Friday, May 27, 2011

Got gold? From the Horses mouth.

Wealthy individuals are now seeking the delivery of physical gold. The drop in OI in the past two days is now considered news if you havnt seen it. Pick a time where the OI plummets two days in a row, especially with a rally today.

Someone just withdrew a shit ton of Physical gold.

Also, there was a million ounce withdrawal of phyzz silver today.

Something is stirring folks. I will continue to make phone calls, be alarmed people that are in the know are preparing.

More to come this weekend as the data rolls in. Somethings not right. June/July should be fun.


  1. you guys should hear what stadtmiller told chapman on their tues show, may 24, in first 15 mins (might be info that SGS is sniffing ramifications) ... its on rbn but if you cant find it, let me know, I will edit it and put it on YT and link you all ... have a great weekend!

  2. Recently, Faber came out and said prepare for war... I wonder if this how people are starting to prepare.

    I need to prepare this weekend by getting a FOID card already. I really don't want to but I don't know too many other options.

  3. APMEX silver rounds and bars are only $1.49 per oz over spot right now...for ANY QUANTITY! How bout them apples... Get the phyzzz before the phyzzz is gone! I just did a 50 oz order... sweet!

  4. The ZOG-fueled Fourth Reich is just getting warmed-up.

    The rate at which the world as we've known it is coming apart at the seams is astounding me more so every day.

    Gold is going to defy historical performance and absolutely fucking rocket this Summer. Not necessarily a good thing mind you.

    Bless us and best of luck to all.

  5. AG,

    No, thats not it, you can email me at and I'll send it, same for anyone else. It was an eye opener if true.

  6. @2pac4ya

    Get the card man. I had to take my paperwork tests here in CA, and currently in the 10 day waiting period. June 1, I'm strapped.

    And guns are selling quick. My dealer puts pictures of several straps up, and lo and behold, they're sold.

    I accepted that getting registered and approved will help me stay outta jail for the time being while laws remain intact, but when shtf, I'm prepared - fuck the paperwork then!

    Buy it now while it's still affordable. Imagine if ammo doubles or quadruples, only the ones with real money can get stocked w/ ammo.

    Bless us ALL!

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  8. I've just started "playing" in the stock market again with money rolled into an IRA from a 401k. It's only $25K or so, how much would you all leave in there for play? I could probably withdraw $15K - $5K taxes = $10K for PM purchase, leaving me $10K to play with at Vegas, I mean Wall Street

  9. Dia,

    Honesty if that's your life savings, I would invest it all in PHYZZ!!

    You see, this entire market is rigged and to be on the conservative side owning your shit is more important.

    That's just my opinion!

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  11. WU: Fuck off. You are not welcome here. Fuck Off.

  12. I don't FUCK OFF. I just go away. You FUCK OFF.

  13. @Diabolitio283 Take your time and learn what the fuck you are doing first.
    What do you think would happen if you tried to cut someone's hair without practise? Or ride a bike? Or fixed someone's teeth?
    Try to do it in a paper account with no money to start with then use money when you are up to speed.

  14. Colin,

    I will only add that even the advanced and professional traders have issues with this market.

    I guess he needs to balance protection against leverage.

    The thing is let's just say that PM stocks advance 20% faster than gold or silver does, and he can take the profits and try to buy PMs.

    It really doesn't matter because there will be limited availability of silver or gold, further driving up the price.

  15. Come on people, inflation right now, or deceiving deflation before everything implodes? I was happy with the idea of doing a large last load in summer...

  16. I have a strong feeling we are going to get a severe USD devaluation over the next 3 months which will cause a panic to own Gold/Silver. EE gonna get hurt bad.

    Joe M.

  17. @ D
    If I had $25k, I'd get at least $20k phyzz mostly silver. It won't be there soon especially at these prices. With the rest get a Bulliovault or GoldMoney account and trade the phyzz. At least you'd have some quickly accessible. Good luck to all.