Thursday, May 26, 2011

Timebomb ticks away....

Been a long day. Nothing new. All things are consolidating now. I would like to comment on what Mr Paul said: "If the gold was all there why cant we just go in and see it?"

I mean, this says it all. Same thing with the Comex. LBMA. SLV. GLD. Soon enough, it will all go down in a big ball of piss and runny shit.

Lets have some comments here let me know what happened out there today, was traveling all day. Need to do some reading to come to put up some facts and numbers. Be back in an hour.


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  2. ron paul says all the right things but I have looked into him a lot and I dont trust him at all, personally, I think he's bait for people who consider themselves Unsheep ... he says what we want to hear, been attacking the Fed for years but whats happened FUCKING NOTHING ... he co-authored a book with a 9/11 Neocon, dont ask me which one, I am blanking and too lazy to research as watching Bulls game ... the bottom line is RP got 20 Mill last campaign and quit, ask yourself and HIM where'd it all go, back to the donators? hardly! ... yeah, sure, he "appears" diff etc, but sheep's clothing to me ... my 2 cents anyway

    SGS, they will never show us the gold, he's been barking this tune forever--If RP truly gave a shit he'd raise much more of a stink and they'd rub him out, but funny they let him breathe, why?

  3. sgs... what are you doing with wildcat?

  4. It will never be audited or sold (if it exists, LOL)Possible it could though and the Tungsten was sold on the market and to the IMF. We screw everyone in the end and get a new gold back currency tied to liquidity. We end up on top again to rebuild and China gets fked with worthless paper. Either way we will claim we have it to back our new currency.

  5. Colin,,,,Ron Paul quit? Plz double check your facts.

    Thank you

  6. colin, your two cents suck! Go Bulls!

  7. Sorry SGS not trying to SPAM but Santa has given us the final gold value in fiat US dollars.

    Using the methodology you specified in your article today, I get a target price for gold of: $15,600.

    Most current TIC report:

    Total Foreign Holdings of Treasury Securities: $4,479.2 Billion
    -Less : China – Mainland (1,144.9)
    -Plus: 50% of China – Mainland 572.5

    Adjusted Foreign Holdings of Treasury Securities $3,906.8 Billion

    Number of Fine Troy Ounces held in Custody by the US Mint for the US Treasury:

    Note to Financial Statements 6, "Custodial Gold and Silver Bullion Reserves", page 59
    Statutory value @ $42.2222 per FTO $10,574,053,000
    Number of FTO 250,438,229

    Valuation of Gold required to equal Adjusted Foreign Holdings of Treasury Securities
    Adj Fgn Holdings $3,906,800,000,000
    Number of FTO Gold at US Mint 250,438,229

    Gold price Valuation $15,600

    CIGA John M.

  8. Colin what research did you do on Ron Paul. All I see in your post is a wild imagination and baseless conclusions

  9. Herman Cain is the honest-odd man in the race and would be a great challenge to could the libs possible attack another man of color without showing their true racism/socialism/communism/anti everythingism...this would be an epic election...think about it...

  10. Colin, research before you speak. Ron Paul did not quit, he just did not win the primary. He keeps fighting to audit and/or end the fed, but is straight-out laughed at by his peers and the media, which should tell you that he is dangerous to them. I don't even usually agree with the right, but he is not the right, he is a libertarian that ran on the republican ticket because he learned that you had to be on one of the two tickets to win. Don't be a disinfo spreader. Now back to the show.

  11. colin

    where did you research Ron Paul? CNBC, FOx? You have no idea......Ron Paul is one of the few who are truly honest and well intentioned. He is a modern day founding father. Thank God for Ron Paul!!

  12. loved the report on nia on your radio to the bottom of that quick. The internet has some dark alleys.

    SGS do you think tk.v goes to .40

    I think I will get 30000 for fun at that level

    Have not bought these before....only play futures and options

  13. It's a legitimate question actually. It would either "prove the rumours to be true" or "dispell the myth". A common sense approach. Maybe that's the problem.

  14. yeah you guys make me laugh on RP, no i look into shit that fox/cnn etc wont touch ... you all prob believe in the apollo got to the moon and the holocaust actually happened the way you were told ... keep believing in ron paul, and yes I have looked into him more than prob any of you ... check the facts, he is a shill in the end, false paradigms, teamed with Lehrman for a book, and he knows 9/11 is BS and wont talk about it ...

    here for you word semanticals ...

    "On June 12, 2008, Paul withdrew his bid for the Republican nomination, citing his resources could be better spent on improving America."

    "quit or withdrew," whatever you want to call it ... you guys are quick to ad hominem, if youd like to debate what I just posted on either the Moon or Holocaust, bring it on

  15. @ colin our system has no place for honesty ...the systems fails before we will need any of that...don't mind paul..

  16. Timpa: ".this would be an epic election...think about it... "

    Yeah I thought about it. And this is what sheep say every four years as they are fuckwashed by the media. Remember the slogan : Change? Yes we can! Ya that was Epic all right. Dont you get it? It doesnt matter who gets elected. All that matter is that an overwhelming majority of Zionists run the show. If you would like proof as to who is running the current show, please look no further than Zionists: David Axelrod (2009- )Senior Advisor to the President
    Jared Bernstein (2009- )Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President
    Rahm Emanuel (2009-2010)Chief of Staff
    Lee Feinstein (2009)Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor
    Gary Gensler (2009- )Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Elena Kagan (2009-2010) Solicitor General of the United States
    Ronald Klain (2009- )Chief of Staff to the Vice President
    Jacob Lew (2010- )Director of the Office of Management and Budget
    Eric Lynn (2009- )Middle East Policy Advisor
    Peter Orszag (2009-2010)Director of the Office of Management and Budget
    Dennis Ross (2009- )Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of State
    Mara Rudman (2009- )Foreign Policy Advisor
    Mary Schapiro (2009- )Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
    Dan Shapiro (2009- )Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council
    Susan Sher (2009- )First Lady's Chief of Staff
    Gene Sperling (2011- ) Director National Economic Council
    James B. Steinberg (2009- )Deputy Secretary of State
    Lawrence Summers (2009-2011 )Director National Economic Council
    Mona Sutphen (2009- )Deputy White House Chief of Staff

    Change? Yes we can!

  17. He names names:

  18. jake,

    i love what paul says, but I have looked deeply into all this a lot longer than i dare say most have ... people need to realize what they do to people who "really" ruffle, they marginalize them like Cynthia McKinney and Paul Findley or they kill them like the kennedys (all three), MLK, fred hampton, wellstone, foster, DC madame, ivins, bhutto and hundreds more ...

  19. @colin "they marginalize them like Cynthia McKinney and Paul Findley"

    You must be referring to the GSM (goo stream media).

  20. do you know who they are, agthug?

  21. @colin if you are referring to Cynthia McKinney and Paul Findley, yes I do. Frankly I surprised they are still alive. Not just marginalized. I but fully appreciate what you said about having "looked into it deeply". I have been obsessed with it. The control matrix is truly frightening.

  22. @colin in fact, that obsession with what is "really" going on these days is what eventually led me to this slivergoldsilver site. I would like to at least be somewhat prepared for when the SHTF. As it has to, real soon. But at least now I can sleep at night knowing why things are as fucked as they are. It's by design.

  23. Wildcat down .0543
    TK down .0625

    No deposits in gold, again
    one contract served

    Silver--Blythe paid off 75k ounces worth of contracts
    146 notices go to delivery floor tonight
    all of this is from Harveys reportl

  24. $74.97 ladies and gentleman!

  25. CFR, Tri laterals and Bilderbergs,,,

    all are in positions of power and command.. the sheeple have been dumped on since we lost our State Militias..We need to Re-instate all STATE MILITIAS... and National Guards are NOT my state militia..alone with your phyzz and weapon is what they have arranged.. together as in a state militia it would be a rather better ending...

  26. agthug,

    thanks for the reply ... you should check this out, this young man, eric hunt, served time for basically asking the liar elie weisel (a scum oprah and obama pump) a question ....

  27. ag Thug

    Puts the end time Bible events all together nicely, why all the countries of the world will attack little ol Israel ! When average Jo finds out that 911 was not done by Muslims this shit will turn into a Real Mess ! End times sees, Wars, rumors of Wars, Earth Quakes, Famine , A loaf of Bread costing a day wadges ! Most Jews though, are just like us.. Sheep !

  28. @colin will do.

    @bflowers sums it up nicely mate.

  29. @bflowers1
    I like your take on the parallels between what's going on now and what the bible speaks of. But then again, if you are a true believer none of this should of ever been in question. Although it is quite frustrating to be amongst such sheepishness on a day to day basis. For example I'm trying to inspire someone, anyone!! @ work to buy one ounce of physical silver!! just look think im a conspirator or something.. poor sheep...

  30. Ron Paul has been fighting a power that he alone cannot fight. He has NEVER strayed from his mission and goals (ie, every president). He has stuck to his guns! I've been following him since 2007 and can't explain to you what a relief it was to know that there is someone out there (a politician at that!) that is fighting against the Fed reserve and IRS (work together). It was truly a sign of hope! Unfortunately the media whores have to obey their master pimps and show very little coverage of Dr. Paul's comments and views on the system and what he stands for...just in case it awakens some sheep. Please follow him and support! He is the only man (and his some Rand Paul) that are not in bed with the Fed and Banks.