Friday, May 27, 2011

Gold breaks out, silver red

This is why I'm starting to slowly invest more into GLD calls. For this very reason. This smells like a rate hike again. On the bright side, someone is accumulating a fuck ton of $39 calls for Jan 2012.

Wildcat sucking dick right now, better turn around off this MA soon, or some stosp are going to get hammered.


  1. when/which are the next margin hikes is the question..

  2. @SGS I got into WS @ 2.21. I think this is going to take a little longer to go up.

    Silver price doesn't make sense. Nothing new in my opinion.

  3. gold is getting hit atm.. i think silver will be good until june 1st (weds)

    im betting its gonna hit low 40s then another takedown..

    to Wednesday!

  4. McCoach just said $75 by labour day. Interesting. Thats what I said in Bears 6 vid....hummmmmmmm

  5. SGS, been following your blog for 5-6 months. Bought more silver because of you. Not that I regret it, you just said what I'd thought all along, Silver underpriced. I am pretty annoyed right now that you just jump ship when some small waves hit and jump on the gold bandwagon. You sold us on the facts of silver, then pretend none of those fundamentals matter anymore, or so it seems. You may still be in silver for the long haul, but you're not selling it, and in that sense leaving your followers high and dry. I believe most that read you are not day traders, so remember that and give us the futures positions in metals not so much day to day.... Please.

  6. SGS, do you have a link to the McRoach comments/video?

  7. @39c0b...

    If you already believe in Silver, and your belief in Silver has been made stronger because of SGS, what's your beef?

    Do you need SGS to continue tucking you in at night, reading aloud AG lullabies?

    Silver is a long term play, just remember that as your main goal. But when it's a day to day focus to survive and thrive, you gotta swim around the rough waters, brotha, and that's what SGS is doing right now. Navigating the waters of TODAY so that our PHYZZ mission comes to fruition (HOT ASS RHYME, SON!)

    Stay strong, man up, and stack phyzz.



    I got $10k in fiat that I'm tryna convert into silver.

    California Numismatic: 2 ~ 2.50 over spot for generic silver bars
    Liberty Coin: 4 ~ 5 over spot ...
    London Coin all the way in Mission fuckin' Viejo: $1.50 over spot

    Do I make a 2 hour trip just to save $100 dollars fiat? MAN!!!

    Waiting on some craiglisters to contact me...

  8. 39c: I am accumulating more physical silver at these levels than you can imagine.

    I am PLAYING the PAPER gold game here more than the PAPER silver game.

    Nothing has changed. $75 silver by News Years Day.

  9. so then grabbing sealed tubes of philharmonics for 800 / tube would be a good idea.....

    I found a guy through craigslist yesterday that is selling them. Says he needs money for a house he is buying.

  10. Good stuff SGS

    Do you think gold will outperform silver leading up to the June 30.?.

    On SLV
    I'm long July 40 call options. Buying on good dips, and profit taking on hard up moves. This is my near the money bullish bet.
    I'm long July 55 call options. Cheap, and IF silver attempts a new high before exp...well you know

    Iv been watching the 44 strike, and the 50 strike. Like them both, just only playing the hand dealt so far. If a hard selloff smacked us soon, I'd look to 50 strike for deepoutofmoney or 44 is cheap enough. I would probly roll out of the 55's so long as they're more than .o1 lol

    Long June 28 puts
    Long June 33 puts

    Rolling over to July puts once I like the picture. or If a hard selloff near term. These are my SLV defaults or silver dips insurance.

    Somebody out there still likes the 25 July put, I will buy those if silver looks strong, since they'll be cheap .01,.02 and lightening strikes where it does, not where it 'should'

    Looking to go long october and january12 calls on the dips
    October 40 strike I like
    January 35,40. 50,60

    Do not trade options if you have only known they exist for less than 2 years.

    Please, the lottery is more fair, and has better odds if you don't know what your doing.

  11. sgs... what about wildcat? can you please clarify?


  12. @Luke

    2 years?

    I'm been following SLV daily for about six months, been doing the "google Research" on how to trade options, read a couple books like, George Fontanills "Getting Started in commodities" and was just thinking of trying to buy some calls with about $1k to "learn by doing".

    Just curious what you think i should wait another 18 months for?

    Granted I don't believe I "know what I am doing" but I am more of a hands on learner.

  13. SGS,

    I'm playing both Physical and Paper. I have a question on which you think is better to buy Options on SLV or AGQ? and UGL or GLD? I'm thinking about opening positions for Jan 2012 Call. Thx

  14. @Alucard

    "whats right for you, may not be whats for right me. Whats right for me, may not be whats right for you"

    I like to make people cautious. Lower Highes, but Higher Lows.

    I only have 18 months in study of the markets.
    Google Research is great, so long as you triple check every resource and link.

    just cut every trade in half before you do it.
    sometimes it helps to make a 'gut' bet to get it out of your system. just make it a small one lol


    Could not make a position in GLD today. Been watching chain and trying to enter all week. Havent seen a move for me yet during exchange hours.

  15. 2pac: Wilcat is fine. We may get tested on a shakeout, next 3 days will be key. Im holding till we see 1.99 to sell 3/4 of my position. That MACD cant go any lower, so I suspect a killer candle up, or move sideways till wednesday.

    Alert: I trade SLV b/c I watch it like a idea about AGQ.

    A word of advice, if you are not a master charter, do not trade options for the short term.

    Luke: I think both metals should explode soon. Chart is saying it. But Blythe may have other opinions on the matter.

    Just keep buying physical.

  16. SGS: your response to 39c. You toning it down a bit? A month ago, you would have ripped him a Weather Unit rant. You were do I put it? Not a dick? Whatever the explanation, it was cool. Lots of frustration on these boards knowing silver & gold should be way, way higher! Congrats on you and all of my silver/gold brothers and sisters stacking the real stuff. Don't know if it'll be $75 by New Year's day, but it will be soon enough. Enjoy the weekend.

  17. APMEX rounds are only $1.49 per oz over spot right now, ANY QUANTITY!!!