session continues...

  7. Rich: right on spot, couldn't have said it better myself, due to my inferior english skills ;)

    SGS: Take a day off and be with your family, go have a picnic or something nice like that, cause
    you never know when SHTF, whether personal, or global..

    Paper silver looks as if it is taking off again, Im actually went onto the train yesterday, but I keep a steady eye on the red emergency brake handle hanging above the pack of sheep in the cart which Im currenlty riding.

    They wont know what hit em.

  8. @Rich
    Love your ideals. Hope you stick to them. I shall be the first one (well maybe the tenth) cheering you on as you go to your "death and glory". Should be more people like you in this World. Go for it!
    You must remember that people who wrote the US Constitution couldn't wait to break most of it's ideals and feather their own nest quick enough.
    Ideals and Human Nature are in a constant struggle with Human Nature usually winning.
    The only way to protect yourself and to "fight-back" is to hold real Gold and Silver. Shouting, posturing and "dying for the cause" only ensures their victory.
    When the US Dollar collapses and people start to suffer ALL politicians will be swept away (including Ron Paul). The politicians and regulators that have been "friends" of JP Morgue and Goldi Sachs will probably be OK and get to enjoyi their ill-gotten gains and will be an advertisement for the next group of politicians who will follow their example. Life will then go along as usual.

  9. @George

    I will stick to my ideals, although I won't be going to any death and glory. I am well aware of the physical and mental state of humanity. We are told and most believe that quality of life for people has improved over the decades and centuries. There are few ways that I would agree. Humanity as a whole seems to have a propensity for doing exactly what will destroy it, consistently making the choices that will not only ultimately do damage, but often making the worst of the available choices resulting in the most pain and damage. I am aware that things are the way that they are because humanity as a whole chooses it to be. When/if humanity gets the lesson and wakes up, which I sincerely doubt will ever occur, then I might be willing to "fight the good fight". Until that time, I will and do, perhaps ironically, choose to do just as you have recommended to SGS and use the fact that I probably have a better grip on reality than most as an opportunity to stay ahead of the masses to survive and even profit from it.

  10. @walp86... Thanks as well.