Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golden Jackass: MUST READ

Few are aware, but the events in the first week of May are what a COMEX default looks like, in its preliminary phase!!! JPMorgan could not meet the schedule of May silver deliveries, that simple. In time, the distance between paper Gold & Silver and physical Gold & Silver will be great. Then the COMEX shuts down, unless they act as a Cash & Carry exchange. Doubtful!

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  1. HK USP tactical has arrived (.45). Wow.

  2. So what does that suggest us?
    Dump silver?

  3. the only saving grace when the shtf will be GOLD AND SILVER PHYZZZ.

    All paper will be toast....

  4. Any one subscribe to the Hat Trick Letter?

    What do you think, is it worth it. Any good picks recommendations or just more of what we already know?

    Opions plz


  5. I don't know about the JW's subscription but his public writings are must-read, hands down. Been following him for a long time. Lots of good insights.

  6. We now are conditioned again that every holiday the same thing happens - we are really like Pavlovs dogs.

    I expect the opposite - an up move similar to the down move on May1. The shorts will have a weekend as the longs had last.

    The holidays this time - Asia open for trading - UK / US closed.


  7. Have followed JW for years. He is spot on. I do not subscribe, just follow his open posts and appearances on King World, etc. I have no idea about his spec. Investment strategies. I do believe he "knows" people. I like the way his mind works. Over all he is stacking too.

  8. google this: xls cmegroup silver statistics - and you'll find that the inventory of eligible silver is dissapearing daily. they're down to 32,078,214 and they've been decreasing for years now. 0 approaching really fast. As always - got phyzzz?

  9. Inflation in the original land of QE? Lost decade +++!
    The Japanese do have savings, much in US treasuries that are being redeemed now. Bennie will need to oil that press up. Money printing? We have only seen the warm-up phase.
    Japan is a real wrench in the works......of course that is a perspective issue. My thoughts are that this plays into the "chaos" plan to effect global change. That is where the phrase should have been "hopeless, and change" . Historically, it is during stressful, chaotic times, that opportunity for change both good and bad arise.

  10. Is there a smalled future than the E-Mini to short the S&P, or any other index for that matter? When is the big summer deflation comming?

  11. great article SGS - pointed out some things I had not come across before.

    SGS et. al, if you are looking for some free money, SELL some short-term LNKD puts (June, July, August) at around $70 strike. they are insanely expensive premiums right now. while I'm the first to admit that the company is a worthless pile of shit, the fact remains that: 1) the goons at Facebook and Twitter have a very vested interest in seeing the price high until their own IPO's, and 2) there is practically no float out there, less than $1 billion basically. so not only is there the potential for a short squeeze, but Zuckerberg himself could buy up the float of LNKD with the change in his pocket. therefore I think there is an implicit floor on the shares of somewhere near $80.

    SGS - that will be my donation until I sell a few shares of Tinka :)

  12. and contrary to popular belief, most (not all) of the sheep are on the short side of the LNKD bet. just look at put/call ratios and projected short interest. it's the tiny float and TPTB that's keeping the shares sky high for now.

    why not take a few hundred bucks per contract from those slobs.